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Generalized Resources

  1. Number Notation- Representation of the numbers in American, French, English, German
  2. Mathematics vocabulary- Terms as per the alphabet


  1. Basic Identities- Closure properties of addition and multiplication
  2. Conic Sections- Definition and general equation of conic sections
  3. Polynomial Identities- Basic identities of polynomials
  4. Powers and Logarithms- Formulae of powers and logarithms
  5. Graphs- Algebraic equations and graphs
  6. Linear equations in the coordinate plan- Graph of linear equations
  7. Slope- Slope of a linear function
  8. Linear inequalities- Graphic of linear inequalities
  9. Graph of quadratic equations- Graphing quadratic equations
  10. Solving quadratic equations- Methods to solve quadratic equations
  11. Standard deviation and normal distribution- Formulae for standard deviation and normal curve

Series and sequences

  1. Arithmetic Series- Concept and Formulae of arithmetic series
  2. Geometric Progression- Formulae and example of GP
  3. Binomial Theorem- Expansion of a binomial expression with an example
  4. Series Properties- Semi-formal definitions and algebraic definition
  5. Convergence tests- Definition of Convergence and Divergence in series

Permutation and Combination

  1. Permutation- Definition, example and formulae
  2. Combination- Combination with and without repetition
  3. Difference between Permutation and Combination-Difference between permutation and combination


  1. Probability- Probability of events
  2. Mean, median and mode- Mean, median and mode
  3. Algorithms- Stem and leaf plots and box-and-whiskers plot
  4. Z-distribution- Graph and value table


  1. Perimeter, Areas and Volumes- Perimeter, Areas and Volumes of Geometrical Figures
  2. Properties of circle- Basic information about circles
  3. Inscribed angles of circle- Angles of circles and polygons
  4. Advanced information on circles- Tangents, secants and angles


  1. Trigonometry identities- Trigonometry identities with trigonometric functions
  2. Algebra II vs Trigonometry- Key differences between Algebra II and Trigonometry
  3. Tables- Values of all the trigonometric terms
  4. Hyperbolics- Definitions of hyperbolics
  5. Functions- Overview of Trigonometric functions


  1. Matrices- Operating with matrices
  2. Using matrices- Using matrices when solving systems of equations
  3. Determinants- Introduction to determinants



  1. Tables of integrals- Power of x
  2. Special Functions- Variant definitions of the special functions
  3. Integral Identities- Formal Integral Definition and Formulae


  1. Table- Formulae followed under Derivation
  2. Identities- Differentiation identities and partial differentiation


  1. Fourier Series- Fourier series of functions and formulae
  2. Transformations- Laplace transformations

Other sources

  1. Calculator+- Basic and Scientific Calculator
  2. Mathemagics- Mental Math Tricks
  3. Math Tricks- Tricks to speed up calculating
  4. Maths Formulas Free- Basic formulas in mathematics
  5. Mathematics Dictionary- Quick Dynamic Search Function
  6. Math Expert- Collection of formulas of Mathematics and Physics
  7. GeoGebra- Blend of the formulas of Algebra, Geometry, Spreadsheets, Statistics, Graphing, and Calculus
  8. FreeGeo Mathematics- Rotate, move or scale your created geometric constructions
  9. Mathematics Illuminated- Multimedia source to learn mathematics
  10. Cut the knot- Mathematical puzzles and miscellaneous exercises
  11. MathNEXUS- Multi-purpose website
  12. Mathxplain- Precalculus, Calculus 1,2 and 3, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory

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