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Assignment Solution to ITC 548 Auto-Parts Warehouse Management System

Daniel Cox and Jack Grieg are the persons that have several years of experience in running the business related to auto-parts in which they worked as a supplier in one of the major cities of Australia. The existing system (warehouse management system) used by them is considered as inappropriate as this system does not have a capability of handling the different dynamic procedure, which can be helpful for them in moving as well as storing the inventory related to auto parts business at peak efficiency as well as in very lowest cost, which would also be very beneficial for them in terms of increasing the business productivity as well as gross revenue in effective manner.

Jack and Daniel, both are the business holders of auto parts have planned to establish a new system i.e. auto parts warehouse management system, which can be helpful for handling all the major and core processes related to warehouse as well as transforming that warehouse into major advantages. This system will also eliminate all the problems related to the existing warehouse system, which does not have all the capabilities required to run the warehouse. So, this new warehouse system will help the businessmen in handing the processes related to warehouse of auto- parts system in very effective and effective manner at very low cost.

This assessment is based on the development of Auto-Parts Warehouse Management System in which you are assigned with the role of business analyst in order to analyze the whole business of auto- parts run by Jack and Daniel. By meeting Jack and Daniel, it can be easy for you to understand all the required for the development of new warehouse system, which is also very important for making this system effective in all manners. As per the requirements, Jack and Daniel expect that the new system will have ability to perform several functions involving receiving all kinds of orders placed by the customers, inventory control, order processing, pick up as well as process orders, load management, overall outbound documentation, alerts related to the system, packing the orders as well as crystal reports.

For this assessment, it must consider the total number of devices related to the wireless communication, which configure with the use of proposed system as well as enables the overall warehouse management for running the distribution center with the utilization of real-time operations. These types of functions related to the extensive system will effectively enhance all the operations related to the warehouse of reducing the costs of all the processes as well as increasing the productivity, which is also very important for the enhancements of business operations as well that would also result in enhancement of customer satisfaction also.

The main purpose of this assessment is understanding the problem with current warehouse system faced by Jack and Daniel as well as other stakeholders associated to it. It is the responsibility of the business analyst to analyze the whole system used by Jack and Daniel as well as identify the problems faced by them while using this system. Along with this, different requirements related to the desired warehouse system will also be identified that may involve functional requirements and non-functional requirements. Apart from these requirements, the benefits as well as capabilities of the proposed system will also be analyzed that will help to understand the impact of new auto-parts warehouse management system on the business of Jack and Daniel in very effective manner.

So, in this assessment, the students must define the problem in their own words along with the benefits and capabilities. The students must prepare system vision document involving different key points such as problem of the existing system, capabilities of the new system as well as benefits of the new system. Assignment Help is the best option for this assessment. Here, the system desired by Jack and Daniel i.e. auto- parts warehouse management system is an information system, which means that the whole assignment should be based on the development of information system only. In this whole assessment, the business analyst will play a major role to understand the problems caused with the existing warehouse system used by Jack and Daniel for their auto- parts business.

For analyzing all the problems in effective manner, he or she can conduct the meetings with Jack and Daniel, through which it is easy to understand the major drawbacks related to the existing system, which need to be resolved with the development of new information system i.e. auto- parts warehouse management system. By conducting the meetings with Jack and Daniel, the business analyst can also collect the major requirements from the new system proposed for their business. By understanding the problems of the exiting system, it can also be very easy to understand the functionalities that should be involved in the desired system. The development of new warehouse management system will provide the number of advantages to Jack and Daniel in terms of order management, inventory management and other warehouse- related processes.

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