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Assignment Tasks
Select ONE (1) of the Australian seafood supply chains to write a 5-year eLogistics strategy.
Figure 1. Elements of an eLogistics strategy.
The strategy you write must aid the seafood supply chain to better meet the Seven Rights of Logistics (7Rs) within the context of the five megatrends over the next five years.

Report Format
• The eLogistics strategy must be written as a report (approx. 3500 words) and should be structured as follows: introduction (approx. 250 words); logistics strategy (approx. 3000 words); and a short summary/conclusion (approx. 250 words).
• Include each group members: name, username, email and UTas student ID on the first page.
• A reference list and in-text citations must be provided if you source information from other authors. Include text books, research papers, news articles and/or websites.

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