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Consider the idea that a disaster is the last thing that happens in a series of related precursor events. For a major asset to fail, there could be contributory aspects of that failure coming from each part of the asset life cycle. Thus, a major asset failure may have its origins in the requirements definition phase, the design phase and the operating phase. As Asset Managers, we are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the community from major asset failure, however, to do so, we must manage risks emerging from every part of the asset life cycle.

In this assignment, you are required to conduct a critical analysis of a case study from a strategic asset management perspective. The combined written business style report and PowerPoint slide deck with audio must:
    1. focus on strategic asset management in an engineering context;
    2. demonstrate your critical analysis of a particular case study; and
    3. demonstrate your ability to design and articulate an appropriate strategic asset management plan covering the entire asset life cycle.

Hence, you will need to present a critical analysis, explain your chosen methodology and give clear and appropriate advice, based in evidence, on how as an asset manager you would improve the asset management practices in relation to the chosen case study.
You may choose any suitable case study OR choose from the list of suitable case studies shown below:
    • Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010
    • Jnaneswari Express train derailment of 2010
    • Samarco Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) failure of 2015
    • India Power Blackout of July 2012
    • Milwaukee cryptosporidiosis outbreak of 1993
    • SEQ Water’s response to the millennium drought
    • The asset data management aspect of any of these cases

If you choose your own case study, you must gain the written approval of your Tutor first. You will need to satisfy your Tutor that the chosen topic has sufficient scope and importance such that the development of a suitable strategic asset management plan would usually be the responsibility of a dedicated engineering or asset manager.

The combined report and PowerPoint slide presentation
The written report shall be no more than 3000 words. The PowerPoint slide deck of no more than ten A4 slides will contain bullet point summary text and illustrative diagrams, charts, tables or photographs to maximize communication effectiveness. The slide deck must focus on key issues, key facts and key points of your conclusion and recommendations.

Format of business style report
• The report is to be written with an Introduction section and then headings and sub-headings that are similar to those which you have used in your PowerPoint slide deck. Typically, in the written report you would use more sub-headings as you would be providing more detail in written prose whereas in the PowerPoint slide deck that information might be summarized in dot-point format.
• The objective of the structure is to achieve the best possible communication with the reader. Use headings to ‘sign-post’ what is coming and to provide a ‘skeleton’ of report contents. Relevant journal articles provide a clue about headings and sub-headings.
• Attach the standard cover-sheet that SCU requires all students to place on the front of all assignments.
• Commence your report with a title-page. The title-page is the front page that all authors put on the reports and submissions that they write as professionals. The title-page contains a title, plus your name as author and the submission date.
• The Header must contain your name and your student number.
• The Footer must contain the Unit number i.e. MNG92100 and the page number. Page numbering commences after the title-page.

PowerPoint slides
• The PowerPoint slide deck must contain a title page with the title of your paper, your name and student ID.
• Include a summary page to outline the contents of your presentation in bullet point form.
• Introduce your case study in summary format including an illustrative photograph or representation.
• Compose remaining slides to take the audience through all the parts of your report. Insert relevant photos, tables, graphs, and charts.

• The audio is a communication tool that takes the place of you being able to make a face-to-face presentation. Note: Please do not import the audio recording from another device such as a phone. We have discovered this audio cant be imported to Turnitin.
• Remember the audio is not a repeat of the content of the written report but is a spoken reinforcement of what you have on your PowerPoint slide deck. The audio is to bring focus on key aspects of your PowerPoint slide deck and should be shaped to influence the listener to accept your conclusions/recommendations.

Collaboration posts via the discussion board:
As part of this assignment, you are encouraged to write about your project to other participants within your tutorial group. The objective is for you to help each other with sources of information. Each post should be substantial (at least several sentences or a paragraph – a single sentence is insufficient). It should contain meaningful and relevant information that would potentially be of real assistance to the other participants. Alternatively, the posts could be reflective or probing of another post in such a way that it adds value to a previous post via additional relevant information or a new interpretation.

• Posts can share sources of information including official reports, inquiries and examinations into the original disaster.
• Posts can also share useful peer reviewed articles about asset management including “Strategic Asset Management Plans” (SAMPs) and their implementation, asset management strategies for different parts of the asset life cycle, asset management maturity models for organizations seeking to improve the way assets are managed and asset management strategy for particular industries such as Power, Water or Rail.
• Participants can seek to recruit like participants by providing information to attract about a particular case study to attract other participants.
• Another way in which participants can earn marks is to begin the discussion thread in your own tutorial group.
• Yet another valuable contribution is in the form of an intelligent question. Please be aware that a single sentence question is insufficient. There must be several sentences to frame the context of the question.
• Another contribution to your participants could be in the form of educating your colleagues about how to record an audio in the PowerPoint slides and to disseminate this information to your colleagues via the discussion board.
• Time will be devoted to making posts in the discussion board at our EMAS classes, so if you aren’t sure how to do it, simply come to an EMAS class on Tuesdays in room C/5.19.
• A pass grade in this activity will be a minimum of 3 substantial posts but more posts with more meaningful contributions will earn higher marks.
    • Please refer to the marking rubric for detailed grading information.

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