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What is object oriented programming?

What is object oriented programming? Object oriented programming refers to the programming paradigm based on the concept of objects that can also contain data in form of different fields and these fields are known as properties or attributes. It also includes code in the form of procedures, which are known as methods. The aim of object oriented programming is to implement Re...


Icebreaker sustainability report and analysis including Marketing Mix, Sustainability and Competitive Advantage

Icebreaker sustainability report: Case study Marketing Case Research and Analysis - Marketing Mix, Sustainability and Competitive Advantage. Introduction: This report is conducted to evaluate the marketing approach and strategies used by the Icebreaker company. In the first section of the report, a brief overview of the company has been provided along with an analysis...


Annotated Bibliography

The article talks about annotated bibliography, which is a way for describing or evaluating the work about an author. Different examples of annotated bibliography by following a number of referencing styles are also elaborated in this article, including APA, Chicago, Harvard etc. This article helps to understand the ways to write annotated bibliography with a number of styles.


Frequency Distribution Table: Introduction, Advantages and Rules to Prepare

What is a Frequency Distribution Table? A Frequency Distribution Table refers to a chart that recapitulates all the values and their frequencies. Preparing a Frequency Distribution Table is the best way to organize and manage the data. This further makes the information easy to read for the users. An ideal Frequency Distribution Table comprises of the two columns. The initia...


How to Write Essay Introduction Paragraph

The biggest mistake that the students tend to make is directly falling to write the answer of the essay question prompt in the initial section without considering the actual convention of how to begin with the introduction part. What is Introduction paragraph? The major purpose of writing an introduction paragraph is to seek the attention of the readers. This paragraph no...


Procedural Programming Vs Object Oriented Programming

Coding and programming are a broad spectrum which comprises of a wide range of entities to simplify a complex problem. A large number of real-world problems could be solved with the help of appropriate programming and coding. There exist numerous ranges of programming types and methods such as procedural programming, OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming), dynamic programming, etc....


Workforce planning decoded along with its importance

This article mainly focuses on the concept of workforce planning and different requirements related to it. Apart from this, different components related to workforce planning are also elaborated in thus article that can help the organizations in implementing HR practices in efficient way. This article is also very useful to understand the importance of workforce planning in eff...


Strategies to Create an Effective Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative Essay Meaning An argumentative essay is always written for the purpose of persuading others about your ideas, beliefs, opinions by using powers of persuading others. It includes arguments from both the sides of an issue. Here both parties discussing an issue holds different opinions and ideologies, present their views towards each other and they also stren...


Work Design Challenges in a Global Environment

A management design the work or job, which is attributable to the skills and attitude of an employee. The arrangement of workplace activities to remove employee dissatisfaction and alienation, which will increase the productivity of employees and provides a sense of satisfaction and achievement. The work design must be flexible, which can be modified with changing needs and dem...


Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)

Initial phase of a project begins with the conceptualization of the purpose of the project and the overall measure of project’s success is known as measurable organizational value (MOV). The measurable organizational value is the objective of the project and it is used to characterize the value that will be delivered to clients through the project. In order to provide a r...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Different SDLC Models

In order to develop a software project, the basic notion is Software Development Life Cycle Models (SDLC). SDLC is a set of complete processes and procedures, which can lead the project to its successful completion. Each project differs from other in terms of complexity, structure, and requirements. Therefore, it cannot be managed by following only one development methodology....


Mobile Based Farmer Support Application

Introduction to the organization The report is all about Globex Corporation which is a prominent firm in Australia whose basic mission is to help farmers in order to increase their productivity in reduced time and cost.  Globex corporation has been working for over three decades in the field of agriculture for deploying better outcomes or services. Furthermore, Globex c...