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Your assignment is to develop the design for the Cinema Hall Application. This design is to be a wire frame only design, at this stage.

Team Setup

This assignment is the first of the team assignments for this subject. The rationale for using a team approach is that most IT design and development studios work in teams of between 2-5 designers/developers for each design problem. You will be assigned to a team and the team, as a whole, will be responsible for the development of the design.

Team Member Responsibilities

Each team member will be assessed on:

• The final design presented by the team; 

• The individual contributions that they have made to the design. This will be shown by the entries that they have made in the Team forum;

Team members should note that:

• A total of 30% of the total marks for this assignment are for individual contributions. These include: 

o Reasons for the choice of design (10%), and 

o Reasoning behind the design decisions for the submitted design (20%) 

• A team member without any individual contributions in the Team Forum will be regarded as having not contributed to the design. This will result in either reduced marks or no marks being awarded to that team member for this assignment.

Team Tasks:

1. Select one of the alternative designs produced by the team to be the design that will be produced.

2. Indicate in your team forum site the reasons why this design was chosen. (10 marks) 

3. Create a set of wireframes for the website design and provide a description of them (40 marks). This set and your descriptions should show: 

1. Wireframes for all pages in the website. This should also include a rudimentary payments page, even though this will probably be supplied by a payments processing firm at a later stage. 

This page will just act as a placeholder for the final page; 

2. All screen components for each page; 

3. Navigation between pages, such as buttons, breadcrumb trails, etc.; 

4. General placement for all items on each page. This can be in the form of a template where, for example, a table could be used to show a picture of an item, the description, the size, the artist, the price, etc.;

5. Help functions for users,

6. A description of the navigation path that a user would take through the website. 

4. Create a click-through prototype of your wireframes using Balsamiq Mockups Links in presentation mode (see for details). When the links in your presentation mode mockup are working correctly, then export your presentation to PDF (see This PDF file is what you will submit for assessment. (20 marks) 

5. Write a Word document (.doc or .docx) that summarises all the design decisions for your design. The document should also indicate the reasons for each team decision. (10 marks) 

6. Indicate in your team forum site, the reasoning behind your design decisions. This reasoning must demonstrate input from each member of the team. (10 marks)

Important Note

Your assessed contribution to the team effort is worth 20% of your overall mark in this assignment.

Your team design will be given a usability evaluation by another student team in Assignment 3. Your team MUST ensure that:

• All wireframes are as complete as possible; 

• Wireframes should contain explanatory notes about features to be further developed; 

• The wireframes are correctly linked, and the links have been tested prior to submission.

Your team should also consider the Assignment 3 tasks and requirements before submitting this assignment.

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