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Assignment Task
You are required to design and implement a research project to harvest a suitable dataset using a relevant tools, i.e. Tableau, Python, Facebook or Twitter API or Third-party tool(s) and extract relevant information from the results.  The subject of the social data scrapping and the results analysed are left for the student to choose. 

For examples (not limited to): 

• You could scrap for keywords related to some corporate Data, e.g. KFC, Tableau or any company of your choice on its corporate review website and look for customers’ experiences, product reviews and/or customers views analytics
• You could scrap for keywords related to some public data, i.e. McDonald, Starbucks or any company of your choice on Twitter and look for public perceptions, market trends or brand monitoring.
• You could scrap data trends on a social media over time, and then tell a business story out of the analysed data and visualisation, pretending you are a Social Media Manager.
• You could scrap customers’ review for products data from Asda, Tesco, Amazon, or any online shop for competitor analysis or product Review comparison
• You could harvest overall sentiment towards a brand or a company and provide data analytics and visualisations for a business story telling
• Feel free to combine any of the above for your research project.
• Social media analytics topic of your own choice, e.g. the company you worked for.

You are encouraged to compare various tools and techniques to demonstrate the social computing skills you have learnt. 
You can implement your social web harvesting project using any suitable language / technology / third-party tools you see fit.  You can hard-code queries or you can provide a suitable front-end where users can enter search keywords. In addition, you can show the results in any suitable form, e.g. tables, various forms of innovative graphs or information overlaid on a map.  The final visualisation need to be published on Tableau Public and include the link and evidences in the report as Appendixes.

The assignment is consists of the following sections:
i. Presentation with the proposed project scope, initial design and work-in-progress third-party tools / APIs / code demo - You will be required to present your proposed project aims and objectives, the project background (current problem statements, project motivation and etc), your initial design of how your social media analytics research project for business will be conducted, discuss the initial results and visualisation obtained (if applicable) and answer a few questions about the implementation in a short, informal presentation lasting no more than 5 + 5 minutes Q&A sessions.

ii. Written Paper  –
The report is in the form of a academic article. You should start with the motivation or rationale of your research, especially the business purpose of your project. The design and approach of your project such as the choice of social web harvesting scope for strategic or tactical decision making, business values, public interest, marketing campaign, product reviews, branding and marketing, customers’ preferences or etc. You need to discuss your research into suitable tools and/ or APIs and the justification for your choice.  Based on this, you should then document the design of your project and show clearly how your research project communicates with any third-party service or API. You should discuss the results with necessary business or social implications and relate that back to the motivation or rationale of your project. Visualisation is very important, so the report should also contain suitable visualisations for your business storytelling out of the social data you collected. In addition, project limitations and recommendations are desirable. Finally, draw a conclusion and recommendations with key results to nicely conclude your web harvesting research.

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