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As you now know, a key to self-directed learning is a reflection. Reflection enables the ability to examine situations in order to better understand the surrounding context and identify potential improvements for the future. This assessment task builds on assessment 1 and aims to develop your awareness and reflective learning ability while also assessing your understanding of your Gallup Strengths identified in module 3. As with assessment 1, your journal entry must be written in the first person and you should try to be as open and honest with yourself as you can.


This assessment task requires you to do the following:

1. Read and watch the learning resources in module 3

2. Complete the Clifton Strengths Finder Survey by Gallup (learning activity 3.1)

 3. Attend a group coaching session with your Gallup Strengths Coach

4. Compose your reflective journal entry addressing the questions listed below

5. Include a screenshot of your Gallup Strengths results in your paper

6. Identify theoretical concepts reviewed in module 3 that support your ideas

7. Include at least three academic references to the module 3 learning resources, to support your ideas

8. Follow the APA 6th edition style of referencing to cite your academic resources and provide your reference list

9. Include the time and date of your coaching session and your coach’s name at the end of your reference list.

Guiding questions

1. What did you learn about yourself from your Clifton Strengths Survey and your group coaching session with your Success Coach?

2. Were you surprised by any of your Top 5 talents (signature themes)? Why?

3. When you read your Top 5 talents, was there one or more you immediately resonated with? Which one/s? Why?

4. How will this improved understanding of your talents/strengths apply to your professional development?

5. What do you think the greatest challenges for you will be in reaching your career goals?; and what Talent from your Top 5 could you draw on to assist you?

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