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You are to select a social marketing activity of interest to you that you can apply to your daily life. This can be a positive new behaviour or habit that you would like to cultivate, or this can be a negative existing behaviour you would like to stop or reduce. You are to maintain this behaviour for the duration of the Trimester and choose from one of the following types of activities:

Sustainability behaviours
     o  using reusable coffee cups,
     o  using reusable shopping bags at the supermarket,
     o  recycling
Health and wellbeing activities
     o exercise,
     o healthy eating
     o drinking more water/less alcohol
     o smoking cessation
     o mobile-free driving
Social betterment
     o Volunteering

You are to post updates about your behaviour change journey on Twitter. Set up a public Twitter profile and use the class hashtag #SOCMKT19T3 in order to interact with your classmates going through their own behaviour change journeys. You may interact with each other on Twitter, such as seeking and providing information, support, and encouragement to one another.

Prepare a reflective essay (1-2 pages maximum) detailing your chosen activity, why you have chosen this activity, and your plan for maintaining this activity for the duration of the Trimester. In your essay, please include the following:

The activity you have chosen and why you have chosen this activity Your goals
How you plan on achieving these goals Your Twitter name
Your personal Twitter hashtag (if any)

Prepare an essay reflecting on the success/lack of success of achieving your goals in your behaviour change journey; supported by theory where needed (1 page maximum).

In addition, provide evidence of your Twitter engagement for each week of the Trimester.

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