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An annotated bibliography reflects a list of citations related to books, journals, documents or articles. Citation of each article provides a brief view of an article and usually includes 150 words. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to give an idea to readers about what an article wants to convey. It informs the reader about relevance, accuracy and quality of sources used for citation.

Annotated bibliography is purely descriptive in nature and summaries of the same are found at the beginning or end of journal articles. Annotations describe the author’s view and clarity of expression. It is generally formed of various steps that an annotation maker needs to follow while writing a bibliography. It is different from an abstract of an article or journal as unlike abstract it does not only explain brief of research work done by a researcher on a topic but also provides information about the researcher, its background, etc. the next paragraph will discuss the process of creating an annotated bibliography.

• First of all, a book, periodical or article is located for citation. Such article must provide useful information and ideas related to the topic selected by a person. Not all articles may provide a wide perspective of your topic, so one is required to briefly review and examine actual items provided in an article.
• After selecting the required number of articles, books etc., the next step is to cite each article using the appropriate style. The style may vary from university to university. APA, Harvard etc. are examples of referencing styles.
• The third step is to write an annotation, which summarizes the central theme of the chosen article or document. The sentences to be involved in the annotated bibliography paragraph are:
- Evaluation of the author or his background: This part of bibliography would be the starting lines and explains the full name of the author or authors of an article along with the institute or place they belonged to. To illustrate: This article is written by Guzman belongs to Emerald University, Australia.
- Describe the intended audience in the article: This part will explain the various parties of interest intended to be approached by author. For example: In an article of the impact of CSR on Brand Equity, intended audience would be variables of CSR, managers of company, parameters of brand equity etc.
- Give a brief view of what the author wants to reflect through its research: It would explain the small summary or work done by author and would reflect title of article.
- Comparison of the work of a given author with another author’s work you have cited: In this part, work of another author will be explained which may in contrast to or in addition to the study of the former author.
- At the end, explains how this work highlights your bibliography topic: In this part, we will conclude how the given study helps us in our work.

Instructions: It may be noted that one should take care of citation style. It should according to the instructions provided in an assignment.
The annotated bibliography must involve in-textation of two authors, introduction of authors of the article taken at first and then another author whose work would be used for comparison.
Therefore, the above article provides information about what actually is annotated bibliography, the process of writing citation and things to be kept in mind while writing such bibliography.

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