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Your PowerPoint presentation slides should include (but are not confined to):

• Title

• Table of contents

• Preliminary research findings

  o Demonstrate that you know the client and you understand what they want. This is the first step in appealing to the client’s individual needs.

• Your capabilities

  o Present your capabilities by referring back to the client’s needs and state your relevant experience.

  o Provide previous examples/references

• Major components

  o Web Design

     - Overall design strategy

     - Site name registration

     - Site design, features and functionalities

     - Content Management System

     - Custom Programming

     - Major web technologies

     - etc.

  o Web promotion, SEO and analytics

  o Website maintenance

• Costs and deliverables

  o Provide cost and deliverable information based on the information you have.

  o Propose a detailed timeline for the work.

• Contact information

• Q&A

• Conclusion

• References

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