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You have been hired by the University of South Australia (UniSA) to devise a stakeholder engagement strategy for the implementation of a cloud provided email system for students, staff and alumni.  Currently, UniSA provides email through an on premise Exchange 2013  solution.  The solution has provided great reliability (an uptime of 99.999) and is heavily integrated with other systems within UniSA. 

Some examples of this include:
• Timetabling system will place calendar events within staff and student calendars.
• The onboarding and offboarding process within both the HR and Peoplesoft Enrolment systems will automatically create both student and staff email mailboxes.
• On the creation of a class for a semester

within UniSA's Program and Course Managements will automatically set up a group email mailbox for the course attaching all enrolled student, so that the Course Learning Site (Learnonline) can use the mailbox for communicating with students within the course (and similarly the myUniSA student and staff portals).

There are many University Units that require email to enable their business functions on a daily bases and the Email System is deemed as one of the University's critical systems to enable UniSA to operate.  As such the actual change over (to the new cloud provided service including migrating of all mailbox data) must consider business impact and timings. 

There must be as little business impact (impact on normal UniSA business operations) as is possible.  It is therefore vital that there is a detailed communication plan within the stakeholder engagement strategy plan that you're asked to provide, so staff, students and alumni can prepare any potential impacts / disruptions.
The University is yet to decide on which cloud email service that they will choose, as there are multiple.  

In your stakeholder engagement strategy, you are asked to assess the potential vendors and other implementation IT consultants that could assist with this project, as the change to a cloud provided email service will entail multiple components and various functionality (beside just sending and receiving email).  While the IT staff are skilled there are always challenges in adopting different software, which specialist 3rd parties may be able to provide within South Australia.

It is anticipated that this may reduce the overall project from approximately 9-10 months to 6 months.
Some stakeholder lobbyist (e.g. specific UniSA research staff) believe that introducing cloud software could pose data security risks and are fearful of transmitting / storing research emails within the cloud, while others are concerned about their emails not being backed up adequately.  It is important to indicate how you address these and other potential stakeholder issues in your strategy.

There are a number of expected key elements within your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Paper, such as:

• An analysis of current environment
• A detailed brief of the change
• Stakeholder identification analysis
• Change impact analysis
• Stakeholder relationship / risk analysis
• Communication Plan
• Proposed Governance Framework
• Detailed Vendor Analysis

In this formal strategy paper you are expected to review and understand potential stakeholders, benefits (both direct and indirect), consequences and actions required to implement this stakeholder engagement strategy for this project. Your strategy paper should detail a number of the topics that have been discussed within this course. You must provide supporting reference to any assertions made within this strategy paper.

As this is a professional business paper (directed to the Vice Chancellor of UniSA), your paper should include: 

• A title page
• A table of contents
• An executive summary
• An introduction
• A main section discussing the strategies you are identifying
• A conclusion including recommendations and action schedule / plan.
• Reference list
• Any further attachments / appendices as required

You are encouraged to raise queries and questions when analysing this brief and project (as would be expected in any professional engagement).  An online forum for this specific assessment will be available as the communication vehicle for such qualifications / queries / questions.

• Any further characteristics of the project will be placed within the above mentioned forum, on the course web site to aid with assumptions for the project.
• It is expected that you will conduct research into the project to provide detailed analysis into the topics to be presented within your report.  Utilise attachments / appendices to provide detailed analysis to support your assertions within the business paper.
• This report should be no more than 1500 words in length (excluding the title, table of contents, executive summary, any attachments, appendices or reference listing).
All papers are to be typed on A4 sized paper; Arial 12 font; single line spacing and one line spacing between paragraphs. It is also expected to include at least 6-8 academically qualified references and can come from varied sources. The Harvard referencing system must be used.

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