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An encounter of both the Pro Life and Pro choice views along with essays!

Life is a gift of God. It is the right of every human being to live his life as per his choices. However, bringing a life to this earth, is a choice of the mother. There are a number of factors and causes of stress which dictate the future life of a woman. Therefore, giving birth to a new life should be a choice that a woman holds the right of. Further, the entire procedure of pregnancy takes a toll on the health, body, lifestyle and social behaviour of a woman. Moreover, financial security is a huge factor that is responsible to securely and safely bring the child on the earth. Therefore, if the woman lacks the basic facilities or feels her life itself can be at risk with pregnancy, then she has the right to go for abortion process.

Abortion is the medical process to end the pregnancy of a woman. It can be carried out by the expulsion of the embryo or directly removing the fetus. An abortion that occurs naturally is called a miscarriage, whereas one which is done with human intervention is called induced abortion.

Abortion Facts

  • Abortions happen, whether the law considers them as legal or illegal

    Unintended pregnancies and abortions occur worldwide, irrespective of the fact whether it is broadly legal or restricted. Even in countries, where abortion is prohibited altogether, half of the unintended pregnancies result in abortion ("Here are the basic facts about abortion that you should know", 2020).

  • Criminalising abortions makes them really unsafe for the mother

    As discussed above, abortions happen even at places where they are considered illegal. But, the only difference is that criminalizing abortions exposes people to unsafe abortions. Most people undertaking secret abortions donot have an access to trained medical providers. Not only this, most of such abortions are carried in environments which don’t even stand by minimal medical standards. Both these things, make abortions unsafe for the mother, leading to many casualties every year.

  • Abortion rates are higher in countries where people don’t have a wide excess to contraceptive methods

    This is quite natural as most unintended pregnancies occur in countries where people either don’t have proper knowledge about methods of contraception or they lack the access to them.

    Reasons- why a woman goes for abortion
  • Looking at the health hazards of unsafe abortions, more and more countries are now legalizing abortions

    According to the World Health Organization, every year around 4.7% to 13.2% maternal deaths are attributed to unsafe abortions. These shocking figures are making more and more countries to legalize abortions. Over the last 25 years, more than 50 countries have legalized abortions ("Here are the basic facts about abortion that you should know", 2020).

  • A safe abortion is a fundamental human right

    The human rights law provides bodily autonomy to all human beings. This implies that every human being has the right to take whatever decisions he wants to take for his body. Thus, a woman has the complete right to decide whether she wishes to carry a pregnancy or not.

Abortion Statistics

  • According to Guttmacher institute, around 121 million unintended pregnancies occurred every year between 2015 to 2019 (News Service, 2020).

  • Out of them, nearly 61% were aborted, which means that 73 million abortions took place each year (News Service, 2020).

    Abortion Statistics
  • According to Statistica, more than 48 million abortions occured in developing coutries because of unintented pregnancies. Further, if there is complete knowledge and availability of contraceptive methods in these countries, the number of abortions will reduce to nearly 12.4 million.

US Abortion Statistics

  • According to Guttmacher Institute, 862K abortions were performed in the United States in 2017.

  • The number of abortions in the US are on a constant decrease since they became legal in the country. According to Guttmacher institute, more than 1 million abortions were conducted in the US in 2011. This number dropped to 926,000 in 2014, which further reduced to 862,000 in 2017.

  • 59% of women procuring abortions in the US are mothers. This finding has also been highlighted by Guttmacher institute.

Pro choice definition

Pro choice refers to the personal views of a person with respect to pregnancy. It is a personal decision of a woman to abort her pregnancy. It is her right to abort or carry forward the pregnancy. As per pro choice, a person can be against the abortion or even feel uncomfortable with it. But, he should not impose his views on other people. It can include the religious or the communal views of a person, which are against the practise of abortion. In this, the people should not judge or force the woman to change her decision.

It can be vice versa also. In either of the cases, the person holding the views should not forcely avert the decisions of the woman in concern.

Pro life definition

It is a view that is against the abortion. Here the views of the activists are in support of the embryo life. It can also be named as the anti abortion movement. Herein, the believers of this concept challenge the ethunation, or the legalisation of abortion. These people support the life of the embryo and hold the view that the decision of God should not be altered. They simply state that every life should have the right to come to this earth and should not be killed even before taking its first breath outside the womb of the mother.

Pro choice vs pro life

Pro choice vs pro life

The debate of pro life and pro choice is one based on the religious, legal and moral status of the case. The debate surrounds the right of the woman to choose her pregnancy status. Both the issues have gained considerable significance in the world media. There are various compelling types of arguments which have been made by supporters of both the causes. At one point where pro choice highlights the choice of a woman to continue or terminate her pregnancy. On the other hand, the pro life accentuates the very right of an embryo to come alive on this earth. This issue has become the talk of many political meetings and social gatherings across the globe.

Pro ChoicePro Life
In this the right of the woman to continue or abort her pregnancy is given significance.Here the life of the embryo is what the cause is meant for. It believes that every human has the right to take birth in this life.
This states that a woman has the right to abort her pregnancy. She is the one who decides whether she is able to continue the pregnancy or not.This movement is against the abortion and states that the embryo or the fetus must be given the oportunity to gestate to term.
This talks about the woman’s rights over her own body. According to its believers, every woman stands the decision making power to decide whether she wishes to risk her body for giving life to another human being.It emphasises on the morality issue and the right of the fetus. It states that it is not morally right to carry out the abortion it is against the right to live.
There can be a number of complications involved in pregnancy. The supporters of pro choice say that it is the personal choice of a mother whether she wishes to go through those changes or not.The supporters of pro life talk about the various risks that the practice of abortion brings along. It says that the process makes the body of a woman weak and she might not hold the similar potential again in future.
The financial upbringing of a child is a major factor. If the woman or the couple feels, they are not yet ready to bring another responsibility to the world, then they can mutually abort the child. In the case of a single mother, it should entirely be her decision, if she is capable of taking such a huge responsibility or not.The activists of Pro Life claim that what is done in abortion cannot be undone. It can be a blessing that god has given once in a lifetime. A woman or a couple should not step back from the responsibility given by God. They should in fact welcome the good news and bring it to term.

Pro life arguments

  • All human beings have human rights

    Pro life activists argue that the unborn is also a human being. No doubt, he is different from human beings in many respects during that stage, but once he is born he resembles every other human being on the planet. This implies that he is a human being even in his underdeveloped stage and is alive as he continues to grow in the mother’s womb. So, he has the right to live just like all other human beings. This way, pro life activists argue that the unborn has the basic human right to live.

  • It is immoral to kill a human being

    Pro life activists argue that the unborn satisfies all the characteristics of a human being. He has his own DNA, a distinct body and he grows within the womb. Thus, he is a human being even if he is still unborn and killing a human being is an immoral and punishable offence. So, parents have no right to kill their unborn child if the pregnancy is not problematic, as he is a human being.

  • Abortion is equivalent to murder

    Pro life activists argue that abortion is equivalent to murder. This is because the unborn is also a human being and killing a human being is nothing other than a murder. Thus, they state that abortion is a criminal act.

  • Abortion brings along a number of health risks

    There are risks of abortion which include, pelvic infection, incomplete abortion, blood clots or heavy bleeding. Also, if even a single remnant of the dead embryo happens to stay in the womb of the mother, then her life can be at risk. Along with this, a woman has to take a number of medicines to make herself feel better and come out of the situation.

Health risks of abortion

1. Pelvic Infection

Pelvic Infection occurs when the bacteria from the vagina or cervix make their way into the uterus during the procedure. Just like all other bacterial infections, pelvic infection is mostly treated with the help of antibiotics. But, in cases of severe infection a surgery may also be required.

2. Incomplete abortion

Incomplete abortions occurs when fetal parts or other pregnancy related products get left inside the uterus during the procedure. This results in infection and bleeding. As a result, a further medical treatment is required to treat this condition.

3. Torn cervix

Torn cervix is rare but it does occur in less than 1 percent of first trimester abortions. It is a medical condition wherein the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus, gets torn while it is opened to make medical instruments pass into the uterus.

4. Perforation of the uterus wall

A perforation is a small hole which may occur in the uterus wall if a medical instrument passes through it and damages it. Uterus perforation results in infection or heavy bleeding and in some cases both may also occur. Further, the perforation of uterus wall is estimated to occur in 1 out of every 500 abortions. It is usually treated through surgery.

5. Infertility and difficulties in future child bearing

Certain complications in abortion or having many abortions may make it hard for the mother to carry future pregnancy to full term. Not only this, in some severe cases abortions related complications can also result in infertility.

Pro choice arguments

  • Women also have the human right to decide what to do with their bodies

    Human rights provide bodily anatomy to each and every human being. Bodily anatomy means that every human being has the right to decide what happens with his body and what doesn’t. As women are also human beings, they have the same right too. They have full freedom to decide whether they wish to give birth to the foetus or abort it. Further, they also say that women are not mere vessels which contain a foetus. Rather, they are rational human beings who can decide the best for themselves and the unborn.

  • It is better for a child to not be born if he isn’t wanted

    This is another argument given by pro-choice activists. They argue that parents can love their kid only if they want him to be in their life. But, if they don’t want him, the child may suffer a life lacking love. Thus, it is better for a child to remain unborn if he isn’t wanted.

  • The right to abortion prevents pregnancy from becoming a burden

    The right to abortion gives women a choice whether they wish to shoulder the responsibility of motherhood or not. Without this, women get bound to give birth to the child and take care of him whether they wish or not. This makes pregnancy a burden for them which can tie them in huge responsibilities and prevent their advancements in life. Thus, pro choice activists argue that the right to abortion prevents pregnancy from becoming a burden.

Sample Essay

This is an effort by Assignment help4me, to help the students write an essay on Pro choice pro life. There will be one essay each on Pro Choice and Pro Life. These essays will thoroughly aid the students in understanding the topics and writing about them. It will also give an overview to how to write an argumentative essay. Moreover, with the expertise of the trained and professional writers, students develop a know how of essay writing.

Pro Choice- the right of a woman


The world is a tougher place to survive and it is not easy for every individual to adjust to the surroundings. There are a number of challenges that a person goes through. Especially for a woman, the journey to motherhood has never been easy. There are a number of factors which dictate even her very first step of motherhood i.e., pregnancy. In fact people tend to impose their personal views of pregnancy on a woman. At many places, she is even not given the right to make decisions for herself. This is where the debate of pro choice and pro life comes into scenario.

Thesis statement Motherhood is a pro choice. It is a huge responsibility which the woman has to undertake. Therefore, the woman herself should have the right to decide whether she wishes to continue or terminate the pregnancy. This article talks about the right of the woman and the very reason that the decision of pregnancy should not be imposed upon her. The article also talks about

  • Why is pro choice the right of a woman?

  • How pro life subdues the personal existence of womanhood?

Firstly, a woman like every other creature is the creature of God. She has all the rights to live by making conscious decisions for herself. While an embryo is a life that is yet to be born. If the woman who is pregnant but is not ready emotionally and physically to bring the child into this earth, she should not be forced to continue the term. It is also because of the fact that an emotionally weak mother cannot do justice to her pregnancy and child after birth. She has to be mentally strong to handle the ups and downs of pregnancy and odds even after that. In fact many women have also been seen to slip into postpartum depression (Rohlinger & Sessions, 2013). As per a recent study in the US, it has been seen that 1 in every 7 women undergo postpartum depression.This is generally due to the unpleasant conditions at home and the internal difficulties that the woman might have, all of which seem aggravated at the time of child’s birth. In order to avoid such problems, a woman should properly plan her pregnancy and allow herself to be in a happy state of motherhood both before and after the birth of the baby.

Secondly, the financial conditions of a family should preferably be stable in order to give a healthy life to the upcoming child. However, if the woman thinks she is not financially stable or her family finances are not enough to support the livelihood of the newborn, then, she should have all the right to terminate the pregnancy. This is certainly a matter of pro choice because no else than a mother can decide the betterment of a child. Moreover, a woman has the right to first ensure the security of the child, then bring her to life. In fact, families with low finances have also witnessed an environment of indecency and verbal, physical violence at home. These reasons together make it important for a woman to take a stand for her life in the future.

Thirdly, a woman might not be psychologically ready to initiate a family life. Pregnancy comes along with a set of responsibilities, all of which require a female to be mentally and physically strong. Most importantly, the woman has to be happy and ready for the continuation of the pregnancy. If she is not willing to become a mother at a particular point of time, then she will not be able to do justice to the child bearings and in future the upbringing of the child. This can even result in creating depressing situations for the woman and her family. Further, as it is well known it is never a good idea for a depressed or an unhappy woman to carry a baby within. Also, a woman goes through a number of hormonal changes during pregnancy, which can further add up her depression status. Though the statistics as per WHO for the depression during pregnancy seem to vary as per the developed and developing nations. The percentage is 10 in the first whereas in the latter, it is higher i.e., 15.6%.

On the other hand, the opposers of pro choice claim that it is immoral to kill a human being. They say, a woman has no right to take the life of her child. Though, it is unborn but still has a life in it. They believe that killing the child in the womb is equivalent to murder. These are the supporters of pro life, who strongly believe in bringing the little embryo to existence. They attach the moral, social and religious values of a human being along with this view.

Additionally, the view of the pro life is much in correspondence with the right to life. They strongly believe that even a fetus is a human. He should be given the choice to live rather than succumbing him to death in the womb itself. They believe that an embryo must be given the very right to live from the beginning of its conception in the mother’s womb.


Though, undoubtedly, the giving and taking life of a human is in the hands of God. Still, a woman should possess the right to take the decision for her life. She is the one, who has to bring the child to this earth. Therefore, she needs to be mentally prepared for executing the same. However, pro choice does not support forced abortions or feticide. It is just a concept to support the choice of the women and not to stand against the decision of God. Thus, the people of the world should give high priority to the choice and the preference of a woman. Her views and willingness to give birth to her own child should be given first place, in every culture and religion of the society.

Pro life- the right of an embryo!

The gift of God is priceless and so is the life of a human being. It is after so many prayers and requests that a woman gets blessed with the blessing of a child. This is something that should not be drifted apart from life.There are a number of women in this world, who crave to become a mother. The ones who get the blessing, should never say no to it. This is the view of the pro life supporters. They firmly believe in bringing the embryo to term. This article briefs the arguments held by both the supporters of Pro life and the ones who say abortion should be the decision of the woman herself.

Thesis statement: The life of a human is priceless. A human being comes into existence only if the almighty approves him of. When this sanctification is given, the human should not say no to it and gracefully accept the decision of God. The people or the activists who support the fact that human life is precious and should not be aborted are pro life. While on the other there are few who feel abortion is the choice of the woman. This article also discusses

  • Why should a woman not abort a child?
  • What are the risks of abortion on health?

Firstly, a fetus is a human being. The life of a human gets created at the very time of its conception in a woman’s body. The right to life of an embryo is the same as that of the human. If a woman, a man or a family tries to terminate the pregnancy, then it is equivalent to killing a human. Therefore, it is not morally and religiously right to kill a fetus in unnatural ways. Also, if a woman or a family aborts the baby, then it is one of the biggest sins against the laws of nature. The believers of pro life are largely committed to their religious beliefs and term themselves as the supporters of christanity. They are therefore the firm supporters of God, who at every cost believe in making decisions which are best for the society and its people. Moving further, pro life activists at no point aim to act against the law of nature. They make sure that the blessing of God, the unborn baby, is not killed by any unnatural means.

Secondly, the loss of life is huge and cannot be undone and so are the health risks associated with it. The use of pills and drugs for aborting the child are not good for the heath of a woman. Along with this, abortion can lead to several health problems such as pelvic infection, perforation of the walls of uterous, torn cervix, problems related to anesthesia, high bleeding, extreme weakness, and difficulties in future child bearing. Though the minor complications are common but the major ones due to therapeutic abortions or sudden miscarriages is in 2% of the cases.

Thirdly, many families abort the pregnancy of an unborn child due to gender disparities. They wish for a male child and upon testing, when they come across a female child, they adopt the easier route of abortion. However, many countries have banned the early pregnancy gender test, still people carry the process through illegal ways. The supporters of pro choice and pro life both condemn this process. According to them female feticide is a legal offence and it should not be practised by anyone. Moreover, with the progress of the world, its citizens also need to progress and change their thoughts with regards to the differentiation between a man and a woman. In fact true advancement of a country or a region can only be achieved when its people start acknowledging men and women equally.

On the other hand, the supporters of pro choice believe that it is the choice and the situation of a woman. A woman might not be financially stable or she is not yet prepared for the pregnancy. There can be varied reasons, which command the decision of abortion by a woman. These reasons together contribute towards making a woman approach towards the decision of abortion. However, the supporters of pro choice do not support forced abortions or female feoticide. These are the wrong deeds which are done by the family members of the woman in the pursuit of a male child.

Adding to this the pro choice supporters also believe that embryos are not human. They are still to be formed into a human being. This view is completely opposite of what pro life people think. This very point marks the biggest difference in the ideology of both the extremists. Also, the people belonging to the pro choice view are said to be modern in their approach and have a broader set of mind. They tend to evaluate things more from the scientific perspective rather than analysing things emotionally. These also believe in extending the best support and help to women and their health. Ultimately, the success of a pregnancy journey largely depends upon the mental and physical health of a woman. So, unless and until a woman is strong both ways, she cannot give birth to a healthy child.


The choice of a woman is utterly important to pursue her life in a balanced and a peaceful manner. But, the right to live and the fact that a fetus is a human being can not be shaded away, the power of God is unmeasurable and so are his actions. Therefore it is of utmost importance to a human being to follow the footpath of God’s guidelines. A human must never move away from the orders of the God and must move in the direction to his decision. Giving a woman the power to bear another life in herself is undoubtedly one of the biggest blessings of God. Therefore, the blessing of God must be kept at the highest dignity.

On the concluding note, it should be taken into consideration that both the pro choice and pro life views have their individual stand. It entirely depends on the values of a person, how he takes things. Further, the respect and values of the culture and the family should be given high priority

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