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Two types of Legislation that Affect Meeting Requirements

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Meetings are very important sources of communicating the information to the employees and the stakeholders of the various business organizations. It is considered as one of the most formal ways to share business related information with the stakeholders and employees. The two main legislation that might affect the meeting requirements of any organization are occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination policy. In addition to this, there are certain types of meetings that are undertaken by various business organizations.

Types of meetings

There are various types of meetings that are undertaken in the business organization. Some of the types of meetings are as follows-

  1. Formal meeting- The formal meetings in an organization are conducted annually in the name of the annual general meeting where the senior management of the organization makes decisions that are critical for the success of the organization and sustenance in the market. All the discussions in the formal meetings are recorded in the form of the minutes.
  2. Public meeting- In the case of public meetings, the participants are not limited to a particular number, but, anyone who is interested can participate in the meeting. These meetings are conducted to announce any public disclosures in which the organization wants the general public to participate. In this type of meetings, no minutes are counted.

Meeting code

In order to undertake the meetings in an effective and efficient manner without any hindrance, it is important that a code of meetings is established and implemented in the organization. The rules and regulations, guidance etc.  are the code of meetings that regulate the business meetings in an organization. You can know more about them by availing Assignment Help Sydney from the ones who are experts.

Legislations that affect meeting requirements

There are certain legislations which may affect the meeting requirements. The two main legislation that affect the meeting requirements in a positive or negative manner are discussed below. These legislations are-

Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Act or the Safe Works Australia is the act that has been implemented with the aim of improving the health and safety of the employees in the organization and the fair compensation of the workers. Certain penalties are imposed on the workers if they do not follow the regulations in the right manner. It is the responsibility of the organization to develop a safe and healthy work environment for the employees. Furthermore, employees in the organization must know their legal responsibilities and duties.

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For proper implementation of health and safety in the workplace, it is important for the organization to hire regulating agencies. These agencies help in undertaking the inspection of the workplaces and helping the management to consider the things that help in maintaining the minimum level of the health and safety in the organization. For providing expert advice to the organization and its management, the administrators charge some amount that is their professional fees.

Disability Discrimination Act

Disability discrimination in the organization occurs, when a particular person or the employee in the organization is treated differently from other employees or when they are not getting much importance as other employees in the organization. This happens, due to the physical or mental disability of the employee in the organization.

According to the Disability Discrimination Act (1992), it is unlawful for business organizations to discriminate any individual on the basis of his/her disability. The discrimination should be avoided in the areas of public life, employment, renting, availing services, education etc. The disability of the individual may be on a temporary basis or on the permanent basis that may include physical disfigurement, diseases or illnesses, work-related injuries etc.

In case of business meetings, the managers are not required to apply disability discrimination in the organization in the event of business meetings which means that all the employees in the organization irrespective of their status and their state of disability should get equal opportunities to make decisions in the organizations. Furthermore, their decisions must be valued by other employees or senior management in business meetings. On no ground, the participation of the disabled employees must be discouraged as this may lead to a violation of the Disability Discrimination Act of Australia (Disability discrimination | Australian Human Rights Commission, 2019).


So, in the nutshell, it can be concluded that business meetings are very important for an organization and there are majorly two types of the business meetings that are conducted in the organization such as Formal meeting and Public meeting. For effective implementation of the meetings in the organization, a meeting code must be established in an effective manner. Further two legislations must also be followed that are the Disability Discrimination Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act.


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