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This assessment task requires you to participate in discussion forum activities throughout the term. Most of topics include a forum activity. Some of the topics include padlet activities (detail instruction for padlet activities to be considered for this assessment is provided in the Interact2 site). In addition, Strategic HRM news and articles will be posted on the forum as we progress. Please note that this is a discussion not a Q & A session. While completing these discussion forum activities, you need to consider other fellow students’ views and perspectives. Please keep the length of each post to 250 words at the most to encourage discussion.

You are encouraged to participate in all of the forum activities, but you will only be graded on four activities of your choice. Please note that Quiz and ‘take notes’ cannot be considered as forum participation activity. You are given the opportunity to choose your best contributions to the discussion forums and hence you must specifically copy and paste four activities for marking and upload ONE word document. You must post on the discussion forum as well as upload a word document. Please note, if you have submitted a forum activity in the word document but have not posted the same activity on the discussion forum, you will not receive any marks for that.

The participation is assessed on the quality of the argument presented. Please note that no reference is needed in the forum participation.

Subject learning outcomes

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to apply comprehensive knowledge of enablers, processes and outcomes to solve complex problems associated with strategic human resource management.
• be able to critique and appraise ideas and perspectives of other students by creating and sharing information and knowledge in online moderated spaces.
• be able to communicate specialised strategic human resource management knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences.

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