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Assessment 3 - Task and Research Project

Task 1: Microwave Link Budget Design (10%)
Microwave communication is commonly used as a backbone transmission system in wireless communication networks. As a wireless network engineer, you are often required to perform link budget calculations for such Microwave links. One such link is shown below in Figure 1 which operates in the 20 GHz radio frequency band. This link provides 4 Mbps transmission capacity at both transmitter and receiver sides. Furthermore, the system deploys a passive repeater. Following table shows numerical values for this transmission system.

Task 2: Innovative Project (8 marks)
A local engineering group ask you to present your finding of the most recent advanced wireless technologies. Research these technologies in details and pay specific attention to (one of them) and discuss how they are used, their application in real life, their strengths and weakness and security issues. Also provide an opinion regarding which antenna types will become the dominant players in the future. For this assessment item you need to work in a team of two/three, find your partner and run group meetings, and prepare power point slides (10 -15 slides). You must give Oral presentation in the class. In your presentation you are required to submit the meeting schedule and agenda as well.

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