An Essay on self- a torch bearer to your hidden self

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An Essay on self- a torch bearer to your hidden self!

Abigail Johnson | 05 Apr,2021

Expressing your thoughts through words is not everyone’s cup of tea. You often find yourself stuck in the middle of the passage, where you are just unable to find correct words to communicate rightly. The task becomes even tougher, when you are a student. It is mainly because the life of a student is highly stressed and writing can never be fruitful, when it is carried out in pressurised conditions. You need to have a smooth set of mind along with peaceful surroundings, to be able to write effectively.

In fact you start to stumble over words, when you are being asked to write about yourself. However, being a student you are many times given the task of writing an essay on yourself. Such tasks not only require you to think deeply but an introspect into your own personality is highly essential to process the writing task

Additionally, an essay on self is actually a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings about yourself. You are not only required to underline the flaws of your personality but also need to highlight the strengths, you possess being an intellectual being. Also, not to miss the point that for many students like you, it is easier to talk about your flaws whereas it takes real good time to investigate your strengths within. So, through this blog we aim to solve all your respective problems and provide you a step by step guide to write an essay on self.

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Step 1- Know about yourself

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Bill Ford

The very first step to equip your mind with the resourceful information is to know about yourself. Though, you might think that you know everything about yourself, but when you will actually sit to write, then you would feel blank at the very moment. So the best thing is to first jot down all the information and then start writing on it. Now, before jotting, one prerequisite is to analyse the information. Further, this examination is divided into various sections

Personality Tests you can take

Each one of you has a different personality and it is a well proven fact that you are mostly unaware of the type you fall into. Adding on, there are many factors that help you explicitly define your personality and give direction to your thought process. Moreover, it is with the help of these analysis, that you get words to define yourself and your essay gets the support of definitive ideologies.

Test 1- Empathy Map

An Empathy map is a great tool which you can use to gain deeper insights into yourself. It is divided into six sections namely- Thinking, Seeing, Doing, Feeling, Pain and Gain. All these sections have their respective purpose in helping you take a deeper plunge into your personality, which has been explained below:

  • Thinking

    This section of the empathy map, draws you to introspect upon the way you think and perceive things. Every person has a different way of thinking. For example, if you see a cloud in the sky, you may perceive it to be a ball, whereas your friend may think of it as a burger. This simply means that your thoughts are more inclined towards sports, whereas your friend has his thoughts more inclined towards food. So, in the thinking section you have to go inside your mind, and find out that one thing, around which your thoughts are centered around, most of the time.

  • Seeing

    This section of the empathy map, involves finding out your vision about yourself. Do you see yourself as a healer? Or Do you see yourself as a peacemaker or is it something else? There is always some quality of yours, based on which you see yourself. For instance, if you see yourself as a healer, then you see so because of your qualities of extending care and comfort to the people around you. Therefore, in this section of the empathy map, you have to find out your vision for yourself and then align your inherent qualities in accordance to your vision.

  • Doing

    This section of the empathy map, is centered around finding your deepest passion in life, like what do you wish to become and do in your life? It is not necessarily about your career goal. It may be about anything which you wish to do and feel to be your purpose in life such as helping the needy, keeping your loved ones happy and becoming a great scientist. It is with the help of this ‘doing’ section, that you’ll get to know about your vision for your future.

  • Feeling

    The feeling section of the empathy map, prompts you to introspect and find out how you feel about yourself. For this, you will have to ask yourself some simple questions like Do I feel happy about myself? Do I feel content? and all such questions which you wish to ask yourself about. Once you have derived your answer, you have to proceed further towards figuring out the ‘Why’ behind your answers and then write your responses down in the feelings section. This way, you’ll be able to have a detailed look at your feelings about yourself. This awareness can act as your door to self-improvement. For example, if you are not happy with yourself and you know the reason why, then you can take workable steps to self-improve and become a happier version of yourself.

  • Pain

    The pain section of the empathy map, draws you to introspect about the things in life, which have hurt you the most. This analysis will help you in widening your awareness about things which you are most sensitive towards. Your pain points may be anything from losing a competition you so wished to win or losing a loved one.

  • Gain

    The gain section of the empathy map, is in exact contrast to the pain section. It prompts you to introspect about different things which have made you feel at your happiest in life. It may range anything from having a beautiful family to being able to bring a smile on the face of someone in grief. However, do make sure to note down each and everything which has ever made you feel like being the happiest person on the planet. This analysis will help you look deeply into what actually brings you the desired happiness in life.

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Test 2- Daniel Goleman EQ test

Emotional Intelligence is defined as your ability to recognize your own emotions and the emotions of others, both individually and while working in a group. Your Emotional Intelligence has a direct impact on your personality. If you know how to manage your emotions well, you’ll ultimately pave your way towards the development of an influential and balanced personality. Thus, this section will help you analyse your EQ, which would be highly helpful while writing an essay on self.

According to the famous psychologist Daniel Goleman, your emotional intelligence is made up of five elements namely self-awareness, self-Regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. It is your combined score of all these parameters which determines your overall Emotional Quotient. The five elements of emotional intelligence have been discussed below in detail

  • Self-Awareness

    It has been scientifically proven that the people who have a great self-awareness about themselves, have a great sense of control over their emotions. As a result, they have a high level of emotional intelligence. There are a number of ways with the help of which you can dig deeper into yourself and become self-aware. Mindfulness, Introspection and Meditation are some examples. Along with this you can also use an Empathy map as a medium to widen your understanding of the self.

  • Self-Regulation

    Self-Regulation is all about staying in control of your emotions and feelings. For example, if you stay in control, even after being extremely angry about something, then you are a self-regulated person. This implies that it is not your senses which control you, rather you exercise your control over them. Thus, a self-regulated person is in complete control of himself and possesses a high Emotional Quotient. Further, you can become self-regulated only if you have a deep sense of self-awareness. This is because you can stay in control of your emotions and feelings, only if you are conscious about them. The practice of mindfulness is the best technique to stay in a conscious state of awareness and thus, it is also the best method to become self-regulated.

  • Motivation

    Your success in your life and career depends on how motivated you are and your motivation level is strongly correlated to your emotions. For example, if you are feeling sad or depressed, then you are bound to have a low level of motivation and the vice-versa if also true. Therefore, your motivation level is a great deterministic parameter of your emotional intelligence. Furthermore, you can enhance your emotional quotient by inculcating the skill of self-motivation. There are a number of ways to do so and staying self-disciplined, reiterating the vision of your dreams and eliminating the sources of distraction, are some of them.

  • Empathy

    As defined above, emotional intelligence is your ability to understand your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Empathy is that element of your emotional quotient which determines your ability to comprehend the emotions of other people around you. In order to develop a strong empathy, you should first visualize the situation from the perspective of others by putting yourself in their shoes. By doing so, you can develop an idea of other people’s emotions in a particular situation. Furthermore, being empathetic, involves being an active listener. Therefore, you should also work on listening to the feelings of others in a calm and peaceful manner.

  • Social Skills

    Social skills are defined as the skills which you use to communicate with others around you. They determine your ability to influence others and thus, form an important part of your emotional intelligence. Your social skills comprise of both the verbal and non-verbal mediums of communication. So, in order to become an emotionally intelligent person, it is vital for you to work on both your verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills. For verbal skills, you can improve them by inculcating a habit of reading, listening to podcasts and taking up a soft skills course. For non-verbal skills, you can improve them by inculcating an effective body language. This can be done by reading books on body-language, watching YouTube videos and by taking up a personality development course.

These factors collectively help to take a deeper dive into your personality and even allow you to identify your weak points where you need to work upon. All these things together, lays a strong foundation of your content for ‘Essay on Self’.

Test 3- Johari Window

Explanation of Johari Window

The Johari Window is an effective tool of personality development, which consists of four panes namely- The Open Area or the Arena, The Blind spot, The Hidden Self and The Unknown Self. Before, beginning with the significance of this technique in personality development, let us first try to understand the meaning of the four panes of the Johari Window.

  • Open Area or Aren

    The open area or the arena represents those things about you, which are known both to you as well as other people, you come in contact with. It is because of your openness about such things that you find it comfortable to share them with others.

  • The Blind spot

    The blind spot represents those things about you which are not known to you, but are known to other people. These things may be either positive or negative in nature. For example, you may not be aware about your ability to comfort others, but the people whom you have comforted, when they needed it the most, may very well know about your comforting nature. To sum up, the blind spot includes the perceptions others form about you, with the help of your personality traits.

  • The Hidden Self

    The Hidden Self represents those things about the self which are known to you but are not known to other people around you. These things are generally the ones, which you feel reluctant to share. The Hidden Self may include anything from your fears to the secrets which you like to keep undisclosed.

  • The Unknown Self

    The Unknown self represents those things about your personality which are neither known to you, nor to others. The Unknown Self may include anything such as your talents, feelings and emotions, which remain hidden from your consciousness.

Johari Window

Implication on your Personality

Now that you have understood the meaning of all the four panes, it’s time for you to know about the significance of these panes of the Johari Window, in personality development. Let us discuss the significance of all these panes in the development of your personality, one by one.

  • Open Area or Arena

    The size of your open area, most importantly determines two things, i.e. How authentic your personality is and how trustworthy you are? This is because the size of your arena, directly impacts the size of your blind spot and your hidden self. Having a large arena suggests that you are fairly open in displaying your true self in front of others and you do not have much to hide from. This makes you a completely genuine and trustworthy person. Further, it is definitely not possible for you and anyone to have no blind spots, hidden self or the unknown self, but as per Johari Window concept, it is best to have your arena as large in size as possible. This is because the larger your arena, the more authentically you can live your life without spending your energy on hiding unnecessary things from others.

    In order to increase the size of your arena, you just have to start living as your true self, without faking anything, along with working on reducing the size of your blindspots and hidden self, with the help of ways which have been discussed in the respective sections below.

  • The Blind Spot

    As discussed above, the blind spot is the pane of information which is not known to you, but is known to others. The blind spot arises from the behaviors and traits which you display, but unconsciously. Thus, the blind spot is a doorway for you to enhance your self-awareness by becoming aware of your unconscious traits. In order to know about your blind spots, you will have to solicit detailed feedback from your friends and dear ones about their perception of your personality. But do make sure to request your dear ones, to be as true as possible.

    This is because only a true feedback can help you in identifying both the negative as well as positive traits of your personality, which have been long hidden from you. Further, once you have identified the negative traits, you can start devising ways to improve them. And as your positive traits represent your strengths, you can add more charm to your personality, by taking meaningful steps to polish them.

  • The Hidden Self

    It is often that you spend a lot of your energy hiding things from people, which you think, might not be liked by them. Although this is not always the case, still it is so most of the time. As a result, you end up becoming someone you are actually not. This is not only unjustified towards your close relationships but it is equally unjustified towards your own self because you refrain from letting your true self shine through you.

    As a result, you feel incomplete within, and all your energy gets drained in becoming likable by others. Therefore, you should always try to minimize the size of this pane as much as possible. Moreover, it is completely okay and normal for you and anyone to have a hidden self, but it should never be that large in size, so that it keeps you from accepting who you are actually, and living as your true self.

  • The Unknown Self

    As discussed above, your unknown self is neither known to you, nor to others. It is this unknown element of your personality, which makes you infinite and prompts you to move closer to the self, with exploration. By exploration, it means to try your hands at everything new you can, as you never know how, when and where you will be introduced to a new facet of your personality, which had been unknown to you in the past. For example, if you get an opportunity to speak in public, you should accept it courageously, even if you haven’t done such a thing earlier in your life. Who knows you might actually have great public speaking skills, which you have never been able to identify earlier. Therefore, the unknown self is an inspiration for you to evolve into a better personality by exploring the self.

This is how the different panes of the Johari window, enlighten your path towards personality development. Further after gaining such explicit information about self, it gets really convenient for you to write a detailed essay on self.

Your work Background

After taking a deep dive into your inner self, now is the time to jot down about work experience. The type of work you do has a great impact on your personality. It also has a strong influence on the way you perceive and present things. Thus, after deriving a proper analytical detail about your personality, you should relate it with the factors present in your life. Also, a certain personality trait can be a result of your past experience and the marks it has left on you. Further, you could have gained these experiences from your relative workplaces, you have been employed at in the past many years.

However, being a student, the years of your work involvement are relatively less. Therefore, it becomes quite easy to analyse things in concern. Moving on, to ensure that you do not miss any part of the work background information, you should divide the detail into sections.

  • Employers worked with

    Here you need to write down the employer types or the industries you have employed at in the past. Especially, the immediate boss and the people around have a relative impact on your thinking and personality, so analysing the people you have stayed or spent time with, in the past, you can easily track the experience and knowledge you have gained from them.

  • Years of association

    The length of your association with a company, speaks volumes about your personality. Additionally, the longer you stay with a company, the more you tend to acquire knowledge from them.

  • Types of jobs employed at

    The types of jobs you have performed in the past or you are working in the present, helps you check on your abilities. Always remember thinking about something and actually accomplishing it, are two different things. Therefore, you should evaluate yourself from the job types you have done, not from what you think you can do.

  • Qualification

    This qualification is different from your education. It primarily defines your work skills, you are adept at. Taking a note of these qualities is important, because it helps you realise your calibre and the areas you can work upon easily. Also, these skills help you set your future goals and work areas, where you wish to grow and achieve in your future.

  • Friends from past organisations

    Though, this reflects your personality type and people you bond with, but, it also helps you define your course of career orientation. Many times, you get inspired by your friends for choosing a particular job or course. So, penning down your friend’s chart, can help you know your work background and interest generation in detail.

  • Pace of improvement

    Now, this is very important to note down, as it helps you know your calibre in brief. More than the theoretical sessions, improvement in the practical learning at work places, matters the most. You are therefore required to take a deeper insight into the time you have taken to learn or adapt yourself into the respective work type.

One major point to note is, being a student you would not have invested much of your time at work, so you can just investigate the time period you have spent working. These points, when analysed in detail, help you write a comprehensive essay on yourself. In case, you do not have this much time to actually read and assess yourself, then you can quickly place an order for a self essay with us at Assignmenthelp4me. Our super efficient writers make sure to draft your assignments with absolute excellence and make sure that you get ‘A Grade’ in your college assessments.

Your Skills and Knowledge

Further to work experience, now is the turn of assessing your skills and knowledge. To be able to righly portray yourself in a write up, you should have a well evaluated detail on the skills you possess. These skills help you place yourself appropriately in the very field of work that suits you and allows you to choose the perfect work destination for you.

There are many skill assessment tests online, based on your professional field, which actually help you test your proficiency in the field. These tests assess your skills sets and mark the places where you lack behind and thus show you the path ahead.

Areas covered under skill assessment

Skill Assessment Tests measure all the major three skills which are essential for you to flourish in your career, namely hard skills, soft skills and leadership skills. Each one of them has been discussed below:

  • Hard skills

    The hard skills assessment measures your caliber in a specific field. It is by conducting a detailed examination of your abilities to accomplish particular tasks, relating to a specific field that your hard skills are identified in a skills assessment test. The ability to teach, write computer code and ability to handle machines are some examples of hard skills.

  • Soft Skills

    Soft skills determine your ability to communicate with others in a gentle and harmonious manner. These skills play a vital role in all spheres of your life both personal as well as professional. Therefore, soft skills form an essential part of skills assessment tests.

  • Leadership skills

    Leadership skills are vital for your growth in life. This is because good leadership skills provide you with the ability to influence others. Further, just like soft skills, leadership skills also play a crucial role in both your professional as well as personal life. This is because whether or not you have to lead others, but you have to lead yourself into becoming the best version of yourself. Thus, leadership skills form an integral part of the skills assessment test.

Types of skills assessment tests

Types of skills assessment tests

There are different types of skills assessment tests available today. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • MAPP Assessment test

    MAPP stands for – Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential. This test which takes nearly 22 minutes to complete, provides you with clear and detailed information about your skills, on the basis of which you can find out the right career for you. In other words, the MAPP Assessment test will help you identify your inner calling, which is something you would love to do, based on different skills which you possess. Further, this test has been validated by a number of influential psychologists of the world, and offers extremely reliable results. You can find this test easily on the internet and develop clear insights into your career skills.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most reliable tests, which you can take to enhance your self-awareness about your unique strengths, weaknesses and communication skills. It is in this awareness that you can form a clear picture of the self and identify the different types of skills which you possess. In order to take the Myer Briggs, test you can contact certified counselors, consultants and coaches and they’ll help you with it. This test is available in both online as well as pen paper format. You can choose to take the test in any of the two ways which have been mentioned here. Later, you can collect your Myer Briggs test report and develop clear insights into your personality and skills.

Knowledge assessment test

Apart from skills, the knowledge you have about your course, marks a great impression on your personality. This knowledge not only helps you in defining your interests but also helps you identify the areas where you need to work upon.

There are a number of knowledge assessment tests online, which you can easily take and gather more material for writing an essay on self.

What is covered in the knowledge assessment test

Knowledge assessment tests mainly vary with respect to the field of your course. These tests aim to test your subject knowledge and tell you where you stand in terms of your intellectual ability. This is the reason that these tests are taken by students like you to check their capability in the subjects of their course. These tests range from normal verbal or mathematical skills to professional and precise knowledge about the course in concern.

Write down your Educational Qualification

Further to the skill and knowledge tests, now is the time to do a check on your educational qualifications. In this step, you need to make a checklist of all the qualifications you have earned in your student life. Writing these down, not only help you realise your self worth but also help you gain a deeper understanding of your calibre and the potentials. It is also a great source to boost your confidence and charge yourself up to manage your flaws well in a dignified manner.

Moreover, a recap of all your proficiencies and degrees, give your mind more food for thought. With this detailed section of information, you gain the momentum of writing explicitly about your accomplishments and areas you have gained perfection in. Moreover, the mention of your qualifications and expertise help you authenticate your information and draws your reader closer to your context. Additionally, when you mention your college degrees and relative details, you grab more attention of your readers with the factor of credibility and relativity.

Evaluate your Decision making skills

To define your true personality, you need to evaluate yourself in terms of decision making skills. The firmness or the quickness you show while taking decisions, depict a lot about you. Also, to be able to tackle the toughest situations with ease, you need positive decision making skills. Following is the mention of five skills, the self evaluation of which help you decide your type as a decision maker.

  • Intuitive skills

    Intuitive decision making skills involve using your intuition to take the required decisions in your life. ‘Intuition’ is your ability to understand something and arrive at a conclusion without engaging in conscious reasoning. These decisions are not believed to be always correct as it involves the gut feeling rather than the rational or logical thinking.

  • Satisficing decision making skills

    This decision making skill is directed at the accomplishment of the task, irrespective of the quality of the solution proposed. Here the main aim is just to meet the needs, with giving investing much time and energy into better available options.

  • Rational decision making skills

    This is the decision making skill that is based on rational and logical thinking. Here you take the decision over a matter only after examining the situation in depth. This certainly includes the analysis of all the positive and negative effects that the particular decision makes on its respective bearers. So, being highly thoughtful, you take a calculative decision before finalising your word over the matter.

  • Collaborative decision making skills

    This is the decision that you take in collaboration with someone, who could be your friend or your classmate. This highlights that you are adept at taking decisions collectively with the help of team members. Moreover, team working skills are valuable, when it comes to a student life or even after that, in your professional life.

  • Combination decision making skills

    This particular skill accounts for the combined usage of two or three decision making skills. Many times you use this combination to add accuracy in your decision and make it more appealing with respect to your audience and achievement of your own goal.

Think about your life goals

An essay on self should definitely include your life goals, both the short term and long term, which you plan to achieve in the future. To be able to pen down these goals, you must have them properly lined up in your mind. If you already have a plan, then that's great, but if you have not decided any workable plan for yourself, then you must work upon a career map.

A career map or a career graph helps you to define your goals precisely and set a timeline for each. In a way, you can outline your entire career chart beforehand, provided you are clear what you want to achieve in life. These factors are highly crucial to set an aim for yourself in life and make sure that you keep moving towards a progressive path.

Further, you should have backup plans also. In case you face any hurdles or troubles in achieving Plan A, then Plan B should always be there to keep you covered.

One very important thing here is that you need to have a healthy brainstorming session with your brain. There must be many learnings in your unconscious mind, which would guide you at this point of time. Along with this, you can also take help of family, teachers, professionals and the internet, if you get stuck while designing your career map.

Additionally, it will give you strong points to mention in your essay and you would be able to write an amazingly informative piece. However, in the process of writing, if you face any problem, then do not forget that we, at Assignmenthelp4me, are always present online for your help. You just need to take a step forward and rest would be actively taken care of by our professional associates.

Think about your passions

Moving further, an essay on self is sure to be incomplete if you miss out your passions and hobbies. These are the parts of your life, which actually complete you, so missing you these, would mean presenting an incomplete self of yours.

Think about your passions

Though, most of you are aware about your passions, but just to reintroduce the meaning of passion to you, here is a brief detail.

  • Passion is what makes you happy from within, doing which you feel highly satisfied. It can even be your profession or education, about which you feel highly passionate.

  • Passion is the driving force that yields the maximum benefit for you. When you get involved in a task, you are passionate about, you are sure to give double- triple energy of yours, which automatically increases the productivity level.

  • If you are passionate about the work, you do, every single effort of your day gets value for the energy you put in. It is because, you not only put your mind into the task, but you do it with all your heart.

Now, you have to see what you are passionate about. You need to ask yourself, what is that one thing that puts your mind at work and you never feel exhausted doing the same. Not to forget, a passionate career option is actually the best developmental path in today’s competitive environment. So, identifying your passion rightly can help you in the absolute way and this can be a great source of inspiration for outlining your career map.

Talk about your hobbies

Many of you would say, we have already discussed passion, then why hobbies, they are one and the same thing. This is actually a wrong notion, hobbies and passions are different from each other.

Hobbies are actually the small relaxation breaks that you take from your work, to give a breather to yourself. On the other hand, passions are often taxing and pose a challenge to your mind for their completion. Moreover, the nature of passion is always believed to be demanding. It is one which boosts your mind with the energy to take that extra mile and achieve the task. This extra mile is usually ‘the very difficult step’, which you would never have taken, if you would not have been passionate about the task.

Though a hobby can be a passion, converting passion into a hobby is quite tough for individuals, because the time and energy consumption in the latter is quite high. Also, the self set goals for passionate tasks are generally beyond your own expectations and you always tend to set a level higher for the next time.

Thus, here you need to focus on finding your hobbies, which can range from reading books, watching TV, Listening music, playing football or even painting. These are the tasks you get involved in, when you are really tired from work and want to take a break from difficulties around. With the practise of hobbies, you endeavor to create a soothing environment for yourself, one which is highly comforting and allows you to relieve tensions of work.

Step 2. Prepare the Draft

You must be thinking, what all have I done till now? Why have I been intriguing myself this much?

The answer is, you have actually made the work really easy for yourself by gathering and brainstorming all the essential information, which is now going to make your essay a worthy read. This is the step, where you need to give words to all the information you have collected through the extensive research process you have carried, within yourself.

Before moving forward to the writing process, here is a quick review of the essay structure. This will help you divide your content into a few simple paragraphs, which is easy to write as well as convenient for the reader to comprehend.

  • Introduction

    This is the part where you need to introduce the reader about your basic information. Along with carrying the elements of truthfulness and credibility, you must remember that you need to attract the attention of the readers in the initial paragraphs.

    Gone are the days, when you needed to create a lengthy base for your write up and hook up stories to gain attention. Now, you need to write simple and start simple. The basic way of writing effectively is to present your information straight- forward, without any moulding or twisting the facts.

    Moreover, the introduction has to be maximum one to two paragraphs, with not much detailing of the content concerned.

  • Body paragraphs

    After the introduction, it is the turn of the body paragraph, which actually consist of all the important information you want to present about yourself. Remember, that you need to present one idea in a paragraph. Your each body paragraph should consist of one main idea complemented by supporting ideas and details. Moreover, your content becomes all the more credible when you present your facts with relevant examples from your life.

    There can be a maximum of 3-4 body paragraphs, depending on the word count given by your college professor for the assignment. Further, you need to make sure that your essay consists of well connected paragraphs as well as well aligned sentences in between the paragraphs. These paragraphs form the strength of your essay, so every paragraph should exhibit the values of perfection and integrity.

    Furthermore, you should never forget that it is short sentences and simple words, that form the key to powerful and compelling writing. Thus, you should not unnecessarily use flowery words in your writing and must always ensure maintaining the very essence of your essay.

  • Conclusion

    This is the part, which forms the end of your essay. The purpose of a conclusion is to recapitulate the crux of all the important points mentioned in the essay, along with presenting a suggestion as a solution to the problems discussed. However, you should make sure that the same is done in an interesting way, by presenting the facts with an in depth view and directing an angle to probe further.

Always remember, you should not introduce anything new in the conclusion and you should not hold a predictive tone in your content. For more detailed guide on conclusion writing visit - how to write an conclusion guide.

Now, when you have revised the structure of an essay, it is the time to draft it point by point. Alongside, keep in mind that you need to stick to one main idea in a paragraph. This would be really helpful in maintaining the flow of the essay and keeping your audience engaged. In case, you face difficulties in drafting the essay, then you can simply count on us. We at Assignmenthelp4me, can readily help you in the completion of your assignment.

Step-3. The final Edit

This is the step when you have to give the final touch to your essay. Beside just editing the essay, you also need to verify the facts right. Here you follow the steps to make sure that the content you have just written matches the standard of your college and you end up getting high grades for your assignment.

  • Edit the grammar of the essay

    This is the very first step, to ensure that there is no grammatical, sentence structure or connectivity error in your essay for self. Remember, the tone to be used here, is first person as you are talking your own self to the reader.

  • Match all the facts

    While revising the essay, you must make sure you match all the factual details properly. This consists of the college information, degrees, educational institutions and details about your personal self, which you have included in your essay.

  • Make sure you have given a catchy headline

    The headline of your essay should be explanatory and interesting. It should be able to catch the attention of the reader and lure him to read further.

  • Do not talk hayway

    If you have explicitly followed all the above steps of research about yourself, then you would surely not have gone away from the track. Thus, to ensure that you stick to the very purpose of your essay, you must assure the inclusion of all the points discussed in step 1.

  • A self reflection

    An essay on self means a reflection of your mind and heart. So, while reading your essay, you should feel totally engrossed and connected with it. If the content fails to bring that feeling in you, then you surely have missed out some loops. In such a case, you need to read it again and join the threads, wherever there has been a gap.

With this, your essay on self, becomes a totally presentable document, which can not only help you gain high scores in your assignment but is also a great method that leads your path to self improvement.

Example- An essay on Self

Now is the turn of an example of ‘An essay on self’. For this, we have made a hypothetical detailing of a student, which will help you understand how to link the points. This example will make it very easy for you to write the self essay. It has all the points in detail. These explanations further help you in writing an assignment on self essay.

Additionally, an exact presentation of the self essay as an example is the perfect direction for you. Using this you can frame an essay for self. In case, you get confused about the structure, this example will help you right. Moving further, you can also take idea for vocabulary from this.

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Background information for Self essay sample

In this section, we are taking an example of a hypothetical boy named Richard Joseph. All his details are mentioned in the first sections. Further his personality is analysed with the use of various personality tests. These tests act as a window to his various likes and dislikes. Additionally, there is information about each section as described above.

The detailing of all sections make it very convenient for you to write the essay. For making a self essay, you can also introspect the information in the same way. To do it effectively, you should sit in a calm and noise free place. The serenity of the environment will allow you to look deep inside you and gather the best information from self.

Personal Details

  • Student Name: Richard Joseph

  • Gender: Male

  • Course: Bachelors of Fine Arts (Design and Production) from University of Melbourne

  • Age: 22

Empathy Map

  • Think

    Richard likes fancy buildings. He wants to become an architect and give life to some great innovative designs.

  • See

    Living on the university campus, he witnesses a lot of creativity around. He believes himself to be a smile creator as he spreads smiles wherever he goes. This is the reason he has lots of friends.

  • Do

    Loves to watch movies and roam with friends. Loves eating out with his group of friends. Being a happy go lucky person, his motive is always to wave off the clouds of sadness from people’s lives.

  • Feeling

    He feels that he can be a great source of help for people around. This is the reason he wants to build innovative architecture for the people. Also, he feels that all his friends love him, except few, who are jealous of his positive nature.

  • Pain

    The biggest pain in Joseph’s life is the irony of his life. His father left him and his mother, when he was very young. So, he has seen a lot of difficulties throughout his life. He wants to give back the days of happiness to his mother.

  • Gain

    Being a positive influencer, Joseph has happily solved the problems of a number of friends, be it a small help in their assignments or in their life as a totality. He has always been a torch bearer in the life of his friends.

Results of Daniel Goleman EQ Test

Richard has a good level of emotional intelligence. However, he sometimes finds it tough to regulate his emotions.

He is highly motivated and has great empathy towards others. Additionally he possesses strong social skills as he quickly makes friends and stands by them whenever needed.

Johari Window

  • Open Areas

    He is a happy individual and wants to become a renowned architect.

  • Blind spot

    He feels himself to be highly strong emotionally, but at times he is not able to control his emotions.

  • Hidden Self

    He is a very caring person towards his mother and is constantly tensed about her health and their financial well being. He is also thoughtful about his future accomplishments.

  • Unknown self

    He is highly talented and should be easily able to accomplish the goal of his life.

Work background

Currently pursuing graduation so hasn't gained much experience related to his work field. However, Richard works part time in a bakery and also assists the bakery owner in the renovation of his property. He is very friendly towards people at work and is constantly involved in the progressive tasks. His high motivation level boosts up the spirit of his team members, which is why he is the favourite of his employer.

Prior to this, he has also worked on a design project with one of his seniors from college. His hard work and sincerity towards work helped him gain a lot of respect and recognition in college.

Skills, knowledge and education

Based on the skills and knowledge assessment test, he again got the same results that he is good in the field of design and architecture and has great career prospects in the same field.

Further, about his educational qualification, it has already been mentioned that he is an undergraduate and particularly excels in the field of creativity and designing. His intellectual powers have time and again proven to be highly resourceful for the development of his career as well as of his friends.

Moreover, his decision making skills are inclined more towards rational thinking as he makes sure to practically judge all the factors, before finalising one aspect.

Goals in life and other details

His life goals are further in very much alignment with his passion that is to become a design architect. This is the reason, he chose this undergraduate course from one of the most reputed universities of the world. It took him considerable time and effort to be able to register a place for himself in one of the most prestigious universities of the world, but the efforts are proving their worth. His continuous hard work is sure to yield great results for him.

His hobbies include making new friends, dining out at new places, collecting and introspecting new ideas and designs in his mind for his future use. This proves that he is extremely passionate towards his goal in life.

An essay on self- by Richard Joseph

The low and high tides of life introduces us to some of the most amazing and learned lessons. These teachings remain with us throughout our life, because we have self experienced them and most importantly, happily or sadly, we have lived with that moment.

I, Richard Joseph, will today take you on a tour of my life journey and through this essay you will be able to witness the course, my life has taken me through and the one, I have planned for myself further.

First of all, I would like to tell you that I love to smile and spread smiles around me. I firmly believe that there is no medicine greater than happiness and if you wish to sustain through the difficulties of life, then you must train yourself to be happy. It is actually my sword against all the sorrows I have and the hurdles which I meet along the way of my dream accomplishment.

To introduce you with my dreams, I am highly enthusiastic about my passions in life, which is the reason I have taken the decision of converting my passion into my profession. Also, I truly believe that by following the path of my dreams, I can easily and assuredly attain perfection in my work. For the fulfilment of the same, I am pursuing Bachelors of Fine Arts (Design and Production) from the University of Melbourne. In addition to this, I am presently assisting my boss in the designing of his new gourmet store. This is giving my vision new directions as I am able to practically employ my learnings into his project.

Moving further to my personal life, I am a happy go lucky person and I love to spend time with my friends and family. Honestly, every single thing that I do is ambitioned towards the happiness of my mother, who has gone through a lot of miseries for my upbringing. It is by the virtue of her hard work that today I am studying in a highly reputed college and have the courage to live my dreams. To give her a soulful life, filled with happiness and contentment, I aim to achieve the best of success in my life.

Additionally, through the various personality tests I took, it came out that I am a highly emotional being and my emotional behaviour has proven to be my strength as well as weakness. Though, I am trying to work out on my emotions and would try to ensure that they do not pose any threat to my mental and life balance in future. There have been events in the past, where my pain areas have broken me down emotionally, but now I wish to conquer over my fears and rise as a stronger human being, who is highly rational and decisive in nature.

The riddles of life cannot be just solved by talking about them, you need to act diligently to produce comprehensive results. Thus, I wish to attain the dreams of my life, with profound establishment of consciousness and actualization of every step that I have planned for the growth of my career.

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

John Lennon

As rightly quoted by John Lenon, life is highly unpredictable, not everything is meant to go as you plan. Nevertheless, life cannot be complete without plans, so an essay on self, is actually an enlightening experience that you give to yourself. This helps you entail your life story in short and clears out the blurred thoughts of your mind about the future progress of your life.


What does an essay on self include ?

An essay on self includes all the major and impressive details about yourself such as introduction, major life events, challenges you have faced and how they have changed you as a human being. All these things together comprise an essay on self.

How to write a self introduction essay?

To write a good self introduction essay, you have to keep some things in mind. First of all you have to tell the basic details about yourself such as your name, educational details and professional details. Afterwards, you have to elaborate about yourself as a person. This can include your personality traits, ambitions, life experiences and other similar things. But, do make sure to present all these details in a creative and clear manner.

Why do colleges give assignments on self essay

Introspecting and knowing about oneself is an integral part of learning. But, many times students don’t engage in self-introspection on their own. Thus, colleges give assignments on self essay to stimulate the students to introspect and understand their own selves in a better manner.

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