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You work for the state Department of Travel and Tourism. We need 100 information kiosks to go through[out] the state to provide Travel, Attraction, Accommodation, & Restaurant Information. Must accommodate those with physical challenges, plus be multilingual.

RFP Components

1. Statement of Purpose
2. Background Information
3. Scope of Work
4. Outcome & Performance
5. List Deliverables with dates
6. Terms & Conditions
7. Payments, Incentives, & Penalties
8. Contractual Terms & Conditions
9. Requirements for Proposal Preparation [Electronic or hard copy, include prices, sales kits, copies of licenses, insurance, essentially what should be included in the proposal and in what order]
10. Evaluation & Awards Process [Evaluation Criteria, what is most important, how will vendors be notified]
11. Process Schedule [when the RFP goes out, when vendors need to respond by, if there will be a sales presentation/demo, final selection]
12. Contacts [at the organization who can answer questions]

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