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Assignment 3

You must co mplete and attach the Assi gnment Briefing sheet to your submission w ith your stud ent ID number. Failure to do so will delay feedba ck an d marking
Do not put your name on your s ubmission. This assign ent MUST be entirely y our own work. It will be checked.
A web developer is interested in how customers are using he r online stor .

She is interested in the f ollowing
a) Ho much time customers spend on we pages searc hing for go ds and if thi s is related to how muc h money the y spend shopping on the site.
b) The attitude of u sers to the w ebsite and if this is diffe rent between male and female users
c) If th e attitude to the website is related to their spending

1. Generate hypotheses for a, b, c and d above (1 sentence per hypothesis) state whether it is a null or alternate hypothesis and 1 or 2 tailed.
2. Provide descriptive statistics for the above data
3. List the statistical tests you would use to test the hypotheses for a, b ,c and d above
4. Using SPSS carry out the statistical tests. Show the results of the tests.
5. Explain whether they support or refute your hypotheses?
6. Provide a title for your study
7. Write a 200 word abstract summarising the study and its findings
8. Explain your sampling strategy in detail giving reasons (max 200 words)
9. Explain in detail your method for the above study (max 200 words)

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