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Every pre or post-degree process culminates with a project thatgenerally constitutes a scientific investigation. In the case of graduate or postgraduate programs: bachelor's degree, engineering, master's degree or doctorate, the final project is a thesis. Thus, it is important for the students to work on it providing the highest possible quality to the paper.


The thesis is the document in which the student exposes his researching skills and their findingsin his research work. The facts are presented in anorganised and logical manner. The research is based on a particular problem,and it will suggest the solutions to that issue. Those solutions are collected using the systematic methods of research.


A thesis has two important elements;writing and defence.

  1. The writing of the document is the demonstration of the capability of the

applicant to design, structure, organise and execute an investigation

in their field of knowledge.

  1. The defence is the demonstration of the applicant's ability to convince the readers that the findings are valid, expressing them withcoherence and in synthetic form.

These two elements must complement each other. However, the teachers involved in the task of mentoring and counselling the students have to evaluate on the basis of the content and the language. They know very well that sometimes "beautiful stories are observed, butvery badly told."

The research might involve a lot of complexities,and there can be the factual results orfindings, but the wording is sometimes so complicated and flawed that it makes it difficult to understand.

On the other hand, the defence is carried out in such an eloquent way that it compensatespoor writing also. thus, we can say there should be synchronisation between the rigor of writing and the oral presentation in defence of work


In addition to the requirements of the methodological order, there are some other essentialelements regardinginnovation and originality. While working on the subject, it should be consideredthat the research is conducted on the scientific basis.

Other aspects that should be contained in a general way in the thesis are:

  • Expansion of the limits of scientific knowledge in a specific area of the subject.
  • Demonstration of basic knowledge about the research topic.
  • Critical evaluationof the bibliography and previous investigations.
  • Appropriate management of research techniques, or the introduction of new
  • techniques and procedures.


The writing of the thesis consistsa lot of requirements so that it is understood in a better way.Sometimes, there are relevant findings and collection of information,but they are not scientifically proven. Thus, they lack the quality and fail to fulfil all the major requirements.

Hence, in the writing of the thesis two types of requirements should be taken into account:

  • The background and
  • The form.

The additional requirements are:


There should be the harmony of both the ideas, main and secondary. There can be a perfect match between the problem, demonstration and conclusions with Unity.

Although several ideas are there, butthe fundamental idea, is the basis ofthe investigation and the final object. The other ideas are secondary orsubordinated concerning it.


The thesis must be demonstrated through the logical reasoning of

the results through the thought processes, each analysis performed must lead to conclusions.


The thesis should penetrate the essence of the problem, should not be limited

to its phenomenal qualities.


The thesis has a demonstrable subject or the one that has not beenDemonstrated. That is why it is important to maintain the quality of the paper.


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