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Assignment 2

Functional Analysis and Allocation (FA&A) is a key process in systems engineering design. In this group assignment you are to you are required to write a ~2000 word report that critically reviews the FA&A process. The review is to address the following:
1.inputs and outputs for the FA&A process
2.the staging of the FA&A process within the system life-cycle
3.approaches/methods for performing both analysis and allocation

This is to be a general review - there is no requirement for it to be grounded in your case study from assignment 1.
The assessment criteria are as follows:

1. Introduction (2.5 Marks)
2. Overview of the FA&A process (purpose, inputs, outputs, staging, supporting processes) (5 marks)
3. Approaches/methods for functional analysis (10 marks)
4. Approaches/methods for functional allocation (10 marks)
5. Conclusion (2.5 marks)
6. Research skills (5 marks)
7. Layout and presentation (5 Marks)

The weighting of the assignment is 20%. I expect that the report will consist of 5 sections corresponding to criteria 1-5. In terms of research skills what is being assessed is to synthesise multiple resources into a coherent and balanced story. In this regard, you will need to have multiple references, but no minimum number is specified. Harvard referencing is to be us

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