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Decision made during one-week period

Today, the ever changing workplace demands greater flexibility in the ways people make and implement their decisions. Decisions must be made logically in situations that are complex to handle. In my life, I come across number of situations where I felt a need to take important decisions related to my life and career. All my decisions that I took is as per my needs and interests. For instance, opting a management course and joining training course for enhancing my communication skills are some of the decisions that I took in my life.  

Major decision

Sometimes, when a person comes across number of options to choose from, he/she might get confused. This might hinder the person’s ability to take major decisions in his life. However, taking major decisions associated with career is as important as implementing those decisions.

Decision making preferences

Making decision preferences is very significant when it comes to giving priority and importance to the decisions for its implementation. Decision making preferences deals with identifying individual decision preferences and determining the ways of bringing flexibility to the use of one’s own decision making style.

Personality style/strengths and impact on decision making style

Individual’s personality affects his/her decision making style at work as well as in personal life. Every time a person makes a decision, he/she is required to consider their personality traits and strengths and weaknesses. A person must have control on his emotions when making decisions of his life. He must not easily get influenced by thoughts and feelings of others and should possess the quality of self-awareness to make major life decisions. He must be conscious of his thoughts and actions and must possess the ability to implement his actions with full enthusiasm and confidence.

Sources of data and use of decision making tools

For making decisions, one should use different sources of data. For example, if the decision is related to choice of career option, then one should search internet to find out relevant job opportunities or could take career guidance from an experienced person. Also, if one is confused in making decision of which course he/she should undertake, he might take help from different universities’ brochure of websites.

There are number of decision making tools that could help a person in taking his/her decisions. These tools include Rational Decision Making Model, Bounded Rationality Model, Dual Processing Model, etc.

Evaluation and significance of decisions

It is always a good idea to be able to look at one’s decision from multiple perspectives. A person must be able to develop clear understanding of the what is actually needed that could influence person’s decision. Evaluating a decision is important in terms of knowing whether the decision is good for the person or not. Along with this, knowing the significance of a particular decision could help the person to take appropriate actions for its implementation.

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