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COIT 12203 | Workflow Analysis and Management Assessment 3 | IT

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Part 1: Workflow Systems
Some points to consider are:
        • Organisational background
         • Workflows, workflow systems/technology and benefits
         • Problems in workflow design
         • Organisational structure

Part 2: Process Modelling

Some points to consider are:
        • Importance of process modelling in system design and implementation
        • Process modelling techniques
        • Mistakes in process modelling and avoidance

Part 3: Socio-Technical Considerations
Some points to consider are:
       • Politics during implementation and counteracting it
       • Technology as a process enabler
       • Social impact of technology implementation

Part 4: Change Management and Lessons Learned
Some points to consider are:
       • Process of managing change
       • Lessons learned - enablers and barriers of process changes
      • Social innovation (In response to this, consider about social responsibilities and social innovation and how the university can drive social innovation to  improve its processes. There is nothing about social innovation in the case study).

In addition to the case study, you will need to refer to other scholarly sources to address the above points and produce a coherent report. All the above points are provided as a guide and should not limit your reasoning and critical analysis.

Improvements, based on any identified shortcomings, should be provided in the Conclusion section of your report.

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