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Assessment 1 (Part A):
Many organisations face choices regarding the types of services they wish to offer and to whom, and the operational procedures they employ. Frameworks are sometimes used to assist in these decisions. Using Heskett’s ‘strategic service vision’ framework as a template, specifically stages one and two, provide:
• an overview of your organisation- you might also like to create a logo for your organisation!
• its ‘target market segments’ and
• its ‘service concept’.
In addition to the above, the following questions should be addressed:

Q1. Outline the core and peripheral services that make up the bundle of services you will offer to the customers of your organisation.

Q2. Provide a description of the proposed servicescape.
• NOTE: although this is relevant to Part B, it will provide substance to
your overview.

Q3. The service sector is now a key generator of economic prosperity in many countries. However, changes in the context in which businesses operate are having an impact on their ability to provide this economic wealth. Using newspaper articles (print or online) written in the past 12 months:
• identify three current issues that would impact on your specific
organisation, and strategies that your organisation might implement
to minimise these factors.
• Ensure you reference these correctly

Q4. Using a range of sources of information, including non-academic and academic articles as supporting evidence:
• identify and evaluate four factors that you think will impact on your
business in the future.

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