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We cordially welcome you to our copyright policy. We are hopeful that you will adhere to our copyright policies in the best interest of our relationship with you.

The Speaking Polymath maintains high standards of originality and authenticity of content that you come across in all of our blogs and other posts. All of our content (inclusive of written content, infographics, illustrations, and creatives) is our original work effectively protected by copyright norms. These are exclusive workpieces of our writers and creators and we are entitled to initiating legal proceedings against anyone who violates our copyright policies and tries to reproduce, publish, modify or exploit our content for any false claims or unethical and inappropriate purposes.

However, for your personal use, you can produce machine-readable copies or print copies for reference purposes. For any other usage that you may seek out of our content, you need to take prior permission from us. We reiterate, that we reserve the right to initiate legal action under intellectual property legislation if anyone indulges in the violation of our content and copyright policies. We also reserve the right to modify, change or revamp our copyright policy as we may deem appropriate and in the best interest of our content.

We have always been respectful of the copyright policies of others and have adhered to them with great diligence. In good faith, we expect the same from others so that we remain motivated to share thoughtful, knowledgeable, informative, and value-impacting content to our readers and internet users in general. The Speaking Polymath is committed to creating content that is aimed at driving a real change in the intellectual community.

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