Essay on stress, its causes, effects and solutions

Essay on stress, its causes, effects and solutions

Advancement in life is one constant change that a human goes through. It is a process which every human being witnesses in his lifetime. The various developments of life and the unrealistic career goals introduces a person to the both wanted and unwanted modifications in his personality. Also, these progressions make a human being strong and capable enough to deal with the difficulties of life. These often have implications on the mental and physical well being of the person. One of the common problems that humans go through at various stages of their life is stress. It is one of the most concerning problems of the present world. Not only elderly and mature people but the students and the young children have also been believed to undergo the problems of stress.

What is stress?

Stress in simple terms is the psychological pressure that gets created on the mind of a human being. It can be any emotional, study or work related stress. In this the nerves of the mind feel pressurised due to overthinking or over usage of the mind. It generally leads a person to exhibit his anger, furiousness or nervousness over a matter.

The types and the reasons of stress may vary as per the situations surrounding the human being. Some people tend to stay strong even in the most stressful situations, while others have a tendency to become stressed even in the least possible conditions. The prior health history of a person also plays a strong role in deciding his impulse towards stress. The tendency of a person to control his mind and keep stressful thoughts away from his peaceful aura can be one big contributing factor towards saving a person from stress.

The sacrifice made by animals can never be paid back by humans. Atleast, by devising certain laws for the betterment of animals and their safety, humans With the change in time and increasing pressure of work and education, the myth of stress being related to age has already been broken. Now, even a teenage person can have high stress levels and if balanced properly, an elderly man can have just no stress at all.

Types of stress

As discussed above, the stress can be divided into various types. These types depend on the level of stress that a person has

  • Acute stress

    This is a type of stress that causes sudden changes in the blood pressure and even pushes the heart of a person to beat a little faster, but these changes subside with the passage of time. This type of stress is largely caused by a sudden shock or pressure that ultimately stresses up the person. This can result in anxiety, back pain, headache or gut problems.

    The reason for acute stress is generally excessive pressure at work for a deadline or an accidental hit of a car. This is not very elongated and generally sets back when the problem gets resolved after a certain period of time.

  • Episodic acute stress

    The reasons for the episodic acute stress are generally similar to acute stress but these are in most cases elongated ones. It can be due to the over stress issues at work or the constant increase of education on a child. These problems can make a person behave irritated throughout the day or even at night with his family. These people have a tendency to get hurt emotionally or saddened even due to very small reasons.

    For such stress problems, it is important for the person to keep himself happy. Also, overthinking can be one major cause of this stress problem. It can further lead to concerning health issues like heart disease or depression.

    In the present lifestyle, there are many reasons for the youngsters as well as the old ones to get themselves trapped into the web of stress. It is much because of the race to achieve more and early. The people of today have forgotten the idioms, slow and steady wins the race, they have rather started practicing faster and faster builds the race. Moreover, the children are also following the same footsteps, which is putting the future of the coming generations in question.

  • Chronic stress

    This as every other type of stress is due to the circumstances around and the very problem is the constant thinking ability of human beings. It can stimulate even bigger due to reasons like poverty or listening to racist remarks over the years. The people of the world are highly obliged to listen to others and their perception about them. This has resulted in the creation of a number of health problems. Some of the major ones are stress and depression.

    Chronic stress can even be because of the traumatic childhood that a person had to face during his early childhood years. It can even because of some challenging situations that a child has to face in his school. It can even be the taunting of a teacher or bullying of a fellow classmate. Moreover, if the same continues for long, it can lead to worrisome consequences for the child as for the parents and the family.

Symptoms of stress

The body of a human being is aware of all the actions that happen on its each part. It starts when the body of a human feels threatened. Then the nervous system of a human being reacts to the situation by releasing stress hormones in excessive amounts. These also include adrenaline and cortisol. These are the hormones which push the body to react on an emergency basis. As a reaction to this, the heart starts pounding faster and the person experiences an increase in the blood pressure and breathing speed. It also results in tightening of the muscles and the senses of a person becomes sharper.

  • Anxiety

    The uncertainty of the body reactions and the loss/ sharpness of sense to react to any situation or just the opposite by being highly worried about a particular situation. This is generally a quick reaction of the human mind which makes the body respond in emergency.

  • Increased heart beat

    Stress makes the heart beat faster, which is much because of the signal that the mind sends to the heart of the present being an emergency situation. This is generally for a smaller period of time, which subsides as the tension relieves away.

  • Nausea

    This is an uncomfortable vomiting kind of feeling, which a person feels. It is also because of the tightening of the muscles due to stress. It also results in dizziness many times.

  • Heart ache

    A pointing ache in the heart or under the left arm is sometimes related to stress. It is due to the accelerated heart beat that the person feels an aching pain in and around the areas of heart.

  • Frequent aches and pains

    One very common symptom of stress is pain on the shoulders, neck, back and feet. These areas get most affected by stress as the nerves of these areas get stretched due to overthinking. It sometimes also causes swelling in the nerves of shoulders, which further leads to problematic situations.

Other than the physical symptoms, there can be cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress. These might include memory loss, negative thinking, loneliness, agitation, anxiety, eating more or less, procrastination, showing negative attitude towards people or withdrawal from society.

Causes of stress

Stress as discussed above one can be detrimental for the health of a person. This section discusses the possible reasons that causes stress in a human being. The reason for stress can be different for different people. It depends on the likes and dislikes of the person and the things he gets most attracted to. In most of the cases stress is due to the fear or complete loss of something very dear to a person. Thus, if for a student stress is due to the examinations approaching, for an employee it can be because of an upcoming important meeting. In the same ways the loneliness for an elderly couple can be the reason for their stress and irritated behaviour. According to a survey, 40% of the US workers agreed to have been undergoing stress issues, while one quarter of them stated that stress in their life is majorly due to work issues. . However, some of the common causes of stress are:

Causes of stress
  • Unhappiness at work
  • Forced responsibilities
  • Extra burden of work
  • Working/ studying for longer hours
  • Job loss
  • Insecurity at work
  • Losing someone very special
  • Witnessing a traumatic event in life
  • Chronic illness

Effects of stress

Stress can have alarming effects on a human body. Many of which have been discussed above includes heart ache, tightening of the muscles, multiple pains in the body and irritated behaviour. However, along with the physical effects there are also many psychological effects of stress. These effects are generally ignored by a person, until they become huge. In case cases, people go into depression due to stress, which is definitely not a good sign for the person as well as for his family. In fact the mental problems of stress are sometimes unexplainable and they even go unidentified. The people tend to ignore it and cover it as an effect of their daily ongoing pressure. But, there is a dire need to actually get into the core of the problems and solve it.

Further, the effects of stress are also dependent on the type of stress that a person is going through. The bigger the stress is, the baggier the problems can be. Some of the common effects of stress are:

  • Insomnia
  • Irritated behaviour throughout the day
  • Constant or sudden headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depressed behaviour or depression due to overthinking
  • Digestive problems
  • Low immune system
  • Decreased sexual stamina and negative effects on the reproductive system

These all can together affect very badly on the family and work life of a person, which can have even worse after effects. So, the people undergoing stress issues should try to work upon solutions

How to deal with stress

Stress is not a havoc, it is a game of mind. It should be dealt with at the right time before it starts affecting the health of an individual. The person is required to take precaution and must be willing to strike a balance between his stress and peace. Moreover, stress is the creation of the psychological thinking of a person, which further reflects on the physical and the menta; state of the person. The very fact that the thinking power of a person is in his hand, in his very control, is highly relieving. It is because of this control, a person can save himself from the deleterious effects of stress. A person needs to have control on his thinking habits and he must be able to command his mind as to how much time is needed to be given to a particular task. All this calls for maintaining a balanced lifestyle, where a person is giving due time to his family as well to his work. Few of the simple methodologies to deal with stress include:

  • Exercises or physical activities

    By adopting healthy lifestyle choices in terms of both physical and the mental work, a person can let positive energy flow to his mind. Moreover, exercises refer to morning walk, yoga, aerobics or simple jogging in the fresh air. These simple activities give peace to the mind and help the mind to take a break from the ongoing stress of life.

  • Eat healthy and timely

    Another very important method to deal with stress is to provide fuel to the body. Eating healthy and nutritious food can source positivity to the mind. More than this, eating timely and properly cooked food is yet another ingredient that keeps the body intact. It is no denying the fact that if the stomach of a man is full then his mind works in a stable manner.

  • Get indulged in hobbies

    Practising hobbies or passions lets a human being witness the best times of his life. These include getting involved in sports activities or art and craft or even travelling. Also, when a person practises his hobbies, it gives him relief and satisfaction, which cannot be achieved from regular daily chores. In fact a person must carry out certain activities which give him inner satisfaction on a regular basis.

  • Spare some daily time for self

    Many times people do not get time to actually get out and enjoy their passions. In such cases, it can be very lucrative for an individual to practise some daily acts. It can refer to simple exercises such as watching a movie or going on a holiday with friends or just spending quality time with family. Such time should be spent talking about happy and relaxing issues other than work. Also, things which give you stress should be avoided to be talked about during such relaxing times.

  • Let the mind speak

    When a person speaks out his mind and the problems he is facing. It makes him relax and relieve stress to an extent. This has been believed to be a great solution to relax and get away from stress. In actuality a person feels lightened when he shares his feelings and thoughts with a person whom he trusts.

Stress in college students

Now, stress is a word which is not uncommon to students today. It has in fact become one of the major reasons of the declining health of the present generation. The students of today have become prone to stress. It is more or less because of the changed and the much modernised lifestyle that each student of the world practises or wishes to adopt one day. The increased burden of studies, the changing mediums of education and the surging clouds of success, the students of the present want everything. But, this everything comes at the cost of their health, if not balanced out properly.

In fact the very routine of a normal college student today is highly packed. He merely gets time for himself, forget about spending quality time with friends or family. It starts with routine classes of the college, then some tuitions and then almost every college student today is doing a part time job. This is to self support his studies financially. Then, he is also entitled to solve the laborious college assignments that he gets from his professors. In the midst of all this, students generally engage themselves to social media sites, where all they do is to gaze at the progress of others. This tight schedule and the negative motivation of the social media again pushes the student to work even harder.

As it can be seen, there is no space for the student to get indulged into any physical activity, unless he plans for it or volunteers for a sports act in a school or college team. Some of the common reasons that students of college experience stress in their lives, are:

  • Overload of college work
  • No physical activity
  • Pressure to perform better
  • Self set goals
  • A vision to achieve higher and better grades
  • Increased competition in every field
  • Tough marking system
  • Burden of college assignments
  • Expensive college education
  • More of virtual life rather than real life friends

Getting help for student stress

Stress in students as discussed above is one common problem among the youth of today. In addition to the student himself, the colleges and the parents together need to devise some solutions to make the situation better and under control. Following steps can be considered to assure a balanced lifestyle for the college students.

  • Make compulsory sports break for students

    The colleges and the universities can come up with these techniques of lessening the burden of education on children. A mandatory sports break will help the children take a break from a heavy load of education. Also, it will make their body relax and the energy generated from the sports activities will help the mind to think positively. Also, the various games teach a person to keep trying. This fills the person with more confidence and capability to perform even better the next time.

  • Organise yoga or other refreshing sessions for the students

    This can even be done by the parents as well as by the colleges. Doing exercises such as yoga or aerobics gives a person great relief from the mental stress. There are various poses of yoga which are especially designed to relieve a person from stress. So, by making students practise some yoga poses either in the morning or evening, can be highly beneficial for the students. Also, it should be kept in mind that yoga and other relaxing exercises should be carried out in a peaceful and calm environment.

  • Lessen the burden of education or share the load

    There is a dire need for colleges to reduce the educational course burden from the students mind. There should be less theoretical and more practical classes to keep the interest of the students high. Also, with less education load, students can invest more time on self growth and in things that help them boost their confidence.

  • Online help for college assignment

    Taking online assignment help can be a great aid in solving the college assignments. This can help the students in completing their assignments on time. There are many online assignment help companies which provide credible and dependable help to college students. These companies including ours give proper guidance and draft to college students to solve their assignments. This help is given by professionals of the respective subject field, which assures the accuracy of the assignment solution help.

  • Talk to them or counsel them

    This again can be a joint effort of both the parents and the college faculties. As discussed above, talking is one great measure to decrease the stress level. Same can be done for students. However, if a close one or a person whom the student trusts carries out this practise, then it can yield even better results.

Stress essay

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Excess load of education- the reason of low cognitive skills in today’s children


The world today is moving way faster than anyone would have ever thought around a century ago. The way we sit, speak, indulge and even communicate with each other, everything has improved for better. Moreover, the technological advancements of today have left everyone in bewilderment. All these things together push us to perform better each passing day. Along with the accomplishments of science, the expectations of the education world have also increased. This further pushes our children to participate in the race and become a part of competition. Moreover, the competition starts from the very early age of children. The competition to sing, write, dance, perform, exams, sports and many more. All this together puts immense pressure on our little growing minds. This article talks about the various hurdles that stress poses on the minds of the primary children.

Thesis statement Stress is a major cause of concern in the present times. Especially with the minor children. This stress is affecting the cognitive skills of the students studying in the primary sections of schools. This article supports the fact while presenting an argumentative essay on the topic.


First and the foremost thing is that the extra pressure that schools put on the students beginning from the primary level is unbearable. As per a study conducted by Sir ken Robinsn, with the growth in the age of a person, the creativity level decreases. (Stereotypes and Divergent Thinking, n.d.) The major reason for this change is the increased stress levels. However, when this stress is put on the young minds, the growth of the mind goes unacceptably down. With such a huge overload of work on the school syllabus, it gets tough for the students to think anything beyond the classroom teaching. Moreover, the expectation of the teachers and the immense competitive pressure further makes it tough for the students to outperform. Such things do not leave any space for the child to indulge into creative activities.

Secondally, the pressure of education makes a child less inclined towards the emotional and the psychological development of the changes around. Also, due to greater time investment in studies, it gets tough for the students to take out time to build emotional connect with the family and friends. Due to this, the emotional and psychological intelligence of the person remains very weak from the early years. Most importantly, the years of primary education are the fundamental years for the overall growth of a child. If a child at such a young age starts giving more than required time to education, then it can develop his habit of staying disconnected from the outer world. According to a study, in high achieving schools, the students face higher emotional, behavioral and mental problems as compared to the other students of the nations. This showcases the fact that competition actually subsides the other needs of a person and he starts feeling being ruled only by the pressure of education. Further as evaluated by the attentional control theory by Derakshan, N., & Eysenck, M. W. (2009), there is a direct relation between anxiety and cognitive performance. This study says that students experience anxiety due to extreme pressure, which further affects their cognitive approach towards life.

Thirdly, primary education years are the years of foundation of a child. When a child enters school, everything is new for him. From the environment to the teachers to the classmates around, the student needs time to adjust and become comfortable with everything. Also, to form this connection, a student needs enough time. If from the very beginning of his foundation years, a student gets loaded with the burden of books, then it gets very tough for him to accept and adopt the change. This further makes him less social and he does not learn the skill to form friendships and relationships with people other than family.

On the other hand, supporters of hard core education and higher standards of achievement believe that making children study hard from the very beginning trains their mind in a similar direction. Such an atmosphere helps them get drawn towards the concept of education and they start believing in the actual power of studies. These people also agree that strict curriculum of school instills discipline and accountability in the students. They tend to become more successful and dependable sources for their family in the future. Such people believe that in the modern world, there is no such need to have strong emotional connection rather social networking can be well developed with the help of heights achieved in professional life.


To conclude, it can be said that cognitive development of a child is as essential as his education. There is no comparison between the emotional and the financial needs of a person. The schools and the education system of every country need to realise the importance of the same. For this, a balanced approach should be followed from the primary sections itself. The students should be given proper time to develop their creative, emotional as well psychological skills. This would help the students form a strong understanding towards the emotional psychology of the world around and give the student the stamina to develop creative ideas to solve the respective problems.

The world is a beautiful place to live. The problems of life make it difficult to enjoy its beauty. Therefore humans should make each and every possible effort to stay away from the negativities. By staying away from excessive pressure at work and creating a balanced routine for self, helps a person to stay away from the problems of stress and depression.

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