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For this essay, you must select and examine an issue related to strategic planning from the topics we covered in the lectures from weeks 6 to 11.. Please keep the weekly readings and questions in mind when you're selecting your essay topic (strategic planning issue).

How is the issue related to strategic planning?
How is it impacted by strategic planning decisions?
What is the body of literature available on this topic?

How can this issue be addressed by strategic planning or from a strategic planning perspective?

For others, you may be really interested in a solution. For example, you might be interested in the idea of developer contributions, but that isn't really a strategic planning issue on its own, but rather a method or approach to an underlying issue. If this is the case, think about the issue your solution addresses. So, you could look at affordable housing or loss/availability of green open space as the issue, and then write about developer contributions as a solution/recommendation.

Once you have selected an issue, you must frame and endeavor to answer a question that generally addresses:
What are the current strategic planning issues surrounding this topic, and what do relevant readings contribute to the issue?
What is the issue and why does it exist?

Are there examples to illustrate the topic’s conceptual basis? What does the literature have to say about the issue?
Are there any debates within the literature? Is there something unique about the location of the issue (if you are doing a place-based analysis)?

How might the issue identified be addressed (i.e. is there a way forward?) Provide examples/case studies/best practice/etc.
What are some solutions to address the issue?
What challenges exit to addressing these
What options do you propose to address problems or issues identified? Recommendations.

What recommendations would you make? How will this address the issue?

In answering these questions, the assignment should demonstrate a familiarity with key arguments and concepts, and should include an analysis and evaluation of the issues raised in the literature and their relationship to examples of contemporary planning practice. Case studies can be used.

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