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Assessment Task 3

In preparation for Assignment 2: the Critical or Creative Essay, students will be required to post to the "Workshopping Assessment 2" discussion thread, a draft version of their chosen or self-designed assessment prompt and their response to it. Students should begin a new discussion thread when they post their drafts. Students will then be required to give constructive feedback on the drafts of three other students by reply-posting to their discussion thread. That is part one of this assessable component, due by 11.59pm, 20th September 2018.  On the same day that students submit Assessment 2, the Critical or Creative Essay (11.59pm, Monday 7th October), students will also be required to collate the comments they've made on other students' outlines in a Word doc/pdf, which will then need to be submitted to the "Assessment 3: Workshopping Comments" assessment folder.

There is no designated word limit for the draft (though it must not exceed the word count for the actual Assessment 2!), but it should have enough substance to it that other students can give meaningful feedback on it. The draft may include sections in point form to give an outline of how the argument will develop. It would be a good idea also to include a working thesis statement so that others can see what is being argued. The draft itself is not graded as part of your outcome for the unit. The feedback you give on others' drafts is the basis of your grade for this assessment task. The draft must be posted, however, for your feedback to be graded. 

As well as assessing how constructively you engage with your peers' ideas, creativity, and critique, this assessment also indirectly assesses your participation throughout the unit. The extent to which, over the trimester until this point, you've read the Study Notes, core texts, prescribed readings and participated in online/on-campus discussion should be made manifest in the feedback you give to three other students. If you've been engaged actively on a weekly basis (in keeping with the unit’s structure: one core text per week), you will have got a lot more out of your study than you would have otherwise, and you will be in a good position to give thoughtful and helpful advice to your peers. As a guide, each piece of feedback (per student) should be roughly 100 words long x 3. 

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