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How to Write, ‘What Are You Passionate About’ Essay

Have you ever noticed why people during their job interviews are asked about, what are you passionate about? This can be a good chance to share your hobbies or whatever you are keen about in your life. Thus, while answering the interview questions about the interests you hold, it is important for you to showcase the sense of dedication and commitment towards the passion.

This not only happens in the case of the interviews, but it is most prevalent in cases of essay writing tasks. Most of the students are assigned college essay on what are you passionate about. So, even in that case, there are certain key tips to keep in mind while answering, ‘What Are You Passionate About?’

Choose Something that Actually Excites You. Of course, it may be anything. Yes, may be something that is not related to your studies or your job. And in most of the cases, it shouldn’t be. Think yourself, who wants to be excited about word files or spreadsheets?

Also, pick a passion that you are familiar with. While writing, what are you passionate about essay or in an interview, you might be asked questions related to what you have chosen, thus, it is important for you to be comfortable enough to answer all the questions. Say for instance; if you love to read novels, then there are chances that the employer might ask you to tell about the favorite book. So, ensure that you have enough and relevant information about the same.

To answer, what are you passionate about essay, select the one that you are enthusiastically involved within some or the other way. For example; if you mention that you are keen to play guitar, you may also add that you are involved in a band. If you say that you love to help people, then you may add that you are a keen volunteer and work for an organization.

Tips While Writing, ‘What are you Passionate About Essay?

1. Prepare Yourself for Follow-Up Questions: There might be certain questions that you need to answer while writing your essay. Thus, ensure that you are comfortable while writing your essay.

2. Add Examples: While writing your What are you passionate about essay, you may have to write on what would you do with your passion or how will you incorporate it as a part of your life. This will help your readers (in case of essays) and employers (in case of interviews) know about how committed you are and how do you see the outer world.

Specify relevant examples as to how dedicated you are towards your interest and passion. Adding your future goals won’t harm the essay in any way, so adding them as well can be a good option. If you think, working on such an essay is of not your comfy, simply choose to buy essay help from the ones who are experts.

3. Explain why you are passionate: Describing your passion along with relevant examples won’t work. You also need to provide a brief description explaining why you are so enthusiast about your hobby. Tell about why you are so sincere about that particular hobby or passion as it will your reader more understanding as to who you actually are.

4. Stay Honest: Don’t make a mistake of adding anything that is not genuine. Don’t just come up with anything as your passion. Write and brief about the hobby you are passionate about. This will help your reader get a clear understanding of the deep interests.

Thus, considering all the above-mentioned points will help you come up with a good, what are you passionate about essay. This will definitely help you write well and yield better results.

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