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Writing an effective Essay introduction

What is an Introduction paragraph?

Introduction paragraph is considered as very important in an essay. It is the first paragraph read by the readers and that grabs the reader's attention. Introduction paragraphs are basically 5% of the overall word count of an essay. It is presented in clearly written sentences that provides the relative background of the main topic and also explains the problem. It also offers an overview of the overall essay and tells the reader what to expect in the whole essay.

In order to write an introduction paragraph a basic pattern can be followed. However, there can be a variation in the essay topics as well as the requirement of the lecturer, which needs to be reflected well in the introduction paragraph. The introduction paragraph should be framed after analysing the question thoroughly. Also, one should review it a number of times while writing the essay body so that all the questions can be easily answered.

Article Summary

An essay is the picturisation of the mind of the writer with the help of words. It is the word report that he presents to his reader, which can be his viewpoint or the general collection of data. The direction of content largely depends on the type of essay in concern. However for a perfect exhibition of the writer’s points, the first step introduction, must be written accurately. This article explains the true requirements of an introduction. It also entails the steps that a writer must follow to draft an interesting and effective introduction of the essay.


Apart from this, the introduction paragraph is considered as the opening of a conventional essay or composition of a report which is meant to grab the attention of the reader. It provides information about the topic to the readers and the main reason which motivates them to read the whole essay. It can also be said that an introduction paragraph works as an opportunity for the reader to mark a good first impression on the reader.

The primary purpose of any of the introduction paragraphs is to get the interest of the reader and to identify the main topic along with its purpose. Further, in the introduction paragraph the last sentence should be a transitional hook that can move the reader to another paragraph. In addition to the introduction, one should also be aware of the fact how to write a conclusion. This can help the person close his essay in an effective manner.

Writing an introduction demands great ideation power and the ability to connect and present things well. This additionally demands you to have the power to think likewise and the ability to help your readers visualise through your writing. We feel great pride and honoured to declare that our writers possess the same quality. Thus, to add the elements of quality and precision in your assignment, you can anytime call us and place an order.

Purpose of introduction paragraph for an essay

The main purpose of writing the introduction paragraph is to gather the attention of the reader as well as to identify the soul of the essay. More importantly, a good introduction paragraph ends with a thesis statement. An authoritative introduction paragraph not only successfully catches the attention of the reader, but it also holds him to read further.

In fact, an introduction paragraph is the opening paragraph, which helps the reader judge about the quality of the write up. Its very purpose is to introduce the reader with the topic of the essay and describe the main points which would be discussed in the write-up. However, the type of introduction generally varies as per the article types and the purpose of the essay itself. In case it is a news article, it describes all the main points in the first para itself. Whereas, if it is a feature the introduction binds the reader to the essay with an interesting element. Here the element in discussion might not be directly related to the subject of the article. In the feature, the writer opens the suspense at the end of the write up.

So, in a crux, the overall purpose of an introductory paragraph is to hint the reader about the article and catch his interest. It further depends on the reader and his likings, whether he prefers to read the article in length or not.

Types of Essays

Essay Writing is important for a number of reasons. Academic learning, personal development and enhancement of job prospects are some of them. Further, while inculcating essay writing skills, it is also vital to learn about various types of essays. This is because the writing style of an essay depends on its type. No matter which essay you get for your assignment, we are always there for you to offer instant assignment help.

Given below are different types of essays:

  • Narrative essay

    In a narrative essay, the author tells the readers a story mostly about his personal experiences. But, a narrative essay is not just about storytelling, it also fulfills many other purposes beyond. It enlightens the readers about the importance of the experience. For example, if the author tells a story about one of the most challenging times of his life, then he also has to elaborate the life lessons, the hard times taught him. Further, it is crucial to write a narrative essay in an enchanting manner to keep the readers captivated till the end.

  • Descriptive essay

    The term ‘Descriptive’ derives its roots from the word ‘describe’. Thus, descriptive essays are used to describe a particular thing. It may be anything like an object, a person, a place, a technology etc. Further, a descriptive essay should provide the readers with each and every detail about the thing being described. This implies that after reading a descriptive essay, the readers should have no need to consult any other resource to know more about the thing in concern.

  • Expository essay

    An expository essay is a type of essay which endeavors to investigate a topic with the help of supportive evidence such as statistics and facts. This gives an expository essay a formal touch and the author doesn’t present his emotions and personal viewpoints.

  • Persuasive essay

    A persuasive essay is also known as an argumentative essay. While writing a persuasive essay, the author presents different opinions centered around the topic of the essay including his own and then tries to persuade the readers that his opinion is the righteous. For this, he uses the power of logic and also presents other gathered evidence. Further, it is important for the author to select a topic which is debatable in nature. Otherwise, if he selects a non-debatable topic, he won’t have any conflicting opinions to compete against and the argumentative essay will lose its purpose. These types of essays are generally given in the colleges as argumentative essay assignments.

All the essays must carry a proper bibliography. For this, the writer should be aware of the way as in how to write annotated bibliography. This way he can assuredly complete his essay in an efficacious manner.

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  • Cause and Effect essay

    As is clear from the name, Cause and Effect essays explore the reasons behind the occurrence of an event and then examine its impact. For example, Global Warming is a good topic for writing a cause and effect essay. Further, it depends on the author whether he wishes to describe the effects first or the causes. He can select any way of the two, according to his requirements.

  • Compare and Contrast essay

    A compare and contrast essay examines the similarities and differences between two or more things. In other words, it is a detailed guide which helps the readers understand two or more things in contrast to each other. These essays often help the readers make a final choice between two or more things which they otherwise find confusing. For example, college learning vs. distance learning is a good topic for writing a compare and contrast essay.

  • Process Essay

    The purpose of writing a process essay gets clear from the name itself. These essays help the readers understand the process of doing something. While writing a process essay, the author has to present each and every step which the readers have to follow for accomplishing the desired outcome. For example, how to fix a flat tire is a good topic for writing a process essay.

  • Critical Essay

    Critical essays, also known as analytical essays, evaluate and analyze someone else’s work. Before writing a critical essay, it is important for the author to thoroughly understand the piece of work he is going to write about. It is only with the help of a thorough understanding that he can present both the good and the bad aspects of the write-up being analyzed.

Steps to write an effective introduction for an essay

Steps to write an effective introduction for an essay
  • Start with a captivating element

    The first sentence of the introduction gives the readers an idea about the quality of the essay. So, it is important to start the introduction with a captivating element. Otherwise, the readers can lose their interest in the essay right in the beginning itself. Further, there are different types of elements which the author can use for this purpose. An intriguing question, a quotation and a surprising fact are some examples.

  • Assist the readers in understanding the topic well

    Next, the introduction should assist the readers in understanding the topic well. For this, the introduction should present some background information about the theme. Along with this, it should also illustrate why the topic is important for the readers. This information stimulates the readers to read the essay till the end. But, it is vital to keep all this information clear, crisp and short. The author can present the details later in the essay.

  • Draft an intriguing thesis statement

    After presenting the background information, the next step is to draft an intriguing thesis statement. The ‘thesis statement’ should give the readers a clear idea of the purpose of the essay. This implies that it should help them understand the author's intentions behind writing the essay. For instance, while writing an essay on virtual learning, the author may focus on its importance. Thus, the thesis statement should give this idea to the readers. Further, a thesis statement generally contains no more than a sentence or two.

  • Review the introduction

    The last but highly imperative step is to review the introduction. It helps the author re-analyze if the introduction actually presents an idea of what he wants to discuss. Once this task gets completed, the essay introduction is ready.

Do’s of writing an essay introduction paragraph

  • A good paragraph of introduction should catch the grip of the reader. It should be able to convince the reader to give their time and go through the overall essay. It should therefore introduce the topic and present a proper overview of the topic.

  • It should be written in a simple yet interactive language so that the reader gets attracted to the topic. For this, it is important to give the background of the topic.

  • It should reflect authoritatively that the write up is there to solve the purpose of the reader. It should propose a solution to the problem that the reader is facing. In other words, it should come across as the best solution that the reader can find for his search.

  • For an essay introduction, the writer must not use lengthy and complex sentences. Should be comprehensive and easy to understand.

  • An introduction must always include the thesis statement, so that it gives a clear idea about the essay to the reader. Also, depending on the type of the essay, the writer can or not present his view point in the introduction.

Don’ts of writing an essay introduction paragraph

  • The introduction should not use more quotes. If required, one quote is enough to mark the reference.

  • The facts and figures if mentioned in the introduction, should always be thoroughly checked and verified.

  • Long and complicated sentences are a big no for any paragraph of the essay. It confused the reader and he doesn't take much time to switch his reading to another article.

  • No abbreviations should be directly used in the introduction. These can be used in the following paragraphs, once the reader has introduced the term in the beginning of the essay.

  • The flow should never be lost. The writer must make sure that the reader is able to understand his point of view. For this, he has to write each and every sentence with good connectivity and proper punctuation.

The essay introduction is undoubtedly the most important part of an essay. It should highlight the main aspects of the essay in an interesting manner. In other words, it is the banner that attracts the reader to read the full hidden content. Therefore, an essay has to be impactful and simple, so that it is easy to understand and is truly relatable.

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How to write an introduction paragraph for an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay introduction includes the mention of the topic along with its background. You also need to provide a clear statement of our thesis. This particular detail outlines your stand in the argument and provides your reader with the subject of the essay.

How to write an introduction paragraph for a college essay?

A college essay introduction includes the proper background of the subject along with a hook at the beginning. This helps to catch the attention of your reader. It should also detail your view on the respective topic.

How to write an introduction paragraph for a narrative essay?

A narrative story has to begin with a very interesting anectode from the starting of the essay. It should hook the reader from the very starting and set a tone which tells the reader what to expect from the remaining part. It should also introduce the characters and set a stage for your audience to enjoy.

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