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“Thesis writing”, the two words thatthreaten students the most. It is not as easy as an essay writing; thesis writing involves a lot of instructions and guidelines. The students have to take care of many things while crafting thesis paper.

In this article, we are sharing some of the important guidelines that will help the students to develop a perfect thesis to impress their professors and attain high grades.


Here are the general criteria for your reference:

  • You need to take care of following things in your thesis writing:
  • Have you mentioned the issues or the problems around which the whole point revolves?
  • You must remain stick to the main issue in the complete thesis.
  • The findings should be consistent and logical.
  • The techniques and the methods should be appropriate and used properly.
  • The method of collecting the data should be justified.
  • The presentation of the facts should be in a verifiable
  • The references should be clear and consistent.
  • The thesis should be composedin an acceptable way.

Here are some essential tips that should be considered while writing a thesis:

  • You must consider the standard set for structuring the thesis. And if you are changing the criteria, you must be answerable for that.
  • The supervisor can guide you best; you must ask him/her for the additional requirements.
  • The length of the thesis should be 40-60 pages typically.
  • You must prepare a self-reading and concise report. The facts and the findings should be relevant,andthe data should be authentic.
  • You must keep in mind that the thesis does not include your activities.
  • The standard structure is:

The introduction

In the introduction, there is the description of the issues, general information about the topic, the relevant research and the purpose is also described in it.

Methods and concepts

In the next step, there is the description of the methods and techniques used for the researchand the reason behind choosing those methods.

Findings and evaluation

The findings of the research are discussed in this part,and there is the presentation of the design methods, theorems used. The data collected is also evaluated for better results.

Discussion of facts

This part discusses the reasons and the logic why the collected data is useful and helpful in solving the issues. It also discusses if the facts add something useful to the knowledge of the readers and what other issues can be raised. The hints are also described for further research or study.


The references to the resources used for the collection of the relevant information are there in this part. It helps in making the content more authentic.


An appendix covers the peripheral theory, proofs, the data simulated, fragments of the programs and the relevant data that should go with the reading and reasoning.


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