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Being the youngest science, sociology has gained interests of a number of students in a very less period of time. The popularity of the sociology courses is majorly because it allows a student like you to understand the society and its relations in depth. These courses not only take you a step closer to your future job, but also enables you to comprehend the mindset of the society in practicality. Such learnings are well- transmitted in the Universities of Australia, with the help of practical workshops and detailed theoretical lessons. Also, because of the expert professors, the Australian Universities enjoy an edge in the sociology courses over all other universities of the world.

To help you chose the best University in Australia, for pursuing the sociology courses, following is the list of universities offering diploma, undergraduate and post graduate degrees in the course.

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List of Universities in Australia providing diploma/ certificate in sociology courses

The duration of the diploma courses ranges from 1-2 years in the universities of Australia. These courses are short term and can even be done part time. The eligibility of each diploma sociology courses varies as per the university.

List of Universities in Australia providing Undergraduate sociology courses

The sociology courses at the graduate level, varies from 3-4 years and you can opt for this course, even being an arts student. The subjects for these courses often vary as per the university chosen by you. The combinational subject can range from criminology to sustainable communities to sociology, so you should do a detailed research before enrolling into a specific sociology course.

List of Universities in Australia providing Post-graduate sociology courses

The masters course in the sociology subject is available for full time/ part time for 1.5 to 2 years. You can even opt for online/ distance/ on- campus sociology course from the Australian Universities, offering the respective options.

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Sociology Assignment help services offered by us:

The study of sociology, requires you to do a lot of research based assignments, which are obviously very time consuming. Therefore, we at Assignmenthelp4me, provide you online assistance in your college assignments, so that you can submit timely and quality assignments to your professors. Due to our decade old association with the assignment help domain, we are very well versed with the technicalities of the sociology assignments and how they need to be structured. Also, our experienced sociology writers are properly trained to produce quality and zero- error assignments.

Few of the sociology assignments done by us, are listed below:


Symbolic Interaction theory

This is believed to be one common assignment topic, received by all sociology students. To write on this topic with respect to a case study, you need to analyze the relationships of the people living in a society. For this, their communication processes and mediums need to be evaluated. Our sociology experts are always available to help your solve such sociology assignments.


Functionalist Theory

The functionalist perspective is a part of the three main perspectives of sociology. The study of these perspectives require you to ponder various factors taking place in a society and the relations that contribute towards a state of harmony and peace. Our online assignment help assures you to write quality and plagiarism free assignments helps in a very short period of time.


Rational Choice theory

This theory aims at understanding the formal or the economic behavior of individuals in particular circumstances. The concepts of these theories are well understood by our Assignment Help experts, therefore can be explained in an effective manner in your sociology assignment help documents.


Social inequality

This forms the basis of a number of topic in the world today, on which research is carried out. Therefore, to assist you on the same our sociology writers are readily available with our online assignment help services.


Gender and sexuality

The topic of Gender and sexual equality demands a great insight to understand in depth and evaluate the factors affecting the variations in the result. Therefore, to produce quality assignments, you can always take help from us placing an order at our online assignment assistance online desk.

Quick facts to know- jargons of sociology

Achieved status

This refers to the status that is earned by you and it is not related to the place of your birth


This relates to an alienated feeling being a worker in company, if your company does not treat you well, or rather objectify your existence.


This refers to the system, wherein the races are totally separated


This is the term, which is referred to the people of working class


This relates to the living style, which is different from the practices of dominant culture.

Scope of Sociology courses in Australia

The future prospects of sociology are ever increasing, due to which many students like you are getting attracted to the sociology courses. Moreover, the jobs after the sociology courses are highly rewarding and outline your career in a positive manner, so that you are able to achieve great heights in the respective field. In fact, you should not stop yourself from joining a company or a field at a lower level in the beginning, because these opportunities allow you to explore your skills and hone your abilities to an advanced level. Following are few of the job options, you can look for, after doing a sociology course, from any of the universities in Australia:

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