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1000 words or equivalent - 20%

The 'Collaborating online' tab provides instructions on how to access and use Skype, One Drive and Office 365.

According to ICCB (2019), when organised and managed effectively by providing support and structure from the outset, group work can be an enjoyable and productive learning experience for all by:

• breaking complex tasks into parts and steps

• planning and managing timelines and deadlines

• delegating roles and responsibilities

• developing negotiation and communication skills

• exchanging ideas and sharing diverse perspectives

• challenging assumptions

• promoting a collaborative and supportive learning environment

• building work-places skills sought by future employers.

II. The process of working in a team (250 words for each student in the group).

This will be assessed via a written journal (250 words) produced independently by each team member. Since group work is a component of this unit, it is important to focus on the processes and best practices of teamwork. The point of this assessment task is to ask you to consider the dynamics of the group, its effectiveness, and the extent of each students’ contribution.

Your journal should

• demonstrate your ability to reflect thoughtfully on your experience working in a team

• demonstrate an understanding of the value of group work

• explain your contribution to the group.

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