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Importance of Civic Sense for Students to Have a Better Tomorrow

From the early life starting from the pre-schooling phase, civic sense is imparted to students like how to greet others, saying good morning to the teachers, using the handkerchief when need, using the dustbins, ask for permission before doing something. These little things hold a great importance in the student’s or the children life. The...


Annotated Bibliography (Business Communication)

An annotated bibliography reflects a list of citations related to books, journals, documents or articles. Citation of each article provides a brief view of an article and usually includes 150 words. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to give an idea to readers about what an article wants to convey. It informs the reader about relevance,...


Frequency Distribution Table: Introduction, Advantages and Rules to Prepare

What is a Frequency Distribution Table?

A Frequency Distribution Table refers to a chart that recapitulates all the values and their frequencies. Preparing a Frequency Distribution Table is the best way to organize and manage the data. This further makes the information easy to read for the users. An ideal Frequency D...


Learn How to Write a Book Review with These 6 Tips

What is a Book Review?

A Book Review is an exploration of a book in which the writer needs to add the subject, the strengths and the weaknesses and also the context of writing. It is a thorough explanation, assessm...


Concept of Managing Data Breaches

What is data breach?

A data breach is defined as a security incident where confidential and personal information is stolen by any other individual rather than authenticated user. The information which is being compromised can involve different things such as name, date of birth, street addresses, health history, custom...


What is Literature Review and How to Structure It?

What is Literature Review?

A literature review means to provide summary for a literature. In order to review the literature, you must write your essay based on the literature review structure. This literature could be anything; it can also be

How to Write Essay Introduction Paragraph

The biggest mistake that the students tend to make is directly falling to write the answer of the essay question prompt in the initial section without considering the actual convention of how to begin with the introduction part.

What is Introduction paragraph?

The major p...


4 Key Elements of Report Structure

What is a Report structure?

Report writing is the most common activity for the students pursuing their academic qualification and for the professionals who are into business fields. To write an effective report, a clear and strict format needs to be followed. This outline of the report is known as the


Key Points to Remember While Writing Observation Essay

What is Observational Essay?

An observational essay describes the author’s observation. This observation can be based on a person, place, event, conflict, movement, etc. In this essay, the writer gives detailed information about the event or scenery being described. It helps the reader to assume and im...


Interesting Othello Essay Topics for Students

What comes to your mind when you think of Othello? Yes, that is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that was believed to be written in the year 1603. The story has two main characters: Othello and Lago (fictional character). It has certain themes of racism, jealousy, love, revenge and many others and is still performed at various professional theatr...


How to Prepare Research Proposal and Plan?

Student Name and ID: <insert your name and id>

Project Area: This is the main section of the report in which the area or field of the project should be written.

Type of the project: In this section, the type of the project should be written which may involve practical...


Theory of Block Chain or Distributed Ledger Technology

In the field of computer science, block chain technology is used worldwide for its security purpose as nearly 99.9% it is impossible to compromise. This technology was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto which gives proof work to record the new transaction in the block chain. These block chains are distributed ledgers which are used to carry out transa...


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