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2000 words--worth 40%

All students must write an essay of 2000 words for their first assignment, choosing from one of the following two topics. Your assignment should include some engagement with relevant scholarly sources either from the unit readings or your own research (at least 3 scholarly sources). References and in-text citations should be formatted according to Deakin Harvard style.

Choose from the following:

1. Select one nineteenth-century or early-twentieth-century illustrator or author-illustrator who interests you. Discuss his/her work, focusing on two or three key texts, and referring to particular examples of text and/or illustrations. Briefly relate the work of the person you have chosen to discuss to the artistic and cultural context in which s/he worked.

2. Select one of the following elements of picture book art: color, line, perspective, texture/pattern, shape, space. With reference to two or three picture books, show how this aspect of art constructs meaning.

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