7 simple ways for self- improvement (tried and tested methods)

7 simple ways for self- improvement

Life is a process, which is based on movement, and movement is recognized when there is self-improvement. However, not everyone is capable of improvement by self, they need someone to push them to move further and follow the path of perfection. For example, students in the class are mostly dependent on teachers and other class leaders to motivate them to achieve success in exams. Even many need parents or tutors at home to complete their daily assignments or homework. They lack the skill of self-development, because of which they are always in search of another person to inspire them to attain their goal.

It is not wrong to ask for help or to be dependent on others, but the first step should be to self-evaluate. Here we can search for ways, how to better ourselves and try to proceed with the little solutions in hand. Furthermore, dependence on technology has made us lethargic and procrastinate more. Thus, we tend to demand more support and assistance at every step. Whether it is for homework or for making food or even learning to play new games, we are today searching for answers for everything on the internet. This dependence has reduced our use of the mind, to evaluate things by self and practice some innovative ways independently.

Moving further, we get to witness cases, where our friends step down or move back from their respective goals, just because they do not have enough resources or are not able to keep themselves motivated. The increasing number of such cases is mainly because of the escalating negativity around us or the lack of self- improvement skills. However, a detailed guide on self improvement will assist you in giving a headstart on comprehending the concept in an effective manner. Futhermore, this article is specially designed to talk about the hindrances that we face in the path of self-improvement and what can be the possible solutions to tackle the same. First of all, the article aims to provide an explicit insight on the barriers to the road of self- improvement.

#5 major hindrances in the way of improvement?

  • 5-hinderences-to-self-motivation
  • Self- confinement

    This in every way, is the unwillingness to improve. If you fall under this category, then you will generally keep yourself confined to certain boundaries. People like you can be located in various areas of work like an office worker who does not want to come out of his cabin or a student who does not want to go to school for studies or even a homemaker who is happy taking care of her children at home. You would simply not be very willing to improve by yourself or in other words you do not realize the need of betterment, because of which you guard your perceptions under the four walls of stability. In other words, you have an imaginary self-reflection about your life. 

    Also, you must be showing signs of ignorance towards strangers and are not ready to get introduced to any kind of change in your lives. It is because you become habitual of replication in your daily routine and do not look for possible ways to bring any kind of positive or negative change.

  • Hitch to speak in public

    The hitch or the low confidence is one of the major reasons that stop us from improving. When we are not able to express our views out or are not able to gather the confidence to speak in public, then it acts as a barrier to our improvement. In fact, having no or low confidence to interact around confines us to our inner world. The activity of speaking in an audience can give us a lot of improvement in terms of personality development, body language, and vocal power. More than anything, it allows us to have continuity in our thought process, which is the biggest sign of constant improvement.

    If you have the hitch to speak in public, then you must be in a habit of refraining from group meetings or speaking at group discussions in office or college environments. Moreover, you would avoid forming eye contact with people who demand explanations from you over certain issues of work or class lectures.

  • Less or no social circle

    If you are less social or have a small social circle, then you are sure to grow at a very less pace in comparison to the people, who have a number of friends and who get in touch with people of different mindsets on daily basis. This is because if you have different people around, then you allow yourself to get involved in a number of ideologies. Also, your mind gets the chance to think and evaluate a number of factors affecting you on daily basis.

    It is also said, conversing with people around can help you develop a very different opinion about matters and makes you more aware of real experiences. However, the sad part is, if you fall into this category, you must be highly introverted and do not like to initiate any type of conversation when you sit with strangers. Even at workplaces, you simply try to maintain an attitude of not being interested and do not take any step to form progressive relationships with colleagues.

  • Low networking skills

    If you are not able to improve, then one of the most important factors to consider is the network of people, you are in contact with. The daily inflow and outflow of messages and emails within a group of networks, itself act as a great source of information for its users. Moreover, the lack of network-building skills can keep you away from the hope of improvement. It takes you away from the routine updates and the multiple human ideas that can get developed and commented on, by the various people you would come in contact with.

    Another major problem is that being an introvert, you like to maintain a low profile and do not attend any office parties or relative’s functions. You tend to show signs of the first problem that is the unwillingness to improve. You simply avoid knowing and understanding the value of friends and networks of people. However, if it is not the unwillingness, then the non-ability to form networks can also be the problem that will be addressed in the solutions mentioned in the next section of the article.

  • Less access to resources

    Slow or no movement in the process of improvement is bound to happen if you have less access to resources. It is because, resources like books, the internet, and libraries are great sources of information. These not only help you improve but also allows you to evolve yourself by gaining insights from the various mediums of knowledge.

    Also, if by any chance you face a financial crunch, you automatically get restricted from the use of many informational sources. The little access to such resources binds you to the confinement of your own thoughts and you fail to improve.

Now, the fact is that all of us have the scope of improvement as a human mind is continuously at the verge of adopting new learning skills. Also, it is the urge and the need of our brain to progress to stay active and keep working profoundly. Therefore, it is a sheer dilemma that you cannot improve or you have no capability for betterment, unless you are suffering from some medical ailment. In case of the prior, the need is to realize the problem and start working on that.

If we take a look around, then it can be observed that people of the world are in great need of help, they need support to improve, which should be provided by us, fellow human beings on humanity grounds. For instance, you can do a great favor for your friends struggling to manage between academics and job by suggesting premium assignment help to them that can genuinely solve their problems. Even more, if you are suffering in an unhappy state, struggling to improve in studies or failing in relationships, mainly because of the above-mentioned reasons, then the following steps act as a magic wand to your ever-increasing problems.

#7 sure shots ways to self-improvement

  • Realize your self-worth

    The first and the most important thing is to delete the negative thoughts from your mind, which makes you believe that you are not worth enough. For this, you need to motivate yourself positively. You need to realize that you are worth the praise of people, you have all the love and support from your family and friends and you have all the ability to move further towards a futuristic growth of your life. Besides, you also need to identify the core values and ethics that are of utmost importance to your personality. When you work in a business organization, a self-analysis of your fundamental moral values will help you to deal with the frequent organizational ethical dilemmas in a more effective and righteous way

    This might take a lot of time and frequent repetition by self is required at every stage, but it will surely produce fruitful results. Also, it is a well-proven fact that positive motivation can work wonders for improvement. Telling yourself that you are so smart or you can manage things perfectly well, ignites the power of confidence in you and subsequently you start behaving in the expected mannerism.

  • The power of yet

    According to the study done by Carol S Dweck, a renowned researcher, the mere word yet, has a great positive impact on the mind of a child or a human being. Just by saying not yet done, in place of not done, gives the person a ray of hope and scope of improvement. This word itself is full of positivity and states that the achievement is yet to be made.

    Therefore, the ‘Power of yet’ is one tool, which should unquestionably be used by every instructor, friend, family or doctor to motivate his respective set of target audience. In fact, according to researches done by Carol S Dweck, students tend to get effected by this ‘yet’ to a great scale as they draw positivity from the feedback received and get inspired to keep moving in the same direction.

    (The power of yet | Carol S Dweck | TEDxNorrköping, n.d.)
  • Praising yet

    This is in continuation to the above step, as here the need is to praise the yet. The ‘yet’ feedback achieved from your mentors will allow you to value your effort and fall in love with the profile of work or education you are proceeding. Also, by exposing yourself to a more explicit feedback of your achievements or activities from people around can help you work towards the direction of correcting your flaws. In fact, the addition of ‘yet’, helps you believe that your effort has been visualized.

    Moreover, with the feedback in hand, the implementation of the task gets easier and it even creates a mental reassurance, where you tend to ignore the difficulty level of the assignment. Therefore, the bosses at work or the teachers in school are also suggested to inspire the students with the power of yet.

    (The power of yet | Carol S Dweck | TEDxNorrköping, n.d.)
  • Reiteration of the vision

    As said by Steve Jobs, the vision needs to be reiterated for improvement". This implies the repetition of the vision to be accomplished. To help a person keep moving in the direction of his goal, it is very important to remind him again and again of his purpose and the steps he need to take for this achievement. This along with putting little pressure on the person, also acts as a constant reminder for him to not stop in between and put his best possible efforts into the accomplishment of the same.

    This is applicable in all sorts of fields, whether it is for a student to improve or a teammate, who has not been performing very well in the recent projects. This reiteration of the vision reminds the person of his goal and the motivating factors attached with it.

  • Empower them with self- motivation


    Always remember the fact that people with passion can change the world. The best thing, you can gift yourself is self- motivation. To inculcate the power of self-motivation in you, you need to adopt exercises of self- motivation. You need to empower yourself with this asset by realizing its importance and how effectively it can change your life full circle.

    Also, this is the tool that can redefine the value of motivation for you. It is something that would energize your soul and give you an altogether new reason to flourish in life. After having been able to exercise self-motivation, you do not require to be dependent on anybody for gaining motivation. You can get charged all by yourself, all you need is to realize the ways with which you can boost your self-confidence and again move with the same pace of recovery.

  • Help yourself multiply

    As discussed in the problems section, networking and socializing are imperative steps of improvement. These along with skills of honing self-confidence, also enables you to speak commendably in front of the audience. By allowing yourself to move out of your den and multiply your reach of people, you end up gifting yourself with this amazing tool of improvement. This would certainly lead you to widen your range of thoughts and ideas. Further, you would be able to unwind your shackles of confinement and fear and move assuredly towards your goal for the time.

    This even adds extension to various paths and mediums through which you can attain perfection. The growth thus remains a constant resultant in the entire process, guarantying you with the ultimate success of life.

  • Introduction to human library

    The Human Library is a new concept, which is getting penetrated into the roots of the world. This concept can bring admirable changes in the ideologies that you possess. In this concept, the books have been upgraded with human volunteers who are specialists in their subjects. So, instead of borrowing books, you can have human books and openly discuss the topics with them. This gives you practical exposure as a human reader as the self-experienced verses and stories told by the volunteers, help you to visualize the reality.

    This surely can prove to be an amazing exposure for a person like you who is on the path of improvement. Through this practice, you would not only be able to gather new information but also develop your communication skills and confidence by speaking to strangers and putting your point of view forth.

Each of the above mentioned approach, is a step towards improvement. Hence, by following the discussed techniques, you can surely help yourself move determinedly towards carving a continuously growing and positive path of self- improvement.

Awareness to begin the change, is the foremost step to self- improvement, after which the above mentioned steps follow. If there are some more suggestions with which you have experienced improvement by self, then we will be pleased to read your experiences at info@thespeakingpolymath.com or comment in the section below

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Frequently asked questions

  • Taking out time for self improvement is the very first step towards achieving the same. Whether it is a student or a grown up person, everyone needs to invest proper time in self development. Giving time for reading, indulging in hobby activities and meditation are some sure short exercises for self improvement.

  • Self improvement is a method to improve your strength as well as stamina to fight with various negativities. It is therefore important to upgrade yourself after a certain period of time to be able to stand tall against the unexpected problems.

  • Self improvement is an intrinsic element of professional growth. It is when you are strong internally, then only, you can take the challenges at the professional level. Also, self improvement allows you to project a better human with higher prospects for the future growth, in the outer world.

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