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Integrate two basic components: The appropriate use of language and the organization of the text.

Some ideas on this are:

The language of the thesis must meet the following conditions. It must be your own, appropriate to the object of study and that unfolds the object of the investigation. The applicant must show mastery of the terms used in the thesis, as well as the research area where develops the thesis.

Clarity is a vital element, writing must be accessible, explain with few words, and know how to illustrate the concepts difficult to understand through examples or other forms. The syntax must be correct and the vocabulary readers' reach, do not use ambiguous, vague words, jargon, abbreviations

The abbreviations should not be abused. When its use is necessary, it is advisable to say, for example, Primary Health Care -Sometimes, it is considered by the author that the generalized use of certain acronym makes it known sufficiently. Anyway, it must be specified, since the results can be published and for another reader of another geographical situation would be difficult to understand.

The conciseness is the brevity in the way of expressing the concepts, that is the effect of expressing them wisely and synthetically.

An imprecision in the vocabulary can come from a stylistic negligence, of the author's own mental inaccuracy. It should be written in a sober and measured style, never in the extremes, bombastic or light words.

Do not use disapproving expressions or excessive praise. They must exaggerate the concepts or the terms.

When synonyms are used to increase the richness of the lexicon, you must be careful that the new word fits and harmonizes in the context.

The region, the country where the study is carried out, must be specified. Sometimes you can see works that say: in our province, in our country, which makes the reader have to look for other pages to locate the study area.

The organisation of the text

It must be written impersonally, that is, in the third person of the singular, for example, instead of "my opinion is", it should be said: "in the opinion of the author, "or" this researcher found differences with respect to the results obtained by such author in such place. Sometimes jobs are read that pose: "we are going to present". It can be said: It is presented Write with a capital letter when necessary, without abusing its use. All the quotes that are opened must be closed.

Do not write too large numbers in words, in the case of numbers under ten, try to express them by their generic word. Use Roman numerals when necessary. Be coherent with the acronyms, which are explicit in the first moment of its use in the text and, if possible, not abuse them.

Do not exaggerate the underlines. The printed version must be revised in order to verify: If there is a paging is correct; If the quotes are marked in quotations and referenced; and if the number of the notes corresponds to 


The thesis work should be bound in the form of a book with cardboard covers, leather or other strong protective material.

The following information will be recorded on the front cover:

  • Identification of the place where the work was carried out, eleven
  • Name of the authorized institution,
  • Name of the Faculty and department, or equivalent body in the scientific-research units, where the work of the aspiration,
  • Title of the thesis,
  • Level to which one aspires,
  • Author's name,
  • City where the work was done,
  • Year


The cover, or first page of the work, must have the following information:

  • Identification of the place where the work was carried out,
  • Name of the authorized institution,
  • Name of the Faculty or Department, or equivalent body in the

scientific-research units, where the work of the


  • Title of the thesis,
  • Level to which one aspires,
  • Author's name,
  • Name of the tutor,
  • City where the work was done,
  • Year.


The second page is dedicated to the acknowledgements of the author; they are not written in the project profile.


The third page, which is optional, will be used for the dedication and it will be will tell about the people or entities the work is dedicated to.


The text of the synthesis must follow the same written rules of writing for the thesis. Write the summary or synthesis clearly structured, which makes the objective clear, synthetically describe the problem, the methods, the results, the main findings and conclusions. Only exceptionally, the summary would exceed one pattern - it must be very brief and not exceed 200 words. It is not a presentation or relationship of its chapters, but rather an exposition of the essential scientific aspects contained in the thesis.

The objective is to inform the reader, in a few lines, about the object and the objectives of work, its most relevant results and the contributions it makes to the science or technology within the framework of its specialty. The form of expression must be simple and precise, denoting professionalism and words used must have a rigorous connotation in the field of science in question.


It is the index or summary of the work. In it, all its fundamental aspects must be collected, recording in the right margin the page in which the content of that aspect is found. A table or complete index, that relates, the different chapters and epigraphs of the thesis, will help to give a clearer notion of its content and to facilitate its handling in practice.

This heading will list all the titles that differentiate the sections or sections in which the content of the thesis and the complementary material are divided.

Check carefully that the page number that is referred to in the index match the one that really occupies the document.

The titles corresponding to the chapters of the text will be written in capital letters, preceded by the corresponding order number and separated from it for a point and space. The indication of the corresponding page will be placed to the right margin in the form of a column headed by the abbreviation.

The titles correspond to the different sections in which each chapter will be written in lowercase, preceded by the order number corresponding and to two spaces. An indentation will be used so that the numeral appears at the same level as the chapter title begins.


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