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  1. Many Things -Words, Phrases and Sentences along with their audio clips to listen.
  2. Sentence For - Put any word in this website and it will give you some sentences using that word.
  3. Short Stories for Kids -Looking for short stories for your kid? Find them on this website.
  4. Learn4Good-Free grammar blank fills for IELTS and TOFEL.
  5. ESL Fast-A lot of English paragraphs in different levels with audio with exercises on vocabulary, cloze, sentences and dictation.
  6. English Online-A plethora of English articles with interesting information and difficult words highlighted.
  7. Cogweb-English proverbs including some fun proverbs, contrary proverbs and others.
  8. Learn English-Many types of comparisons and exercises to learn English, especially grammar and vocabulary.
  9. More words-Find words using some suffix, prefix or any other affix.
  10. Breaking News English-The website presents news in 7 levels of difficulty, with online activities to improve your listening, current events, etc.
  11. BBC Learn English-Find an exhaustive set of materials for English learning, from intermediate to advanced levels, all from the BBC World Service.
  12. British Council-Games, stories, listening activities and grammar, all free from the world-famous British Council.
  13. Auto English-Auto English is a good resource for free interactive exercises that can be printed, including grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, informal language and also the most typical mistakes.
  14. Chomp Chomp-Grammar Bytes has very short lessons and exercises of grammar presented in a really friendly (and sometimes silly) way.
  15. 5 Minute English-Find useful information on the most common grammatical questions and errors along with reading and listening resources.
  16. English Grammar 101-Here you can find easy to understand and short lessons on most of the topics of grammar.
  17. English Resources-If you learn grammar better with examples than with rules, this is a good place to start.

Listening Resources

  1. Teacher Luke-The website offers podcasts in English on different themes.
  2. Play Phrase-Here, you can find fragments of TV series and movies according to the phrase you choose.
  3. Lyrics Training -It is a page where you can learn foreign languages with the "karaoke" method.
  4. Spotlight English-Get 15-minute daily radio program to learn English.
  5. English Central-You can watch videos in English along with their subtitles and dictionary embedded in them. It allows you to choose a topic and the level of language proficiency.
  6. Today I Found Out-Short and interesting articles in English of about 5 to 10 minutes in length.
  7. Ororo.tv-Watch English videos channels with subtitles. If you are a native speaker of Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish or Turkish, there is an inbuilt dictionary for you.
  8. npr.org-American radio, transcripts are available for many programs and podcasts throughout the day.
  9. SignalvNoise -A large collection of podcasts of different themes and links of various such sites.
  10. Talk English-A great selection of recorded phrases and dialogues with quizzes and written dialogues.
  11. Librivox-A lot of free audiobooks in English.
  12. ESL Bits-Get audiobooks, short stories and novellas in English with the availability of text options and selection of reading speed.


  1. Interesting Thing of The Day-Short and fun articles for reading about 5 to 10 minutes long.
  2. News in Levels-Listen to the same news in three different levels with important words highlighted.
  3. Read Theory-Short and interesting stories to read with reading comprehension quiz.
  4. American Literature-Online library of the books written by the American authors.
  5. Short Stories-This webpage has a good amount of many short stories in English.
  6. English E-books-There are many electronic books in English. The books are divided into levels, available to download in different formats and to read online.


  1. Ego4u  - Study the grammar in vivo doing exercises and tests and know the correct answers.
  2. My Spelling  - A site dedicated to spelling, is available without prior registration.
  3. Lang-8  - Page where native speakers can correct your texts (in return you will have to correct texts written by those who study Spanish).
  4. Macmillan Dictionaries  - Forms of irregular verbs in English as an interactive roulette.
  5. Grammar Bank  - There are a lot of free grammar exercises (mostly sentence completion and gap filling) for various levels. 


  1. Upodn  - Transcription of American English with some examples of pronunciation.
  2. Forvo  - A base of pronunciations, here are available the different languages and dialects.


  1. Sharedtalk  - You can talk to foreigners in chat using the microphone.
  2. Interpals  - Here you can find many correspondence friends and help them learn your language or ask them to help you.
  3. Amilingo  - It is a page where you can communicate with teachers and native speakers of the language.
  4. Penpalworld  - This is a network for free communication of users around the world. You can choose a country or the whole world.
  5. My language exchange  - It is a social network where you can choose a perfect partner to practice the language: you indicate the language, the country and the approximate age of the partner you want to find.
  6. Real-English  - It is a pretty advanced website with lessons, articles and videos.
  7. Eslpod  - This resource is dedicated to teaching English as a second language. You can download and work with a large number of podcasts with texts and dictionaries.

Video Channels

  1. DNewsChannel  - Science news from the "Discovery" channel.
  2. Twominute English  - Short videos of two minutes: fast, understandable and efficient.
  3. MyHusbandisJapanese  - Video blog of an American who moved to Japan.
  4. TomSka  - Funny videos.
  5. StorylineOnline  - Famous actors, and read aloud children's stories with a duration of up to 15 minutes. The channel has subtitles.
  6. FilmTrailerZone  - Movie trailers in English.
  7. Duncaninchina  - Short videos about everything in the world.
  8. Engvid  - Video with free lessons on grammar and speaking.
  9. Film-English  - Language learning based on short films. The page has a wide variety of movies.
  10. English with Jennifer  - Here you will find tips on how to improve pronunciation, learn grammar and much more.
  11. Rachel's English  - Channel dedicated to correct pronunciation.
  12. AlexESLvid's Free English Lessons  - A popular channel with interesting podcasts and basically daily updates.
  13. EnglishLessons4U  - A large archive of video lessons on different topics.

Portals to learn English on your own

  1. Duolingo  - Service of learning foreign languages from scratch. The program of each course is designed in the form of an "achievement tree": To pass to the next level, you must obtain a certain amount of points that you are awarded by correct answers.
  2. To learn English  - Page to learn English with tests, lessons and a forum.
  3. Study blue  - This page will help you learn about different things in English.
  4. English-attack  - This method of learning includes the use of videos, photos, games, and communication with other users to practice English daily.
  5. Lingualeo  - A fun way to learn English online.
  6. Wlingua  - To start, you have to take a test, which will reflect your level of knowledge. Then you can start studying lessons that teach you both new words, grammar rules and just some peculiarities of the language depending on the level.
  7. Afternoon tea-English  - Each month is dedicated to a certain theme (nature, poetry, etc.).
  8. Englishlink  - Online learning with Canadian and American teachers.


  1. HelloTalk  - Simply choose the language you want to learn (there are more than 100 languages available) and immediately meet a native speaker.
  2. ListeningDrill  - This program allows you to download videos from  TED.com and view them with subtitles in two languages at the same time.
  3. Learn English by Listening  - A good audio resource for beginners, in the network it exists in the form of audio files accompanied by texts. Stories are offered in English. It has 6 difficulty levels.
  4. ListenUp - An application that helps you improve your listening perception. 10 interviews with native speakers from different countries are divided according to their levels of complexity.
  5. Mosalingua  - This application invites you to repeat and translate words that the application itself corrects. In this way, you can achieve very good pronunciation.


  1. Vocabulary  - English dictionary.
  2. Merriam-Webster  - This interesting interactive dictionary has more than 6000-word illustrations and covers 15 different topics.
  3. Pdictionary  - Illustrated online dictionary.
  4. Dictionary.Cambridge  - Cambridge dictionary.
  5. Merriam-Webster  - Dictionary of American English.
  6. Thesaurus  - The English dictionary of synonyms.


  1. Polyglot hub  - Blog in English where users share their language learning experience.

Resources to expand the vocabulary

  1. Ankisrs  - An application that facilitates the learning of new words, expressions or any other type of information using the method of periodic repetitions.
  2. Ankiweb  - Selections according to categories.
  3. Speak languages  - Word lists by categories in different languages.
  4. Babadum  - Learn words by playing.
  5. Tfd  - Page that contains translations of different dictionaries, idiomatic expressions, a detailed explanation of words (many are accompanied by drawings), synonyms and related words.
  6. Cram  - Page with a large selection of flash cards with words and drawings.
  7. Memrise  - Page with word cards to expand your vocabulary. You can access from your smartphone.
  8. Babbel  - Visual dictionary divided into thematic lessons.
  9. Free Rice  - Page to expand your vocabulary in English. He has grammar exercises and tests dedicated to different topics.


  1. Exam English  - Free tests for those preparing for IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.
  2. English Test Store - A large selection of tests divided into different levels.
  3. Many Things  - Here you can easily prepare for language tests. It has sections to work on pronunciation (American, English), idiomatic expressions, jargon and much more.
  4. ETS TOEFL  - It is the official TOEFL exam page: the format, the recommendations, the resources for an efficient preparation.

Other Places

  1. 9gag.com  - An entertainment page.
  2. Typing Web  - Learn to type quickly on the English keyboard and get your certificate to prove it.
  3. Kabam  - Page with online games.
  4. Ted  - A set of lectures and videos in English on different topics. Each video is accompanied by subtitles.
  5. Tune into English  - You can annotate the lyrics by dictation, sing karaoke, find exercises for the letters and guess what song it is by looking at diagrams.
  6. Bright Side  - A lot of interesting articles and publications in English.

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