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Section A (10%)

Read the case study of AllSports Sports Club (ASC). Suppose that you are allocated to do the system design for the ASC. Explain the following questions regarding this case study.

Note: Follow the Submission Guidelines to complete all parts.

1. What Software Development methodology would you follow in developing the computer system for ASC? Explain the reasons behind your selection decision in selecting the specified methodology?
2. Explain your choice of at least three most useful investigation (data gathering) techniques that you have used to investigate the new automated information system and the reasons for choosing them.
3. Develop a sample questionnaire to gather requirements to develop the system. The questionnaire should have at least 10 questions with open and closed ended questions.
4. Identify functional requirements and non-functional requirements for the proposed system for ASC.

Section B (20%)

After you have analysed your collected information, produce the following UML diagrams for proposed system as the specifications for a new automated information system for ASC.

1. Identify classes that should exist in the proposed systems and develop class diagrams for the proposed system of ASC.
2. Draw at least two use Case diagrams for the proposed system of ASC.
3. Write Use Case scenarios for above use cases. Use the simplified template form the slides.
4. Draw the Entity Relationship Diagram for the proposed system. Clearly indicate entities, attributes, relationships and cardinalities
5. Draw a Data Flow diagram (DFD) – Context Diagram depicting the external entities and data flow to the system
6. Draw an activity diagram for the proposed system to model the activity flow of the system.
7. Select four functions and develop interfaces for selected functions.

When analysing an organization’s business processes, there are usually some issues which need to be clarified before you can proceed, particularly when the issues affect the way you developed your models.

When developing each diagram, you may make some assumptions which will affect the results of your presented modelling diagram. For example, right after a presented diagram, explain each diagram to your readers and your assumptions made in modelling it.

Assignment 1 Layout and Submission Guidelines

The written assessment - Section 1 should be organised using the following headings and guidelines when preparing your report:
o Title Cover Page with clear details of course title/name, student number/name, lecturer name
o Introduction
o Identify the aim of the report and the project objectives

o The identified problem for the information system project and project approval. o Two possible approaches towards system development and justifications for the selected approach.

o  Selected data gathering techniques with reasons for their selection

o A sample questionnaire including both open and closed ended questions to gather requirements

o Conclusions - A summary of your findings. o References (at least 4 references)

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