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An essay to learn the ways to lead a healthy yet modern lifestyle

Life is a beautiful gift of God. It is the asset which all of us must take care of. Also, it is a blessing that comes once in a lifetime and not every living being gets the life of a human. Thus, it is crucial to save this precious life from the negatives of the world. To guard ourselves and ensure that we truly value this gift of God, we need to possess a healthy lifestyle. This very style of living actually defines our attitude towards self and how much we value the Gift of God. However, it is not that easy to form and then maintain a balanced lifestyle. It is much because of the fact that the modern lifestyle we practise today has a lot of adverse effects and does not leave us with the time to practise a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle in literal words can be defined as a practise which helps us to lead a balanced life with proper Assignment help 4 me. It keeps us away from the risk of getting ill or falling prey to serious health diseases such as heart problems or formation of cancerous tumors in any part of the body.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. These variations depend upon our mindset and how dedicated we are towards the well being of our own health. Also, to ensure a positive routine, we must acknowledge some daily practises. These routine exercises actually command the healthiness of our body and mind. Here is a snippet of our ace service with an essay on healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy lifestyle choices

These refer to the daily chores or exercises that we as humans must carry out to ensure our personal as well as the prosperity of our family. These exercises are certainly very advantageous for our health along with leading a happy family life. It is when you exhibit the willingness towards bringing a positive change in your life, then the much needed change comes walking to you. Few of the most beneficial healthy lifestyle choices are discussed below

  • Getting up early in the morning

    From ages our fathers and forefathers have been lecturing us on the importance of getting up early in the morning. The early morning walk or even just sitting in a park surrounded by green areas has much more health benefits than any other medicine can give. Its is by the virtue of fresh air and green plants that we can give our lungs and body pure oxygen. The air in the morning is truly an advantage, which nature bestows on us- the humans. Also, because of our busy work schedules, we merely get the time to sit and relax in the natural environment. If we designate the early morning time to ourselves in the lap of nature, then it can prove to be a highly resourceful routine. In fact it has been scientifically proven that the early morning rays of sun also have the power to take off many diseases from our body.

  • Exercise regularly

    Making your body work in the direction of prevention is the utmost way to reduce the intake of medicines from your life. If you designate a powerful and effective routine for your body by getting indulged into exercises like yoga or aerobics, then you automatically boost your immune system. Further, if your immune system is strong, then your body gets the stamina to fight from the diseases of life. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to practise at least some kind of exercise on a daily basis. Also, we should motivate our children and grandparents to adopt the daily routine of exercising. Moreover, if you club the above point with this one, then you can achieve outstanding results in terms of a healthy body and positive mind.

  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables

    Green vegetables and fresh fruits are the natural ingredients of vitamins and minerals. They are the medicines that god has given us in the form of nature. In actual terms, it is when we stay close to the natural environment or the natural food, then our body breathes happily. Thus, it is mandatory for you and your family to depend on healthy sources of food.

  • Drink plenty of water

    Along with all this, you must drink plenty of water daily. As we all know, our body constitutes 70% of the water. So, if we will refrain ourselves from drinking fresh water, then we will stop the natural growth of our body. Also, it is the power of fluids and electrolytes that our body remains strong and healthy for a longer period of time.

  • Avoid eating junk food

    The natural sources of food as discussed in the above mentioned point are the utmost sources of nutrition. They not only provide high alimentary value to our body but also save us from various diseases. On the contrary eating junk food can result in various health problems such as increase in cholesterol levels, high BP, high uric acid, heart problems and many more.

In addition to the above mentioned points, you must go for regular health check ups. These will keep you enlightened about the progress of your body. Also, these will notify you of any alarming signs that might cause you problems in the future.

Importance of healthy lifestyle

To pursue a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to understand its need. It is only when you will realise the importance of practising a healthy lifestyle, then you actually adopt the steps of its implication.

Importance of healthy lifestyle
  • Keeps you fresh

    This is one of the most common stereotypes. Men are generally considered to be strong. Right from their childhood they are told not to cry because they are strong. As a result, they learn to hide their emotions and keep them piled up inside. But, this is not good for them as piled up emotions lead to stress which further causes health problems.When you eat healthy and exercise daily, then you remain fresh throughout the day. There are a number of natural ingredients in home cooked food or even fresh fruits, which motivates your mind to stay fresh. It is when you stay fresh, then your mind is able to think positively and produce creative and fruitful ideas for your work.

  • Keeps you away from diseases

    Moreover, when you eat healthy food and exercise regularly, then your body develops a stronger immune system. Thus, with a strong immune system, your body gets the power to fight off various diseases. For example in the present situation, the people with a powerful immunity have the stamina to fight off the germs of COVID 19. Whereas the people with low immunity are catching the disease very frequently.

  • Help you possess a positive thinking always

    Positive thinking is a result of a strong mind and to have a strong mindset you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, with a positive mind, you can think of fresh ideas, which can prove really beneficial for your professional as well as personal growth. Moreover, with a positive mind, you can always look for ways to improve relationships with your peers and friends.

  • Never depresses you

    The healthy lifestyle refers to the practise of eating healthy food and staying fit. Most importantly, it is when you are healthy and happy, then there are very less chances of you getting depressed. It does not mean that eating healthy stops external stress coming by your side but it means that a healthy lifestyle gives you the strength to fight with these problems.

  • You contribute to the family and society positively

    When you are happy in and out then you believe in making people around you happy too. Your energy tends to bubble up when you are fresh. This is the reason, you take steps to add happiness in the lives of people that matter to you. This can be done either by promoting a healthy lifestyle to them or lending a helping hand to the needy.

Modern lifestyle and its negative impacts

The so-called modern lifestyle that we are leading today has a lot of adverse effects on the health of all of us. From eating junk food to sitting at the same place for the entire day to extreme pressure at work, modern lifestyle has turned our lives upside down.

Modern lifestyle

Few of the very prominent lifestyle habits that all of us practise currently are mentioned below:

  • Late hours of working

    This is undoubtedly the gift of corporate culture, which takes a toll on our health and mind. It not only takes away our freedom to live happily but also distances us from our friends and relatives. The long hours of working mean no time to family or even for self. It is a practise which almost every working individual follows these days and which is posing a threat to our existence.

  • No time routine for food

    The high pressure at work disaligns you from any need to eat or drink. The very pressure constantly drives you crazy, which disbalances your senses to detect the feeling of being hungry or thirsty. The improper diet routine is one very common resultant of a busy schedule at work.

  • Huge dependence on pre- cooked food

    When you stay hungry for a long time, then you generally do not give value to the nutritional value of the food. All you wish for is just putting something in your stomach. Moreover, you prefer something precooked or ready to eat. This further increases your dependence on junk food.

  • Ignorance of health issues

    While being at work, with a short deadline, you generally tend to ignore your minor health problems. It can be a problem of constant headache or striking pain in the eye or even soft pain in the stomach. These not so chronic but continuous problems can be the sign of some major issues.

  • No time for self or family

    When you are at work for the entire day, doing late night shifts or even skipping family meetings leads to seclusion from the family members. Slowly, you feel like ignoring family functions, because you merely get time for yourself. These things slowly make you develop a negative attitude towards social circles and you start looking for reasons to not becoming a part of one.


As a result of all the above mentioned problems, you tend to develop some issues. These can be related to your health or your personal life.

  • Disturbed mental health

    This is one of the major issues that we the people of the corporate world are facing. The unwanted causes of stress and intolerable pressure is something that takes your senses. It does not allow you to be in your control and you start behaving awkwardly which gives a weird impression about your personality.

  • Unbalanced home and work routine

    The modern lifestyle of the present is putting great pressure on your working mind, which leads to an unbalanced lifestyle. The unwelcoming strain on your body and mind, does not let you give your cent percent to your family. Even during the days you have off from work, you prefer taking rest or just relaxing in your home. This refrains you from socialising with your friends and family.

  • Complicated relationships

    The uncertainty of work and meetings leads to the eruption of doubt in a relationship. It is quite obvious as an emotional response, which comes when you do not respond positively or encouragingly to your partner’s messages or phone calls.

  • Loss of health and stamina

    The unbalanced time of food or increased intake of junk food call upon a number of health problems. These problems and the unnatural food sources impact negatively on your stamina and ability to act against germs in the environment.

  • Emotional imbalance

    All the above mentioned things deprive you of the emotional support. Even you yourself start feeling secluded and just surrounded by work. You develop a feeling of loneliness, which can lead to an emotional trauma or even depression, if ignored for a longer period.

The list of lifestyle habits and impacts underline the fact that there is a dire need for all of us to practise some steps which can improve our lifestyle. Following sections will help you learn some tips which you can follow to instill the habits of a healthy lifestyle in your daily routine.

10 tips for a healthy lifestyle

10 tips for a healthy lifestyle
  • Eat Healthy

    Our health is directly related to the food we consume. If we eat healthy, we remain healthy and if we eat unhealthy, we become unhealthy. So, we should always consume healthy food such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. Moreover, we should avoid munching on junk food, too oily and spicy food items.

  • Drink Water regularly

    Our body is around 60% water. But, we lose water from our body continuously through perspiration and other metabolic processes. To recover all these losses we need to drink water regularly. If we don’t, we can become dehydrated and land in trouble. Further, women should drink at least 11.5 cups of water everyday and men should drink at least 15.5 cups of water everyday.

  • Say no to tobacco

    There are no safe tobacco products. Even smokeless tobacco products are injurious to our health. They can cause a number of diseases such as precancerous mouth lesions, heart diseases and dental diseases. So, we should say no to tobacco.

  • Do not depend on alcohol

    Drinking too much alcohol can cause serious damage to our health. Liver damage, heart diseases and brain and nervous system damage are some examples of health problems caused by drinking too much alcohol. So, we should not depend on alcohol as once we get addicted, it’s very easy to lose control on how much we drink.

  • Grow more plants in your surroundings

    Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day, which is essential for us to breathe. As rapid industrialization is leading to deforestation, we are getting robbed of the fresh supply of oxygen. So, we should take the initiative to grow more plants in our surroundings.

  • Give due importance to your family and friends

    Nowadays we spend more time with our smartphones than we spend with our families and friends in person. Even when we are sitting together with them, our eyes are glued to the mobile screen. As a result, we fall prey to emotional imbalances. So, we should limit our time with our smartphones and give due importance to our family and friends.

  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle

    We often get so busy with our professional lives that we don’t give proper time to our personal life. We don’t spend quality time with our loved ones and feel emotionally drained. This negatively impacts our health in the long run. So, we should work on maintaining a fine balance between our professional and personal life.

  • Exercise regularly

    Exercise is essential both for our physical as well as mental well-being. When we exercise our muscles get stronger, our cardiac health improves and we become physically fit. Further, while exercising feel good hormones get released in our bodies, which suppress the level of stress hormone- Cortisol and induce stress relief. This way, our mental well being also gets enhanced. So, we should exercise regularly.

  • Meditate to manage stress

    ‘Stress’ is one of the biggest enemies of our well-being. It damages our mental health and also causes physical problems such as heart diseases, migraine and muscle aches. Thus, for a healthy lifestyle we should manage our stress level properly. For this, it is best to meditate in silence everyday.

  • Get regular health check ups

    At times, our body may catch diseases without producing any symptoms. For example, kidney diseases don’t affect our ability to excrete in the beginning. But, as the disease progresses, the trouble worsens and our excretion gets impacted. To avoid the occurrence of such diseases, we should get regular health check ups.

Steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living a modern lifestyle

  • First and the foremost thing is to ensure that you get up early in the morning. You can do this by regulating a timely routine for yourself.
  • Then, the first task you need to do is to drink water. Like you water your plants in the morning, the same way it is important to water your own body.
  • After this you can utilise the morning time by meditating or exercising on a regular basis. You can choose the type of exercise as per your knowledge or convenience.
  • Then comes time to get ready for office. You should make sure to have a proper breakfast, before you leave for office. You need to remember that breakfast is the king of all meals. It fuels our entire body performance and sends positive energy to our mind.
  • Then is the time to resume daily office duties. Though, these days, most of us are working from home, still you should not ignore any of your responsibilities. In either of the cases, you should give proper care to the design of the chair or seating arrangement for your work.
  • Also, you should make sure that your workspace has a lot of positive vibes. Its design should be crafted in accordance with your interests and things that fill you with positivity.
  • During the work hours, you must keep taking short breaks. These breaks can be in the form of fruit breaks or to just take a walk for fresh air. Also, during work, we tend to spend a lot of time on screen, which weakens the muscles of our eyes. So looking at the greenery or giving some advantageous break to the eyes is a good exercise. You should remember to not surf the internet or social networking sites during this break.
  • At the time of lunch break, you should not talk about work. In fact you should utilise this time to better your relationship with the employees or the people you are having lunch with. Also, you must eat properly cooked home food along with salads. Further, the food eaten should be given due time to get digested in our body. So, you should take any soft drinks or other junk food, which could possibly destroy the nutritional value of your food.
  • After completing the day's task in the evening, you must give due importance to your family members. You must come back from work in time and go on evening outings with your family. Keeping the current situation in mind, you can even go to your terrace or garden and consider spending quality time with your loved ones. In such a way you can reduce the stress from your mind and treat yourself with happy smiles.
  • At night, you must have dinner on time. In order to balance your modern lifestyle with healthy practises, you should adapt the saying ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’

Healthy lifestyle impact essay

This section details an essay on healthy lifestyle and its absence in today's world is impacting negatively on all of us. If you are a student looking for a sample college essay assignment help in Malaysia or Assignment Help Australia or any other part of the country, you can take help of this sample essay. It will guide you through writing your assignment and how to write an essay introduction and how to write a conclusion impactfully.

The unconditional need to maintain a balance between work and health


Health and work are two terms which have been dependent on each other. It has been believed in the past that a person who works throughout the day has a healthy body while the one who does not, tends to have a sluggish body. However, with the change in lifestyle and style of work, there has been a strong shift in the belief. In actuality, today people who work for long are becoming heavier and out of shape in comparison to ones who give lesser hours to work. It is much because of the fact that the type and definition of work style has changed in recent times. The technological dependence of people and modern lifestyle assistance have increased the hours of sitting work, which ultimately puts a toll on the health of the workers. However, a choice cannot be made between work and health. It is with the money earned through work, that a person can take care of his and his family’s health. This leads to the need of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. This article entails the need of striking a balance between work and life in an argumentative form.

Thesis statement The present modern lifestyle is practised all around the arenas of work. The dependence on technology has worsened the situation and it is taking a toll on the health of individuals. This article presents supportive arguments on the fact that a balance needs to be attained in the work and personal life. Along with this, the negative impacts of the modern lifestyle needs to be reduced so that the health of the people can be improved for the betterment of the service sector.


First and the foremost fact to consider is that a balanced lifestyle implies a balanced mind and an effective output at work. The very fact that a person can only give cent percent at work, when he is happy and satisfied, should be brought into consideration here. Therefore, if the employers work upon giving proper time to the employees for self development, then the employees can feel little relieved. It can be done by designing strict work schedules for the employees. The very schedule should include small breaks as well as fixed signing on and signing off times. This way, the people would get forced to finish their work in time and then take out the rest of the time for self or family. Moreover, as per a study Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 2013, the number of deaths today occur more because of chronic diseases rather than the chromic ones, which was a reason a century ago. These chronic diseases are a direct result of the present work lifestyle and irregular food consumption habits of the present generation.( "The Negative Health Impacts of a 21st Century Lifestyle - Life First", 2020)At the same time, the food routine of the employees should be taken due care of. As it is known that no person can work an empty stomach. Therefore to ensure a healthy body for the employees, the employer can itself make arrangements, where healthy and nutritious food is distributed among the employees. It can be in the form of an office kitchen where the nutritionist decides the meal table for the day or an accountable kitchen service can be given the charge. (Work-life balance, n.d.)

Secondally, if a person has a contended family life, then he will not have any worries to carry at work. The vice versa of the same is also applicable as when the same person happily completes the work at office and goes back home with a satisfied smile on his face. As per a study conducted by Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca, Work Family Balance and Work Health Balance are factors that have significant effect on the job satisfaction of the people. Also, this satisfaction level varies as per the age. Gender, working status and parenting status of a person. (Gragnano, Simbula & Miglioretti, 2020) This signifies that the life at work and home have a direct relation with each other. It is the sum of both that forms a cycle, which if is balanced then the person can lead a happy and stress free life. It has been well proven that a country with work life balance tends to achieve more in the economical terms than the one which has a low balanced approach. For instance, it is no denying the fact that the USA is one of the most developed and rich countries. One important thing to note is that according to statista, the USA is also one of the top 30 countries to achieve a positive work balance. (Work-life balance, n.d.)

On the contrary, there are people who think that there is no need to have a balanced lifestyle. The more a person works, the more it would be beneficial for the company and then for the country. They lay storing emphasis on continuous and long working hours of the employees. They feel employees should be made to work under strict supervision and deadlines because they are being paid for that. This thought is possessed by most of the industrialists of today, which does not seem to change. Even after the evolutionary development in technology, people seem to pressurise more on the human minds. They believe it is with more and more hard work that better results can be achieved at every end of the world. This is the reason they emphasize more on increasing the workload on human beings and decreasing the possibility of work balance.


The very thought of having a balanced life between work and home, brings a relief to every human being. It is one thing that is absolutely common to both the genders and all the stratas of work. Thus, there can be no question to choose between work and life. In fact there is a definite need to make certain changes in the work environment of every country and every place so that the employees can prove to be the perfect spouse, son, daughter, or even parents to their family members. It is the utmost need to bring a balance between work and life, which can be done by religiously adopting a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the countries of the world should deploy technology in a way that it promotes healthy living rather than diminishing its very existence. The tools of modern lifestyle need to walk hand in hand with offering a balanced yet growing life to the humans of the world. It is when humans will be healthy and happy, then only they will be able to service adequately for the rest of the world.

Let yourself live what you have been sent for, let yourself love, what you have been made for and let yourself serve what you have been called for on this earth. All this can only be achieved when you work and you can work happily only if you are healthy. So stay healthy and work happily.

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