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A complete chronicle on the First World War

World War 1 is an important event of world history and a common topic for academic essays that are assigned to students. It was a war that changed the dynamics of the world and there are extensive and intriguing details about the war lodged in history. This essay gives you a comprehensive insight into the events of WWI

An elaborative essay on discrimination and its solutions

Discrimination anywhere is a threat to equality everywhere. Even after overwhelming advancement, the world has not been able to liberate itself from the dark clutches of discriminatory practices. In this essay, there is a meticulous elucidation of discriminatory practices and the best solutions to address them

An explicit essay on the French Revolution

French Revolution played a massive role in world history and European history to change the face of social movements and uprisings forever. The French Revolution of the 1700s became a source of inspiration for many further uprisings against injustice. This essay delves into the most crucial and interesting events of the revolution.

A complete essay on the concept of civil war

The history of the world has witnessed various civil wars and even today, some civil wars are ongoing in some parts. Civil wars are characterized by aggressions between people of the same nation within borders. To further elaborate, this essay highlights the intricacies of civil wars and the list of the biggest civil wars.

An essay on Nature Vs Nurture

While a part of an individual’s behavior and characteristics may be natural, he learns and incorporates other traits into his personality through life experiences. This is where the distinction between nature and nurture comes into the picture. This essay sheds light on both concepts, their correlation, and their differences.

An explicit essay on the American Dream

American Dream is a vision that is as old as the liberation of America. More than just a dream, it is a set of virtues that Americans believe in with all their heart. This essay presents a detailed explanation of the American Dream, its implications and relevance in modern-day American society.

An explanation of youth violence and its different aspects

Increasing instances of violence in young people have become a global concern. It is hence important to understand the various aspects and causes linked to youth violence. This essay highlights the types of youth violence, causes of it and pragmatic solutions to address the issue of violent behaviors in young people

Essay on various forms of cruelty against animals

Animal cruelty is one serious issue that the world needs to address with greater willpower and positive intent. While animals cannot speak for themselves, it is vital that humans pledge to protect them from all forms of cruelty. This essay highlights the instances and causes of animal cruelty along with practical solutions

An insight into writing a personal narrative essay

Students while applying for admissions or scholarships are often required to write a personal narrative essay. A student’s admission to his dream college may directly depend on the quality of this essay. Thus, this essay manifests an effective stepwise guide to write a perfect personal narrative essay.

Happiness essay for college students

This is a thoughtful essay on the psychology of happiness and guides the readers on the most appropriate ways to pursue happiness. In this era of cutthroat competition and mounting stress issues, it is vital that people prioritize their happiness and mental peace. Delver deeper into the blissful state of happiness with this post!

Gun Control in America

Various public shootouts in the United States have triggered the gun control debate in America time and again. This essay effectively draws a contrast between the arguments in favor of gun control in the US and the arguments against exercising control. The effect of gun violence on mental health is also discussed

A guide to write an impressive diversity college essay

A college diversity essay is aimed at evaluating a student’s perspective and perception of diversity. It further aims to find out how a student can add to a diverse student community. For admissions, it is a common essay that students are asked to write and this is a stepwise guide for writing a high-scoring essay.

An inclusive guide to write a career goals essay

A career goals essay assesses the career path of a student and asks students to express what they want to achieve in life. This essay gives students a perfect opportunity to create a positive impression on teachers or admissions officers. This guide includes worthwhile for writing a career goals essay with a sample

Water Pollution essay with causes and solutions

Among the massive environmental challenges threatening the existence of the world, water pollution is an issue asking for immediate action. The importance of water for human life is well known but humans continue to pollute water bodies. This essay discusses the causes of water pollution and suggests effective remedies for it.

Comprehensive essay on time management tips

Time is a pricy entity and the ability to manage time can be the underlying difference between success and failure. From students to working professionals, everyone needs worthwhile time management strategies to utilize time at their disposal in the most productive way. This essay discusses the most worthwhile time management tips

An essay on the diverse yet progressive culture of Malaysia

Malaysia is an Asian country that is known for its diverse and progressive culture that attracts visitors from various parts of the world. This essay delves deeper into the fundamentals of Malaysian culture and highlights the uniqueness of this vibrant and intriguing culture that people feel gravitated to.

Racism essay with insightful facts

Racism is a social evil that has for centuries challenged the progressive ideas of equality and world sans discrimination. Even the large-scale modernization has not taught the world to stop making distinctions on the basis of race. This essay discusses the effects of racism on young children and the ways to battle it

Social media advantages and disadvantages in an essay

Social media has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life in this era better defined in terms of a digital revolution. Like most things in the world, social media too has its own share of pros and cons. This essay elaborates on the various merits and demerits of social media along with their implications for society

Essay citing for and against views on gay marriages

A section of society still holds a bias against gay marriages due to which it continues to be a taboo. The debate on the legalization of gay marriages is perennial and there are various views that are often presented from both sides. This essay elucidates these arguments and presents a more intellectual view on the matter

An eye opening essay on child abuse

It is ironic that innocent children all over the world are exposed to various forms of abuse and harassment. Before the issue is addressed, it is vital to identify the various forms of child abuse and its devastating and traumatic impacts on a child. This essay discusses these fundamentals in depth with a sample essay

Human trafficking essay with its factors and impacts

Human trafficking is a social evil that impacts the entire world and has remained a matter of global concern for a very long time. This essay sheds light on multifaceted factors and impacts linked to human trafficking and also discusses the various laws related to human trafficking. Moreover, it also includes a sample essay for reference

An introduction to Modern and healthy lifestyle essay

In the modern world, more and more people are attracted to the idea of fitness and pursuing a lifestyle that is equipped with healthy choices. This essay highlights the various fundamentals of modern and healthy lifestyles in order to inspire some positive changes. It also puts forth some amazing tips for a healthy lifestyle

Online shopping essay with advantages and disadvantages

In the ongoing digital era, shopping has largely gone online making it convenient for people to make purchases with a few clicks and getting goods delivered to their doorstep. However, there are also some drawbacks linked to online shopping. This essay highlights the pros and cons of online shopping in a detailed manner

Gender roles and the changing ideology in an essay form

Gender roles, gender stereotypes, and gender neutrality have been constant issues of debate and deliberation. While there has been a major change in ideologies about gender since traditional times, it seems there is still a long way to go. This essay delves deeper into gender stereotypes, their impacts and changing gender roles

Essay on stress, its causes, symptoms, and solutions

Stress is a common occurrence of the 21st century that humans often find themselves reeling under. Moreover, if unaddressed, stress can translate into major physical and mental ailments. This meticulous essay underlines the various causes of stress, symptoms of stress, and effective tips to get rid of it.

An understanding of animal rights and emotions

Because animals cannot speak for themselves, they fail to express their emotions and take a stance for their rights. However, it is the duty of human beings to identify animal rights and safeguard them. In this essay, there is a thoughtful elaboration on animal rights and emotions along with a sample essay on animal rights

Abortion: The pro-life versus pro-choice debate

The legalization of adoption is still a taboo in some countries and that is where the pro-life versus pro-choice debate comes into play. This essay presents some crucial facts about abortion, imperative statistics, arguments supporting pro-life and pro-choice ideologies, and the health risks associated with abortion

Importance and characteristics of cultural and social behaviour

A human being’s interaction with his culture and the social construct around him has a direct impact on his behavior and traits. This essay sheds light on the construct of cultural and social behaviors, elements of culture, the significance of culture, and various examples of culture. Moreover, it also includes a sample essay on culture.

An insight into the concepts of climate change and Global Warming

The world is running a race against climate change and the devastating effects of global warming. From the history of climate change to the projected impacts of climate change and, this essay covers a wide array of topics. Further, it also sheds light on various steps that human beings can take to slow down climate change.

Scrutinizing the arguments around capital punishment

The debate for the continuation of capital punishment and its abolition has been ongoing for decades. There are various prudent arguments both in favor and against capital punishment or death sentence. This essay presents all these arguments in an effective way and further sheds light on their implications

Understanding the concept of Globalisation

Globalization has enabled countries to collaborate with each other and create a modern world that is connected beyond cultural limitations. For both developed and developing countries, globalization has been a boon largely. However, there are also some shortcomings of globalization. All of this is intelligibly discussed in this essay