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The engagement task consists of the initial tasks required to support Assignment 2. The engagement task uses a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory rating system because Assignment 2 depends critically on students collaborating online. It is essential that all students engage promptly with the subject.

A rating of Unsatisfactory can cause a student to fail the subject. Any student who receives an 'Unsatisfactory' rating in the engagement task will be required to immediately show cause why they should be allowed to continue, because allowing them to do so may affect other student’s outcomes. If cause to continue cannot be established within one or two days of the due date for this assessment item, then the Unsatisfactory rating will stand and the student will fail the subject. This will occur before the HECS census date so that students may withdraw without penalty.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the lecturer and show cause why they should continue in the subject if they receive an Unsatisfactory rating for the engagement task.

Specifically, the steps that must be completed for the Engagement Task consist of:

1. Organize a meeting with your assigned team members. You will be notified of your team members and allocated an online meeting room URL by your subject coordinator. You will also be provided access to your team’s wiki via the subject Interact site.

2. Get together online. Establish a ‘team charter’ setting out the team’s expectations (rights and responsibilities) of each team member.

3. Organise a schedule of weekly meetings with your team members, and post the schedule in your team wiki.

4. Establish a ‘push’ communication mechanism for rapid communication between team members and post a link to that mechanism in your team wiki.

5. Allocate tasks for the first iteration. You must use the provided breakdown of tasks for Assignment 2. However, you must decide on and record the task completion criteria. Record this task assignment and completion criteria in an iteration plan (template provided), and post that iteration plan to your team wiki. Please Note: there are two iterations required to complete Assignment 2. Do not present an 'Iteration Plan' that covers the whole period for Assignment 2. Present an iteration plan that specifies what you are going to achieve in the first iteration.

6. Record meeting minutes, and post them in your team wiki.

7. Establish a team version control repository. Download the provided code and establish a code baseline under version control. Grant the lecturer read access to that repository.

8. Create an individual 'feature branch' for each team member.

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