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IMAT5209 | Usability Evaluation of an Interactive System | Management

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Carrying out the Assignment

Producing the usability evaluation assignment will involve

1. Choosing an interactive system to study.

2. Identifying the use cases or aspects of the functioning of the system to be considered, and briefly describe them in your documentation. (These don’t need to be a complete set of use cases; for very complicated systems focusing on one part of what they do is just fine. However, you should give a clear indication of what subset of the functionality of the system you are considering, and what you are not considering. If in doubt, cover less functionality in more detail.)

3. Define a set of usability requirements, considering what the design really needs to get right to achieve a good user experience, and defining the requirements precisely enough that it would be possible to measure the system’s performance.

4. Choosing an evaluation methodology. You should apply a standard evaluation methodology such as user testing, cognitive walkthrough, or heuristic evaluation. 

5. Defining an evaluation procedure. This will include stating one or several user tasks to be tested or considered with exact descriptions of the scenario and the goal the user is trying to achieve, as well as what the evaluator will do to collect results and produce an evaluation. The evaluation procedure needs to be described in full, separately from the description of the results.

6. Carrying out the evaluation. This will involve applying the procedure and documenting what happens, and what the procedure finds. (If applying your procedure looks like an excessive amount of work, or producing an excessively large volume of documentation, ask advice; we would prefer an evaluation giving detailed insight into a part of the functionality to an evaluation with broad coverage but a thinner or more superficial analysis.)

7. Deriving findings of the usability of the interactive system from the results of the usability evaluation. This should include consideration of how strong and how general the conclusions are.

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