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The biggest mistake that the students tend to make is directly falling to write the answer of the essay question prompt in the initial section without considering the actual convention of how to begin with the introduction part.

What is Introduction paragraph?

The major purpose of writing an introduction paragraph is to seek the attention of the readers. This paragraph notifies the readers about the essay topic and the major points that will be covered in it. In other words, writing the introduction paragraph gives you a chance to make your first impression.

The following results must be attained while writing a good introduction paragraph:
• The content must induce and influence the readers and force them to read the whole essay.
• It must clearly define the topic you have chosen.
• This should reflect your outlook on the selected topic.

As you do with writing the title of the content, you can also write the introduction once you have completed the whole essay. Availing Essay Help will be the best option.

Begin Your Introduction Paragraph Broad

The introduction paragraph must be broad but most of the students don’t know as to how broad they need to be with the introductions while writing the essays. Don’t make a mistake of writing the introduction that creates confusion in the minds of the readers. The introduction paragraph you are writing must reflect the clear meaning of why you are writing the essay. Ensure that you don’t go off the topic.

Provide Relevant Background

At the time of drafting your introduction paragraph, it is fine to leave a slight impact of the context of the essay. But, remember that the actual statements and arguments need to be included only in the body paragraphs of the essays. If you are getting confused whether to add a particular section in the introduction or the body paragraph, you can ask the following questions by yourself: whether the information is providing an evidence or context? Whether the statement is being defined or its being proven? Remember that the background and the framework of the topic in a part of the introduction paragraph.

Generate a Thesis

Most of the students provide the main argument at the close of the introduction paragraph. The main statement or the thesis statement is the concluding sentence of the initial paragraph. But, it sometimes become awkward to always put the thesis statement in the finish of the first section. Thus, if your thesis is not fitting well in the end, you may find some other relevant place to position it.

Provide Appropriate, Useful Information

One of the best ideas to make your introduction paragraph an interesting one is through an anecdote. But, you need to ensure that the anecdote is appropriate in terms of the topic of the essay. You can make use of relevant quotes, statistics and other kinds of information related to the topic.

Avoid Clichés

There are many types of introduction paragraphs that are considered successful because of the implementation of one kind of paragraphs and have now become clichéd. At this stage, beginning your essay with a proper definition can make your essay boring and there are chances that your reader might pull off the decision to read it further.

Don’t Feel Burden to Come Up with Introduction Paragraph First  

In some situations, it might be hard to find out what information is considered apt in terms of the introduction paragraph. For most of the writers, writing the introduction becomes the biggest challenge. If you are facing issues in writing the introduction paragraph of the essay, you can first work on the body paragraphs and then get back to the introduction section.

Convince the Reader that Your Essay is Worthwhile

Ensure that you have to write the introduction paragraph in such a way that the reader considers it to be relevant in terms of their lives. A good and appealing introduction paragraph will drive the readers to read your essay till the end. Another best way of convincing the reader to read the whole essay is by providing the information that the reader is likely to question. Remember that once the reader starts thinking about the topic, he or she is likely to read the whole essay and essay types.