Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


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what is annotated bibliography:

Annotated bibliography is defined as the way of describing or evaluating the work of the other author that has been published under the entitled research. The critical evaluation of work done by the other authors in same context can be evaluated by using different style of annotated bibliography such as MLA style, Harvard style, APA style, Chicago style.

The article talks about annotated bibliography, which is a way for describing or evaluating the work about an author. Different examples of annotated bibliography by following a number of referencing styles are also elaborated in this article, including APA, Chicago, Harvard etc. This article helps to understand the ways to write annotated bibliography with a number of styles.

Annotated bibliography example MLA:

Rawashdeh, Adnan M. "The Impact of Green Human Resource Management On Organizational Environmental Performance in Jordanian Health Service Organizations." Management Science Letters (2018): 1049-1058. Web. 31 Dec. 2019.

In this research (Rawashdeh 1049-1058) evaluated the impact imposed by the green human resources management on the environmental performance of the organization that help to retain more talented staff in the organization. A positive change in the organization can be brought by the implementation of green human resource management. This research revealed that green human resource management strategies has positive influence on the final outcomes of the organization.

The technical scientific writing approach is used by author of the research in order to frame the claim that has been supported by use of evidences that has been generated from the statistical analysis. This research comprises of quantitative analysis and the use of green human resources has been explored by using statistical analysis. Primary type of data is evaluated in this research to explore the use of green human resource management for retaining highly skilled staff.

This research is useful for entitled research area “various HRM strategies for retaining talented staffing the organization” because the importance of green HRM in the organization has been explored in this research. This research contributes to body of knowledge related to retaining the skilled staff in the organization by using HRM strategies.

Annotated bibliography example APA

Turner, P. (2017). No Health Service Without a Health Workforce. Talent Management In Healthcare, 1-13. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-57888-0_1

This research tried to explore the importance and evolution of human resources in health sector and importance of retaining and training the staff is also evaluated by considering the different factors like growth and profitability of the organization. The approaches that can be used to retain the talent are explored and compared so that the best approach can be recommended to retain the talent because it Is a challenging task to retain and train the staff in the organization

The main strength of this research is its evidence based analysis because it has upgraded the quality of comparative analysis that is performed in corresponding research. The literature based analysis help to validate the work performed by the author in order to clear understanding about the evolution of human resources. The main weakness of this research is its subjective approach because this research has lack of quantitative analysis that is degrading the quality of research methodology designed in this research. In this research systematic literature review has been designed for validating the evolution of HRM in health care services.

This research contributing to upgrade my knowledge related to human resource management evolution in health care sector. This research helps me to identify the various strategies that can be used to retain more staff or talented staff in the organization. This research helps me to critically evaluate the approaches to retain skilled staff in the organization and knowledge related to efficient HRM strategies has also been gained by this approach.

Annotated bibliography example Chicago:

Industrial relations

Oppel, Eva-Maria, Vera Winter, and Jonas Schreyögg. 2016. "Examining The Relationship Between Strategic HRM and Hospital Employees’ Work Attitudes: An Analysis Across Occupational Groups in Public and Private Hospitals". The International Journal of Human Resource Management 30 (5): 794-814. doi:10.1080/09585192.2016.1254104.

In this research the relationship between work attitude of hospital employees and adoption of strategic human resources. An analysis related to private and public hospitals has been designed in that help to identify the influence of strategic human resource management on the employee’s productivity. The various occupational groups have been evaluated in this approach by using experimental analysis and this research revealed that lack of skilful staff lead to number of conflicts between the nurses and patients availing the services of the hospital. The experience of the public and private hospital patients can be improved by retaining the skilful staff in the organization. The growth of the hospitals also gets influenced by adopting the strategic human resource management in hospitals and this German based hospitals are evaluated in this research. The growth of hospital depends up on the various parameters like skills of the staff and quality of services provided to the patients suffering from specific diseases. This research comprises of quantitative analysis that is performed via primary data and this research us useful for validating the relationship between the strategic human resource management and growth of the public and private health care sector.

Annotated bibliography example Harvard

MACPHEE, M. and SURYAPRAKASH, N. (2011). First-line nurse leaders’ health-care change management initiatives. Journal of Nursing Management, 20(2), pp.249-259.

The major objective of this research is to evaluate the role played by first-line nurses leaders in managing the change in the organization. In this research the quantitative approach is framed for evaluating the relationship between skills of the nurses and the change that has been bring in the hospital by the first line nurses. This research revealed that training of staff plays a crucial role for improving the relationship between the nurses and the patients. This article revealed a strong evidences related to change management in health care management by the involvement of first line nurse’s leaders. Quantitative analysis is designed to evaluate the relationship between skills of the first line nurses and satisfaction level of patients. There is a positive relationship or association between the capabilities of first line nurses and patient’s satisfaction.

Example of annotated bibliography “Introduction”

The human resource management strategies can be used to manage the demands with high quality on large scale. The experience of the patients can be improved by the capabilities of the nurses that are working in the hospital. This annotated bibliography is all about evaluating the view point of various researchers that has been critically evaluated on the basis of methods and findings that has been concluded in context of “various HRM strategies for retaining talented staffing the organization”. this annotated bibliography shed light on various strategies and methodologies that has been used to define the evolution of HRM in health care sector.