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Purpose – why am I doing this exercise?
1. To allow you to become familiar with material and skills appropriate to researching at postgraduate, level 7, including:
     • Key vocabulary
     • Understanding the nature of academic journals
     • Conventions relating to layout and information contained in academic journals
     • Practice the skills of citing and referring to academic work
     • The nature of argument (including a distinction between evidence and conclusions)
2. To engage in a level of critical analysis which will support you in class discussions within this module (linked to your assignment).  It will also improve your performance in other MBA modules.

Submit your coursework to Turnitin via Blackboard. Further details about how to submit via Turnitin are shown in Blackboard using the link below:


This assignment commentary must be structured under the following headings:

1. THE EVIDENCE  ( 300 words)
In this section you need to identify the evidence in each journal article.  It may be useful to draw on ideas of primary research, secondary research and/or a literature review.  See assessment criteria (1), below, for further guidance on this section. 
2. COMPARISON (1000 words)
This should be a mini essay (containing an introduction, analysis and conclusion) presenting an argument to say how the two articles are similar and or different; how they connect and or contrast. N.B.  The essay should not have sub-headings.
3. REFLECTION (700 words)
Within this section you should identify what you have learnt from this exercise. On top of these observations you should consider the implications for you as a student. In this section you can write in the first person using I or me. 

Conventions – the way you must do your work
1. Your  work should have 3 sections (outlined above under the HEADINGS – see note 3 below)
2. You should include a list of your sources, headed ‘References’.  This should show the 2 journal articles you have selected (in alphabetical order) and refer to other sources that has informed your analysis and or reflection.  
3. When referring to the material (within headings or when making citations) you should show the author/s (rather than using the abbreviations JA1 and JA2) and year of publication.  Citations should be made for both quotes, summaries and paraphrasing.  Page numbers should be given for quotes and for paraphrasing where the paraphrase is specific enough that page/s can be identified.
4. Sections 1 and 2 should be written in the 3rd person. 
5. Section 3 should be written in the 1st person.

Required Style – the style you must follow
1. Your assignment should be a Word document
2. Standard Margins: 2.54 cm top and bottom and 2.54 left and right
3. Line Spacing: Double line spacing with 6pts after. 
4. Font:  Arial, 12
5. Page Numbers:  shown in footer
6. References: Single line spacing with 6pts after.  Straight list, not bulleted or numbered.
7. Please include a word count: the number of words you have written (excluding the list of references) at the end of your work, but before the ‘references’ section.

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