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What is object oriented programming?

What is object oriented programming? Object oriented programming refers to the programming paradigm based on the concept of objects that can also contain data in form of different fields and these fields are known as properties or attributes. It also includes code in the form of procedures, which are known as methods. The aim of object oriented programming is to implement Re...


Case Study of Icebreaker Sustainability Report

Icebreaker sustainability report and its market analysis Icebreaker sustainability report: Case study Marketing Case Research and Analysis - Marketing Mix, Sustainability and Competitive Advantage. Introduction: This report is conducted to evaluate the marketing approach and strategies used by the Icebreaker company. In the first section of the report, a brief ove...


Annotated Bibliography

The article talks about annotated bibliography, which is a way for describing or evaluating the work about an author. Different examples of annotated bibliography by following a number of referencing styles are also elaborated in this article, including APA, Chicago, Harvard etc. This article helps to understand the ways to write annotated bibliography with a number of styles.


An article on ‘How to Write Essay Introduction Paragraph’

An essay is the picturisation of the mind of the writer with the help of words. It is the word report that he presents to his reader, which can be his viewpoint or the general collection of data. The direction of content largely depends on the type of essay in concern. However for a perfect exhibition of the writer’s points, the first step introduction, must be written accurate...


Procedural Programming, its languages and procedure

Procedural programming is basically known as a first programming paradigm that involves writing down different instructions in order to tell the computer what steps should be taken to complete the task in a successful manner. Different features of procedural programming include pre-defined functions, local variable, global variable, parameter passing. The main focus of this art...


Workforce Planning, its importance and types

This article mainly focuses on the concept of workforce planning and different requirements related to it. Apart from this, different components related to workforce planning are also elaborated in thus article that can help the organizations in implementing HR practices in efficient way. This article is also very useful to understand the importance of workforce planning in eff...


Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)

MOV and its Steps The initial phase of a project begins with the conceptualization of the project's purpose, and the overall measure of the project’s success is known as measurable organizational value (MOV). The measurable organizational value is the objective of the project, and it is used to characterize the value that will be delivered to clients through the...


SDLC Models and its Phases

Software plays a significant role in ensuring the smooth functioning of an organisation. This is the reason, it is very important for every company to have a properly developed and synchronised software system. This article explains the various Software Development Life Cycle models. The aim of this explanation is to introduce the reader with the advantages and disadvantages of...


Conceptual details of Organisational Behaviour & Commitment

This article elaborates different concepts, including organizational behaviour and organizational commitment. Along with this, different types of organizational commitment such as affective commitment, continuance commitment and normative commitment. The article also provides the detailed knowledge regarding methods to build the organizational commitment in efficient way. Some...


UK Education System, its advantages and disadvantages

The education system of the UK is highly reputed across the Globe. It is one of the most credible and oldest systems, which is trusted by the people of the world. Not only students love to experience the world class culture offered by the universities of UK but the companies also wish to hire the best talent produced by such acknowledged institutions. This article aims to descr...

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