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Assignment Instructions
Students should form groups of three or four members for this Assignment. You need to mention group details in your assignment.

Assignment Description
Australian supermarket giant Coles has devised a scheme to encourage customer loyalty. To register for the scheme, a customer must supply their name, address, and telephone number. Each registered customer is assigned a unique Customer Identification Number (CIN) which is attached to the customers’ FlyBus card.

A customer can present this CIN to the checkout staff so that the value of a purchase is recorded. At the end of every year the supermarket intends to award surprise gifts to the three customers who spent the most money in the supermarket; it also intends to award a gold coin to every customer who spent more than $1000 during the year. The total against each CIN is reset on the first day of every year, when the supermarket is closed for the public holiday.

You need to carry out the activities given below to complete the Assignment.
1. Go through the given Case Study carefully as a group.
2. Find the functional requirements of the case study.
3. Determine non-functional requirements based on real life scenarios or on assumptions your group makes.
4. Analyse the proposed system using a Context Diagram, Level 1 and Level 2 DFDs
5. Create a Data Dictionary for your DFD model
6. Identify main tasks to develop a software solution to the problem. Assign durations and dependencies for the tasks. Draw a Gantt chart for developing a software solution.
7. Identify at least two suitable requirements verification and validation techniques for the above scenario. Briefly describe each of them.

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