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A complete essay on time management tips

The life of a human is impeccably divided into patterns of time. The hours, days, months, and years are so beautifully arranged, that it motivates human beings to further organize their routine in a positive manner. This brings into the picture the concept of time management, which should be a part of every individual's life. It is a tool that can help each human being to experience easy living, in the present times of stress and restlessness. To define Time management, it can be stated as a process in which a person can manage his time in an effective manner. It also helps him to accomplish his tasks within the stipulated time frame. Adding on, this very practice helps a person to analyze what is more important and how much time should be given to each task at hand. Further, the right examination of time helps an individual to understand its importance and align his focus in the right direction. In case, he doesn't follow time management or doesn’t divide his time properly, it can result in mismanagement of his daily chores. This essay talks about time management and its importance for a happy and balanced lifestyle.

What is Time Management?

Time management is a broad concept and to understand it better, an individual needs to look at the broader definition of it. In simple terms, it can be understood as the ability of a person to align his tasks in a way that he is able to finish his tasks on time. This is done without any stress and at the same time gives productive results. Moreover, the completion of work in time and with great productivity are both equally important and time management is inclusive of both these aspects. This very quality teaches individuals to make absolute use of time with the surety of fruitful outcomes.

Why is Time Management Important?

Success is crucial for growth and time is vital for success. For all the ambitions, goals, and plans a person sets in life, time management is indispensable. It is because an individual’s chances of succeeding in his plans rely heavily on his ability to manage time well. To substantiate, it has been witnessed often that the qualities of a person with respect to the management of his time define the prospects of his success and failures. Not to forget the fact, sky's the limit for those who have mastered the management of time. And those who still struggle to adapt time management skills, have a lot more to learn and achieve.

Moving further, A famous quote from Steve Jobs reads, “ Your time is limited, so do not waste it living someone else’s life.” The fact that time is a limited resource and cannot be reversed highlights the immense importance of time management. Most of the successful CEOs and world leaders have emphasized the importance of time management time and again while sharing inspirational stories of their success. A person who knows how to manage time well is more likely to have a smooth professional as well as personal life as he has time for his family and loved ones. Moreover, people who usually strive to maintain a work-life balance are also able to find their answers in time management. All of the above reasons put together narrate how essential the art of time management is.


Required Time Management Skills

Time management is a wide skill set that can be further divided into a spectrum of smaller skills that combine to boost productivity. It is inclusive of planning, organizing, time tracking, and self-identification skills. An individual must incorporate these skills into his personality to improve productivity and be able to compete better. It is an undeniable fact that a person who knows how to manage his productivity and time better proves to be more competitive than others in the prevailing cutthroat scenarios. Hence, people need to understate what skills constitute time management so that their approach towards it is comprehensive

  • Planning:

    Planning is a vital skill, and when people start planning and organizing their tasks in a nice manner, they save time. As a part of planning, individuals can divide their tasks into smaller packets and approach them with higher efficiency through shorter spans. To illustrate, if a student has the goal of completing 6 assignments, the student can divide this goal into 6 smaller goals of one assignment each and divide his time accordingly in a planned manner. The student can divide his time in a manner in which he completes one assignment in one session and then takes a small break before beginning the next one. This way he can complete all the assignments to the best of his efficiency and much before the deadline. Such an approach can enable the student to complete the assignments with better efficacy than completing all of them at once

  • Time Tracking:

    Tracking the time that a person is investing in a task and comparing it to the ideal duration is also a skill that is included in time management. Although this skill is vital for everyone, it becomes specifically more crucial for entrepreneurs. To track time individuals can seek assistance from time tracking software or applications that record the productivity of every minute and also set estimated time required for a particular task.

  • Decision Making:

    This skill is a prerequisite for managing life as well as time. How good an individual is at decision making or how quickly an individual is at making important decisions defines the time management capabilities of a person. Further, prudent decision-making is a skill in itself, and this skill further impacts time management abilities. To illustrate, if an entrepreneur has different tasks lined up in the day, he needs to quickly decide the priority of these tasks so that he can have a well-planned schedule to save his time and boost productivity for more important tasks.

  • Analytical Skills:

    The competence of an individual to respond to a particular situation depends on his ability to analyze the situation at hand. In actual, analytical skills or problem-solving skills are principal skills that a person must possess to work efficiently and within time limits. For example, a person who has great analytical skills can steer through a problem. He then quickly invests his maximum potential in the task rather than stressing too much about the problem.

  • Multitasking:

    It is an obvious fact that those who can complete multiple tasks simultaneously have better time management skills. However, different people have different abilities and some are blessed with the ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously which saves time. Hence, multitasking is also a subset of the various skills that go into time management. But not everyone is comfortable with multitasking and some may even make a lot of errors in each task while trying to complete multiple tasks at once. Therefore, an individual must only undertake to multitask if it falls in his comfort zone and his productivity is not affected by it. Others can simply go for one task at a time and do each task with diligence and productivity.

Time Management Tips

There is always an ample number of time management tips to choose from. But what eventually matters is the right execution of the tips that a person comes across. Most people quit easily or quit too soon while trying to master time management. These tips can be bifurcated into different categories based on the target population or different verticals of society. Also, time management tips would not be the same for every section of society. There are different suggestions for students, employees, entrepreneurs, and so on. So, here is the classification of these tips on the basis of various requirements and goals in life. But as stated before, these are only the tips; the correct execution and the diligence towards these tips vary from person to person.

Effective Time Management Tips for Students

Student life is full of elation, exploration, and learning. This is undeniably the best phase of life where individuals have the maximum time to themselves. However, this phase of life also lays the foundation of an individual’s career. Also, the students are expected to work hard, compete with each other and streamline their future in a respective direction. So, even if student life demands high ended time management skills, then students must learn as quickly as possible to rise above and shine brighter than others. There are various tips and tricks that students can apply to hike their productivity and gain more success in their endeavors. Here are some of the simplest yet most effective time management tips for students

Effective Time Management Tips for Students
  • Organize short goals:

    Besides goals in the longer run, students must also have goals for each study session that they take up. To cite an example, if a student is to study four chapters for an assessment, the student can divide it into shorter goals of two chapters each to manage time and productivity nicely.

  • Follow a time table:

    A timetable is a key to enhance time management skills and organizing work. For students, the best way to organize their tasks or studies is to have a timetable in their room. Further, to ensure best learning practices, a student can organize his study sessions, subjects, breaks, and entertainment sessions well.

  • Keep distractions at bay:

    There are a lot of distractions in a student’s life. These can lead to mismanagement of time. Also, these distractions can vary from the favorite cartoon show of a student to social media or playing with friends. Not that a student should completely give up on his enjoyment and entertainment, but a student must organize his breaks well. If breaks are well organized, these distractions will not intervene with an individual’s work. For those who feel distracted by phones or social media, they can simply keep their phones off or in another room during their study sessions.

  • Give an early start to the day:

    Students usually start their day early as they have to be at school. However, usually, kids do not feel the need to begin their day early during holidays. Students should start their day early every day so that they can make the most of their time. An early riser will always have more time on his hands, while someone who wakes up late often makes excuses of shortage of time.

  • Get enough sleep:

    Students must not make their schedules too hectic such that they do not find enough time to rest or sleep. They must manage their time in a way that they can follow a proper sleep schedule, or else their productivity will suffer. Students definitely need to work hard to achieve their goals, but they must not drain themselves out in the process as it can hamper productivity.

  • Make a habit to say ‘no’:

    As a student who aspires to achieve his goals in time or even before time, one must learn to say no and turn down the things that are not coherent with his priorities.

  • One task at a time:

    Students who know that they are not very proficient at multitasking must not indulge in it. Multitasking can be baffling sometimes and can lead to time delays in some cases. A student can work on one task at a time and still perform exceptionally. It is because when an individual does one task at a time, he can give that task his complete concentration and alertness rather than splitting his focus into multiple tasks.

  • Abstain from social media:

    Students generally waste a lot of precious time while using social media and witness falling productivity. To have their complete focus on all tasks and preparations, the students must either delete all their social media accounts or log out of all social media platforms while studying.

  • Give value to fitness:

    When individuals exercise or do physical activities on a daily basis, the functioning of their mind improves, and memory gets sharper. Furthermore, with improved functioning of the mind, students are able to manage their time better and have their productivity intact.

  • Find motivation:

    It is imperative for students that they keep themselves motivated all the time. For finding the motivation to do well, students must read about successful people. They can also hang out with motivating people or subscribe to Youtube channels on productivity and time management. Also, when a student is motivated towards his tasks, he performs exceptionally well and in a time-efficient manner.

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are leaders, and leaders need to set fine examples that others can follow. For entrepreneurs, time is money, and there is a monetary value attached to every hour or minute of their schedule. As they have to manage a lot of things at once, they have no other choice but to master the art of time management. Furthermore, when businessmen learn to manage their time well, they also witness enhancement in their productivity that can lead to higher prospects of success. To improve time management skills, business leaders can start following some simple tips that can make them better managers of time and productivity.

Here are some handy time management tips for entrepreneurs

  • Make the most of morning time:

    It is a proven fact that individuals have the best of their productivity in the morning, and even distractions are the least at this time. Entrepreneurs must arrange their schedules in a manner that they do the most important tasks in the morning.

  • Use a calendar:

    It is very important for entrepreneurs that they know their priorities well. Businessmen must be able to figure out their personal and professional priorities and mark them in the calendar. This will lead to better organization of their tasks. Entrepreneurs must schedule everything and it should be noted down well in their calendars.

  • Time Audits:

    An entrepreneur should audit and reflect on his utilization of time at regular intervals. For auditing time or tracking time, he can choose from a wide range of time tracking software. These time trackers help an individual to track his productivity in a given time span.

  • Hire virtual assistants:

    Entrepreneurs of all stature should have a virtual assistant to perform tasks of lesser importance or to perform the basic tasks. This can bring ease in his work and lessen his burden.

  • Reduce commuting:

    In the present 21st century, one need not travel for all his meetings. Entrepreneurs need to make the most of technology and have most of their meetings online through video conferencing rather than traveling for every meeting. They can have most of their meetings on Zoom or Skype these days rather than exhausting themselves for the same.

  • Utilise travel time:

    Entrepreneurs have to travel to different places throughout the day for their meetings and other requirements. Entrepreneurs can utilise this time for completing or beginning their tasks, especially when technology has enabled everyone to work on the go.

  • Read about the ‘5 AM Club’:

    ‘5 AM Club’ is a wonderful book written by Robin Sharma that depicts how the most successful people begin their day at 5 AM. Furthermore, the book talks about how successful people schedule their day to get the maximum productivity and how they can maintain a perfect work-life balance.

  • Sort emails:

    The mailbox of entrepreneurs is often flooded with emails, and most of these emails are irrelevant. To be better at time management, entrepreneurs must take some time out to sort their emails and organize important emails. To keep the mailbox sorted, an individual must delete unnecessary emails on a regular basis.

  • Discard least productive activities:

    Business leaders do not have time to perform all the activities. To be more productive without even being too busy, entrepreneurs can drop the least productive activities from their schedules. This will allow them to have more time to invest in tasks that have the apex of their productivity.

  • Remember to pause:

    An entrepreneur must always sneak out some time to pause and reflect on his decisions and learnings. To do that, one must spend 5 minutes at the beginning of the day thinking about the schedule for the day. Furthermore, the same thing must be done at the end of the day where an individual must reflect on the efficiency he had in the day. By this simple practice, an entrepreneur can significantly improve his decision-making, analytical skills, and time management abilities.

Time Management Tips for Employees and Leader

Needless to say, those who lead well are the ones who manage their time better. Even for employees, time management is a prerequisite. Not only do entrepreneurs need to learn how to manage time with efficacy but employees too need to learn the same. Even if it is an employee in a 9 to 5 job, he needs to learn better time management to make the most of his eight hours at work. As for leaders, they are able to grab leadership positions in an organization only if they have the capability to manage their time well. In fact, leaders and managers in big corporations or MNCs do not just have to learn time management for themselves but also need to learn how they can promote a conducive environment around their subordinates so that their subordinates. It is a well-known fact that good leaders inspire their subordinates to learn from them and keep all their team members motivated.

Here are some amazing time management tips for leaders and employees

  • Use a calendar:

    One would surely have a calendar in his smartphone or at his desk at least. He must make sure to use this calendar in an advantageous way to organize his tasks nicely. Also, this tool can help the person to mark the important dates for the meetings of the day or month.

  • Sort emails:

    Employees receive various emails in a day, and not all of them are important. Therefore, they must organize their emails well and discard the emails that are no longer important or needed. This practice of keeping emails organized can help them to save time.

  • Always have a to-do list:

    Having a to-do list with tasks written down clearly and in order of priority can always help a person organize his day well. Also, it can be truly resourceful for a leader as he can divide the tasks to his teammates, with the list in hand.

  • Do not have meetings in continuity:

    While employees or leaders plan their meetings, it is preferred that one should not plan his meetings back to back. Having continuous meetings can hamper the productivity of the employees, and they can experience a setback in terms of creativity.

  • Challenge oneself:

    Self-competition is the most resourceful method to attain proficiency. Thus, by giving oneself time challenges to complete the tasks, a person can expect some improvement in his own work. Further, if the person completes the time challenge, he can always reward himself with a small break. This can eventually develop into a healthy time management habit.

  • Lead the way:

    Good leaders set good examples for their juniors. One should try to finish the tasks on time and with great efficiency. This can help the person become an inspiration for his team as he leads from the front.

  • Get smart with emails:

    There is no point in taking the pain to write the same email texts again and again. One can save text templates for his common emailers and just copy text and click the send button. This can save him time.

  • Be more virtual:

    In this highly developmental world of technology, one should rely more on virtual meetings. This can be done by putting virtual assistants to use which would employ the best use of advancements.

  • Divide the tasks among the team members:

    The leader should always utilize his work resources. This can be done by dividing the tasks intelligently as per their skill set. Moreover, he should ensure to divide work in a smart way so that ends are met well in time.

  • Reminders:

    These can be important ways to maintain the flow of work. With the immense burden of work, a person tends to forget his tasks. In such a scenario, it is important to bring in use the reminder tool of the phone, clocks, computer or any other technological device.

Some useful Resources on Time Management

Best books on time management

If a person wishes to read books written exclusively on time management practices then there are some very good books available both offline and online. There are some very good and thoughtful books on time management. These can help you master the fine art of time management.

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    This is an amazing book on time management and it has been authored by Stephen R.Covey. The book is considered to be the best-written piece among all as a tool to upscale both professional and personal productivity. The book largely emphasizes defining goals and priorities. This book is known for inspiring changes.

  • How to stop procrastinating

    This is a fabulous book on time management and mastering productivity. The author, Steve Scott has very well explained how you need to train your mind and inspire changes in your personality such that you do not struggle with procrastination any longer. The book is pretty straightforward and the content is simple and down to earth.

  • Indistractable

    This is yet another great book that has been written by Nir Eyal which is a very simple yet amazingly effective book on building the ability to control your attention. This book, in the simplest manner, influences you to utilize your time with maximum productivity and get rid of your distractions.

  • Eat that frog

    This is an international bestseller, and it tells you some amazing hacks of life which enable you to get rid of your procrastination and perform more in less time. The book has been authored by Brian Tracy and takes the top bracket when it comes to books on time management and productivity.

  • Atomic Habits

    A very basic, simplified, yet effective narration of the ways with which you can bring massive positive changes to your life by tiny or atomic changes in your behavior. That is the reason why it is called Atomic Habits! The book has been written by James Clear and is yet again an international bestseller.

Helpful Youtube channels for increasing productivity

These days all the answers of a human mind can be easily found on Youtube! Digital content is ruling the internet, and Youtube is the big powerhouse of all that digital content. There are wide varieties of Youtube channels to pick from. Even to become more productive in life, manage time better, and boost the prospects of success and growth, one can find some really meaningful content on Youtube.

Youtube as a platform serves content to suit all requirements and has content for everyone and anyone. It is indeed the most popular video platform for a reason, and the fact that it has risen to have 1 billion viewers after its launch in 2005 tells how much people love Youtube. From how to fix a phone to how to cook one’s favorite dish or to find places of interest in a popular tourist destination, Youtube has answers for all. Youtube does not disappoint anyone!

Here are some of the best Youtube channels one can subscribe to so that to increase your productivity

  • Carl Pullein

    This is one amazing Youtube channel that is dedicated to boosting productivity, time management, and personality management or self-development. Carl Pullein is one fine presenter and author who has great command over teaching people how to make the most of the time they have. This indulging channel brings some amazingly unique tips and tricks to master time management or enhance productivity.

  • Productivityist

    This is yet another fascinating Youtube channel one must follow to learn the science of boosting productivity in humans. The presenter of the channel is Mike Vardy, who holds vast experience in being a personal productivity specialist who has now been in this field for more than a decade.

  • Thomas Frank

    One of the best Youtube channels that are into productivity enhancement content and videos! Thomas Frank, the presenter, also happens to be the founder of the College Info Geek website that is highly useful for students in the manner in which it teaches them how to be more productive and complete tasks or assignments in little time. Thomas Frank started his Youtube channel in 2006, and over time it has emerged into one of the most meaningful Youtube channels ever.

  • Paul Minors

    Paul is a Youtuber from New Zealand, and he started his Youtube journey in the year 2008. He is highly professional when it comes to giving practical pieces of advice and learning about productivity and consulting. He also trains how to use some of the best internet tools and resources that can make you a better person at time management. The videos are highly engaging, and he posts one video per week.

  • Business Productivity

    This is the youtube channel that serves the purpose of a person who wants to be a more productive and sorted businessman or businesswoman. It is a UAE-based channel that started in the year 2013. The channel has very practical and learning-oriented video content that has modern and pragmatic ways to upscale productivity. The channel focuses on the process more than the features. A must-follow for entrepreneurs!

Essay on time management

The students of the college are given a lot of assignments, which not only test their intelligence but also test their creativity. One such topic which is imperative to learn as well as to implicate is time management. Time management is a common issue students all across the globe face and instant assignment help can be a great solution. This section provides a sample essay on time management and the reason it is the need of the hour. This essay explains how the time lost is equivalent to an opportunity lost.

Time management- reasons which classify it as the need of the hour


Time is one of the most precious assets of life, which helps a human to lay the foundation of success. The difference in the ability to utilize time defines the underlying impact between the success and failures of varied individuals. This is where time management comes into the picture given its immense importance. It is often defined as the practice of managing work and daily tasks in an effective manner. When a person starts practicing the art of time management, his tasks become more organized and punctual. The value of time management has been well established and accepted by everyone across the globe ever since human civilizations started. The advantageous benefits of time management have motivated people to adopt time management as a part of their daily routine. This is why managing time well has become a prerequisite for everyone, especially in the prevailing competitive times. From students to CEOs and even political leaders, time management is vital for everyone to do well in their lives. This essay will highlight some reasons for failures in life and how to look beyond these reasons. Further and most importantly, it will talk about ways in which a person can be better at time management and hence turn out to be more productive and efficient.


First, this essay attempts to define the reasons people experience failure in their lives. ew of the common reasons for the failure include lack of time management skills, inability to plan the task, and absence of punctuality and discipline in their lives. These point out that most of the reasons are related to mismanagement of time in the personal as well as professional lives of people. Also, it is a well-known fact that efficient managers of time minimize their chances of defeats in the pursuit of life. On the other hand, those who do not value time enough are more likely to fail repeatedly. To substantiate the fact losing time can be so much similar to losing a lifetime opportunity, here is an example of a true incident. Kay Whitmore, the CEO of Kodak in the 1990s, fell asleep during a meeting with Bill Gates where discussions were taking place to integrate Kodak products and Windows. Kay Whitmore, because of this laziness and complacency, failed to realize the potential of the digital world and lost out on a potential deal with Microsoft that would have changed the fortunes of Kodak. This example goes down in history as one of the greatest lost opportunities and failures at time management. Kay Whitmore had the time, had the opportunity, but he instead chose to sleep at the time when he should have been at his best. (Leadership, CEOs & Magazine, 2020)

The next step after realizing the importance of time management is to look at ways or practices an individual can adapt to enhance this skill. The practices for boosting time efficiency are similar for students, employees, or businessmen. The ways to master the art of time management are universal and can be applied in every vertical of life. In addition to this, little changes in a person’s personality or behavior can make him a far more productive person. Moving further, the methods to improve time efficiency and boost productivity largely focus on better planning, better organizing skills, making the most of relevant technological innovations, and being more focused. When an individual becomes consistent with the following steps, he will be able to witness positive changes in life.

Primarily, one of the best ways to become time efficient is to believe in the simple practice of planning. The execution of an individual's tasks depends on how well the task is planned by him. In the pursuit of any goal, a person must have a clear plan before he begins. This gives him clarity and encourages the best of his productivity. In the absence of a clear plan to achieve goals, a person lacks direction and is often surrounded by confusion. To elaborate, dividing a big task into smaller goals or dividing efforts into shorter spans is a part of planning which has proven to be a successful technique for improved productivity. Moreover, while planning his day, an individual must also leave room for enough rest and a healthy sleep cycle. They should also know the importance of getting enough rest because a drained mind can affect their productivity. As per research put forth by the researchers at Florida State University, people working in shorter spans of not more than 90 minutes are found to be more productive. On the other hand, people who work continuously for more than 90 minutes witness declining productivity with time. So, one must go for smaller spans of high productivity which can prove to be much better than longer spans of restricted productivity. Furthermore, Shorter spans help to keep an individual fresh, offer intermittent rest, and keep efficiency at the apex. In addition to this, goal setting has also been found to be a highly effective way of inspiring more productivity. When individuals realize their goals with complete clarity, they act towards them with more confidence, motivation, and better planning, eventually leading to enhanced time management skills. In this direction, one must know how to set and classify daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. It is important to learn here that sometimes short-sighted goals offer better returns than goals for the long run. ("15 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work", 2020)

Moving further, one of the most common habits that successful people have is that they start their day early. World’s best CEOs usually begin their day early and make the most of the 24 hours that they have in a day. This is one of the simplest yet most proficient ways of boosting efficiency and productivity in individuals. To elaborate, when an individual starts waking up at 6 AM, he can have more time in his hands than a person who begins his day at 10 AM. In fact, one can always find inspiration from reading the success stories of the world’s top entrepreneurs and learn techniques of being more productive in less time. Moving on, to learn how the top CEOs of the globe begin and schedule their day, one can read about the ‘5 AM Club’ and. Not only do early risers have more time to achieve their tasks, but also the early morning time has the least distractions and ample peace, which contributes significantly to productivity. This is not just a mere assumption, but there is research that backs this claim. According to research carried out by Ron Friedman, a leading psychologist, the first three hours of the day attract an individual’s highest focus and the best productivity. This research further states that how a person spends these first three hours actually defines how productive the rest of the day is going to be. ("15 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work", 2020)

In addition, another imperative way to boost productivity includes efficient use of technology to manage tasks or as a source of assistance. The world is witnessing a digital revolution that has made human life much more convenient with each passing day, and a lot of these technological innovations can be applied to save time and upscale productivity. Also, in the contemporary world, the internet has numerous tools, software, and interfaces that are helping students, employees, employers, and leaders manage their time better. This proves that technology has given smart work precedence over hard work as people are becoming smarter these days while adapting to technology and artificial intelligence. To explain, people are now using virtual assistants, time tracking software, automation for their bills, and banking requirements to save time, and all these tools are proving to be highly beneficial. To cite an example of upsurging technological developments is that a person can use a good time tracking software that enables him to make time estimates. This software can aid him to track time he has spent on particular tasks and record his productivity for each minute he spends on his task. Similarly, entrepreneurs can hire virtual assistants to manage their basic tasks so that they have more time to work on important tasks. As per research conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, the internal use of social media can enhance the productivity of a business as it turns out to be time-efficient for employees. ("15 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work", 2020)


To conclude, people of all ages, professions, and ambitions must value the priceless asset of time. It is evident from the above discussion that time management is a necessity for everyone and is applicable to all spheres of human life. As stated, the mismanagement of time can lead to failures, and on the other hand, managing time well offers great returns. Furthermore, there are numerous and easy ways in which an individual can learn time management and achieve goals with hiked productivity. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that time management is inclusive of managing time as well as managing productivity.

Time management is an art, which needs to be refined with each passing day. Not only it proves to be an asset for the students, but it is also highly enterprising for the employees. Further, the leaders should adopt time management practices in their daily life. There can easily help them to accomplish their goals in time as well as with high efficiency.


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