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Assignment description
The aim of Network Equipment Inventory Information System is to provide the network operators/engineers with the up-to-date information of the network equipment on the geo-metric locations and detailed configurations of all devices. The system should be access by the users with different interfaces. The below specifications will provide as a guideline to break down the assignment report into different parts. Read through the guidelines to get an understanding on how the report should be prepared.

Areas to be addressed in the report

• Proper use of pictures and associated text for the architecture/data-flow model and use case
• An appropriate sequence diagram
• System test plans to ensure proper user interactions and system functions
• Figuring out appropriate cloud architecture required for the system implementation (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
• Address the system functionality with appropriate test plans
• Implementing appropriate work practices to ensure proper implementation and maintenance of the system

Report Deliverables
The following documents should be produced (concurrently) with the following sections:

Section 1: Architecture of the System
A rough architecture of the system, showing the subsystems and over-all data-flow, and the division between hardware, software, and people in the system.

Section 2: Conceptual design of user interface
Conceptual design of the various user interfaces (sound/visual, mobile/local)
The user interface design should focus of the types of interface to be used with the range of devices. You may make use of the information from principles of user interface design to elaborate your answers.

Section 3: Sequence diagram
Draw a sequence diagram for the interaction between the user and system with the example of updating the network configuration of a router.

Section 4: System Test Plans

Provide details on the usability and functional testing (as a part of system plans) to check the accuracy plans to check if the system meets the requirements

Section 5: Cloud based Architecture
What would be demands of the system in terms of software, platform and infrastructure? Apply the cloud architecture solution towards the requirements of the same in terms of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Section 6: Functional Solutions
Implements appropriate test plans to address the expected system functionality (functional solutions). Implement the test plan based on how the user interacts with the software. Discuss on the reaction and responses. The use case and user interface specification will act as a guideline through this step.

Section 7: System Processes and Work Practices
What are the work practices implemented by the business to ensure successful implementation of the system processes.

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