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You will need to choose the scope of your submission -- it could either be a detailed evaluation of a particular issue, or a general submission that covers many topics in less depth. The assessment task requires the preparation of a planning submission with a word limit of 800 words. The submission will be assessed on the quality of content and critical analysis, as well as the structure and written expression. Arguments must be supported by evidence and references need to be cited properly (i.e. Harvard style). the use of active examples and similar situations are encouraged.

Please use the template (questions) to structure your submission. Basically, you are not writing an essay, but following the template/format like a 'normal' submission. Although, you will need to add a final reference list at the end.


Write strong, clear statements about what is wrong with proposed policy, or what should change, or what parts should stay the same. Is there anything positive?

Give examples about why you have particular views.

Include evidence, case studies, or stories that illustrate your argument.

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