Eliminate the darkness of procrastination.

Abigail Johnson | 30 Apr,2021

Are you the one who feels totally uninspired to study? Do you have to push yourself really hard to get into studying and understand something? Do you feel uncomfortable just with the vision of books?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then this blog is designed especially for you! Here are explanations to some of the most provocative questions, which often result in disorienting your mind from studies. The answers and solutions to these questions, would help you self evaluate yourself and reach a stage, wherein, you can easily ward off your mind from the gloomy thoughts of procrastination in studying. These will further help you get closer to your books and achieve the most out of the energy you invest in studying.

You may delay, but time will not.

Benjamin Franklin

Here are the why’s which bother you..

  • Why am I unable to study?

    This is a question, which generally pops up in your mind, when you are not able to study and unable to put your focus into studies. This happens in spite of you placing all the efforts and concentration on your studies. Thus, with repeated failed attempts, you tend to lose hope and develop a negative attitude within yourself.

  • Why am I scoring less in exams?

    This again is a question, which keeps on annoying you, from the very beginning of your educational career. In fact, low scores in exams is not only due to less concentration or inability to study, but it is also a concern for the students who are unable to express themselves through writing.

  • Why am I not able to concentrate on studies?

    Many times, you come across this question, which you tend to ask yourself out of frustration. Or in other situations, you ask this to yourself to introspect the reasons due to which you are consistently scoring low or have been showing signs of low concentration levels from quite long.

Reasons why you procrastinate

Reasons why you procrastinate

Apart from facing the difficulties of dealing with the above mentioned questions, you often get affected by the following mentioned reasons, which make you procrastinate.

  1. You get distracted easily by a social media update or a friends phone call
  2. You do not like to get involved in studies and the mere vision of books irritates you.
  3. You are highly demotivated
  4. You have no defined vision of success in your mind.
  5. You have low- self control and cannot direct your mind positively towards the completion of your task.
  6. You are anxious and unable to concentrate
  7. You are not driven by any reward in the near future
  8. You believe there is a long time to study and the deadline is not nearby.
  9. You have poor organisational skills due to which you are not able to manage your things well.
  10. You are not aware of the importance of education.
  11. You don't self reflect upon yourself

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Now, comes the Hows

The solutions to help you stop procrastinating your studies

...the best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm, on doing today's work superbly today. That is the only possible way you can prepare for the future.

Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

The answer to why you are not able to concentrate on studies is that you have low ability to sustain your focus on something. To allow yourself to dive deeper into the sea of knowledge, you need to focus on something with single- mindedness. Further, to achieve the same, here is the mention of 5 techniques, which can easily unfold all your problems of concentration. These five techniques are simply easy to practice and these can yield highly fruitful results.

Meditate peacefully
  • Meditate peacefully:

    This has been one of the most dependable methods to increase concentration, from ages. Even if you ask your grandparents, they would also suggest this technique. Also, it is because of the worthiness of this method that you can simply rely upon it without giving a second thought. Moreover, it does not require any rocket science to get started, you just need to look for a peaceful place and sit in a comfortable position, with all your mind directed towards the name of almighty.

  • Stamp out things that distract you

    One very imperative factor that is required to get your mind concentrated at a certain point is to free yourself from all the surrounding distractions. Not only the materialistic things that distract you around can be a hurdle in your task of meditation, but even the personal thoughts of your mind can act as obstacles to your achievement of the goal. Therefore, before sitting to study or to meditate, you should always let yourself loose and free your mind from all the tensions or hurdles that might have the ability to distract you while studying.

  • Increase your willpower

    It is through this practice, that you get introduced with your inner strength and get to know the real you. There are stages to achieve this. By working on your willpower you can see yourself evolving through these 3 stages. From ‘I cannot do this’ to ‘I can do this’ to ‘I will do this’, you can certainly witness your own improvement, with the successful surpassing of each hurdle. Also, when you will reach the third stage, you will realize the difference you have achieved in yourself. This difference will allow you to accomplish the best results in your studies also.

  • Let optimism be your absolute state

    More than anything else, what is required is an optimistic attitude to change and to be able to bring a change. Thus, when you acquire a decisive approach in life and start viewing everything with the lens of positivity, then you disburden yourself from the lack of motivation. In other words, by being conclusive, you empower your mind to take charge of the situation and open the wings of your learning by acknowledging your own abilities and potential.

  • Always stay attentive

    Last but not the least, one very important method to increase concentration is to listen to everything very carefully. If you open your mind to all the learning around, then you not only increase your bandwidth of grasping knowledge but you also accustom your mind to focus on studying various topics. Also, being attentive doubles your chances of learning the lessons being taught in the class and thus, you do not have to put extra efforts in cramming or understanding them by yourself.

How do I motivate myself to study?

Now, one highly conspiring question is how to inspire yourself to study. This is one question, which generally boggles your mind with a lot of ideas, but you ultimately end up trembling and failing. So, here are 9 tips to get yourself motivated to study and in fact these tips help you to keep yourself in high spirits throughout the day.

How do I motivate myself to study?
  • Have a positive start of the day:

    A positive beginning of the day not only fills your mind with determination but also allows you to dive into the sea of happiness and peace. You can do this by chanting the name of the God as the first thing in the morning and recognizing the power of your inner self through the very energetic tool of motivation. Further you can use self- affirmation as the added method to fill your mind with high zeal and confidence and thus motivate yourself to study.

  • Define a goal

    Once you are done with offering your prayers to the almighty, then you should define your goal for the day. It is very important to allocate yourself short term goals, which act as the defining source to keep guiding you over and over again for the accomplishment of the task, decided by you. Also, you can fool the whole world, but fooling yourself is truly impossible, therefore you must align yourself to a task every morning, which you are ought to achieve by the end of the day. 

  • Make a properly defined time table

    To achieve the above stated goal, you need to work upon a time table. This time table must be in alliance to your daily preferences of the study achievements. Further this definitely has to match your academic tasks, which are being assigned by your educational institutions. In fact, by making a time table by self, you give charge to your inner consciousness to rule your mind. Thus, you do not take the chance of betraying yourself and the time table drafted by you.

  • Take healthy breaks

    While drafting the time table, you must ensure a proper space of breaks in it. Along with time being properly allocated for various subjects, there should also be sufficient time for eating and mind relaxation. These must include snacks break apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, many students live in hostels or even in rented accommodations, so if you fall in such a category, you would need to take out time for food preparation also. Thus, keeping in mind all the respective requirements, you must design the time table judiciously and alongside keep yourself motivated to study.

  • Include your favourite activity in the break

    When you devise a time table for yourself, you can take all the leverage of adding your favourite activity in the break and you must add one. By doing this, you not only relieve your senses by taking a healthy break, but you simultaneously also charge up yourself and motivate your mind to carry out your studies in a positive direction. This additionally empowers your mind to act in the much required way and you tend to learn in an even faster way.

  • Lit your room properly

    Your ambience plays an integral role in directing your mind to achieve your focus on study. If the environment around you is positive and illuminated, then your mind automatically gets disciplined to think and act emphatically. Further, you can even decorate your room with various elements of self inspiration, which eradicate your negative thoughts leading to the development of a calm and positive state of mind.

  • Reiterate your vision

    This is certainly an important aspect that can help you motivate yourself again and again. For this, you need to recall your vision and acquaint your mind with the positive outcomes of exercising your vision. By doing this time and again, your mind will get familiarised with the profits and will eventually start aiming for it.

  • Take inspiration from a friend

    This can be one of the most motivating sources, when you command your mind, ‘I want to become like him’. Also, it can prove to be a highly successful technique as you have a certain image in mind, which you want to achieve. Additionally, when you try to imitate a friend’s success, you already have a route in hand, following the path of which, you can certify yourself of accomplishing the target. To imatitate your friend , you can participate in a group work with your friend. While studying in group you would be able to work on some case studies together and this will hone your skills.

  • Take technological assistance

    In today’s technological world, any task is incomplete without the intervention of technology, and so is the process of motivating yourself. Moreover, the technological tools around you can help you remind yourself of following your timetable by heart and even they keep a track of your daily activities. Further at the end of the day, these tools can assist you in analysing your flaws and what are areas, where you need to work upon.

Furthermore, many of the tech tools in the present world, help you relieve your mind from stress and give you a break from the hectic schedule. It is by listening to music, watching humorous videos, stand up comedians or playing games on mobile or I phones, can help you take a break from the deep dwelling courses of your study.

How to balance exams and college assignments?

Undoubtedly college assignments and homework do stand as a hurdle when it comes to completing the learning and analyzing tasks. The daily assignments that are given by your college professors are certainly very demanding. These assignments require a considerable amount of time investment, due to which you face problems in studying. 

How to balance exams and college assignments?

In fact, sometimes, the complexity of the assignments is so high that your entire day gets engrossed in doing just one assignment. Procastinating homework has its own disadvantages and may impact your grades.  But struggle between your daily tasks and homework results in putting aside all the other works, which you had decided for the day. Therefore, to assist you in completing your task of the day, we at Assignment help 4 me, take the assignment part from you, so that you can easily manage other studying tasks. This even allows you to successfully follow each and every part of your time table well, with full precision.


What does procrastination mean


Procrastination means to delay something which you have to do till some future time. Most often you keep on procrastinating until the deadline approaches too close or the work becomes extremely urgent. Thus, procrastination is considered as a habit which you should get rid of.

Why can't I stop procrastinating?


One of the simplest reasons why you can’t stop procrastinating is that you don’t find the task to be done as enjoyable. So, you lack the motivation to complete the task and you keep on procrastinating.

How to overcome procrastination


‘Motivation’ is an antidote to procrastination. So, you can overcome procrastination by motivating yourself to do the work which you have been procrastinating to do. Further, you can utilize motivational videos, podcasts and quotes to motivate yourself.