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In this assignment, you are required to submit a report on the critical analysis of the procurement system for a large complex construction project.

Imagine that you are appointed as the project procurement manager for Metro Tunnel Project in Melbourne. Please consider this as a project (case study) and select the most appropriate procurement system for Metro Tunnel Project to minimise/avoid the procurement problems that occurred in the project. Your report should include at least the following aspects.
• Identification of project objectives and problems/issues came a crossed.
• Identification of alternative procurement systems [at least five (5) The Traditional / Design-

Bid-Build Procurement Method, Design and Construct Procurement Method, Partnering, Alliancing, Public Private Partnership (PPP)].

• Development of a procurement system selection criteria.
• Evaluation and selection of alternative and final choice.
• Development of implementation plan for the selected procurement system.

Preliminary sources for Case Study:

The following links will help you in learning the background information about this case study. However, you are expected to consult other sources (including journal articles) beyond these links in completing this assignment.

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