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SSUD71”101 | Understanding Buildings 193 Assignment 1 | Management

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Task 1: Reflection

Reflection 1: Ground and floor structure/substrate development (3 Pages)

Choose one of the sites that you observed on the field trip.

Page 1:

• Provide a photo of your site

• Describe the type of ground shaping strategy and likely footing system used (150 words)

• Provide a “site”cross section” to show the grading strategy and footing. Indicate any drainage features (e.g. behind retaining walls or under the ground)

Page 2:

• Suggest an alternate design strategy (e.g. if perimeter build-up was used, an alternative could be stiffened raft slab on cut/fill).

• Sketch the site cross-section of this alternative

• Which system would you recommend? Are there any reasons to adopt the system that you did not recommend? (100”200 words)

Page 3 (optional):

• Bonus (no marks): Is there anything you saw that you would like to know more about or would like to know what it is? Provide a photo or quick question and we will try respond.

Reflection 2: Framing and cladding (2 pages) Page 1 – General framing stage

• Provide a photo/s of what you saw and label the elements that you can see.

• Give a standard drawing of the item/element/components that you photographed.

• Comment on what is happening at the stage, and what the likely next step will be (200 words).

Page 2 – Localised framing element

• Provide a photo/s of what you saw

• Give a standard drawing(s) of the item/element/components that you photographed.

• Comment on what is happening at each stage, what this element is for and what the likely next step will be (200 words)

Task 2: Slab Construction Guide/factsheet

This task asks you to prepare a guide to the preparation of a residential slab. A strict 2-page limit is given therefore you must dedicate time and resources into efficiently presenting the guide with only necessary supporting figures/tables.

Content requirements

Your goal to make these two pages read like a “how”to” guide or a “fact sheet”. You can choose the format but as a minimum, you will state:

- Materials needed

- Standards required (and reference materials that may be appropriate)

Presentation Requirements:

- Size 10 to 12 font only (heading may be larger)

- Margins may be extended but a minimum of 20mm between the edge of the page and any text is required

- 2 PAGES only


- Tables/figures from standards can be summarised or you can simply refer to them as “Figure 3.1 from AS2870”2011” or “Part 3.2 NCC Vol. 2”.

- You may choose to focus on the entire process or you may prefer to choose to focus your 2”pages on a specific aspect of the slab construction. Examples may include:

o Concrete pouring and finishing

o Determination of the slab size

o Preparation of groundworks for a slab (commencing after site clear)

o Specifics of reinforcement (e.g. bar chairs, cover, types for residential slabs) If you elect to focus on one aspect your response is expected to be highly detailed.

Task 3: Site selection

Task 3: Find a Vacant block of land – 10%

In preparation for your second assignment, you need to find a vacant block of land for which you will be recommending a house design and preparing selected drawings and/or a detailed scale model.

Please provide a list of the following information about the site:

• Address

• Lot/SP

• Photo of the site from the street

• Services provided and services missing

• Applicable planning code overlays

• Setback limits for a single-story house.

Optional: You may present a site plan for your site from which we can provide feedback before your second assignment. This will not form part of your marks but act as an opportunity to receive some early feedback.

We will only offer feedback if a genuine attempt has been made for our review. Basic presentations that ask us what needs to be included will not be sufficient.

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