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Provide an overall concluding discussion of the unit which draws together your major observations about SHRM as studied during the semester specific to a minimum of three and maximum of five topics. Hint: taking notes over the semester of things that interest you from your studies, in your organisation, or in the world generally, may help.

This exercise should be written in the first person (e.g., I did, I learned, I will). Take your SHRM definition from week one and discuss how your ideas have changed or been reinforced over the semester. What is your definition of SHRM now? Has this changed since the beginning of the session, why /why not?

Divide your essay into two major sections:

Section 1 (Personal past and current observation focussed): You may format your discussion by addressing each of your selected topics and what you learned about these respectively (e.g., liked/disliked/agreed with/disagreed with). However, please do not merely summarise each of your selected topics readings. Instead, explain how the topics readings, activities, discussions, video clips, and your observations have helped you come to better understand and apply SHRM concepts to your work and/or goals, and how your mindset may have changed since you commenced the subject (it is better to have a theme and explain how it relates to the change of your SHRM definition in regards to personal observations).

Section 2 (Practical implication focussed): What have you learned about SHRM through your studies that are of benefit to you and/or your organisation? Who are advocates of SHRM in your organisation? Who are distractors of SHRM in your organisation? Why? How might SHRM make a positive difference for your organisation and what will this look like and or happen? What implications do your studies of SHRM have for you in the future? What more do you need to learn or do? How will you develop your own SHRM knowledge and skills? Where are your developmental opportunities? How will you make changes where improvement is needed?

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